Naked Man Walks Into Texas Woman’s Apartment, She Shoots Him in ‘Lower Extremities’

Reminds me of a story. my father told me of Gonzales Texas in the 1920s.

Fellow knocked up this red headed girl, ran off, did not marry her, leaving her a branded women, (things were looked at differently back then).

She heard he was back in town, walked to his parents house with a 12 gauge double barreled shot gun. She walked up, he was on the front porch.

She told him, I am going to shoot you where you shot me!

And she did!

He lived, but his days of  being the ladies man were over.

You really don’t want to mess with Texas women!

The Ole Dog!


Some might say this sounds like a Florida Man story, but it really happened in Port Arthur, Texas. A buck naked man forced his way into a woman’s apartment at the Avery Trace apartments. When he failed to leave when asked, she shot him – in his “lower extremities.”

Readers can feel free to imagine the actual anatomic location of the gunshot wound. Fortunately for the intruder, the wound was described as non-life threatening.  Nevertheless, it probably hurt and likely won’t buff out. Not right away.

As for why he knocked on the woman’s door sans pants remains unknown. Maybe he had sampled some sugar-free Haribo Gummy Bears (read the reviews) and found the public restroom occupied at the pool house. Or maybe he had romance in mind. Or, speaking of romance, maybe he had romance in mind and fled someone else’s apartment a little prematurely with the unexpected early arrival of a boyfriend or husband.

Who knows? Whatever the reason, he now has a new scar to show for it. And scars are like tattoos only with better stories behind them.


Author: John C Carleton

Native Texican, American by Birth, Southern by the Grace of God.

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