53 years ago, Israhell tried to sink a US Navy ship, Blame it on Egypt- Media covered it up

I have watched interviews with the survivors.

Was fortunate enough to hear one survivor give his personal account in person, and was honored to speak to a real American afterwards.

The USA/DC, which they thought of as representing their country, betrayed them, took a giant zionist shit on them, rubbed it in their faces, threatened them with Leavenworth prison time if they dared even tell their families the truth.

It is heartbreaking what USA/DC did to them.

You can not say you “support” the troops, without first honoring these men.

To first honor these men, you must first pull your sheep’s head out of your zionist Zombie ass, and realize, face the truth, own up, Israhell HATES America and Americans.

Bodies of murdered by USA and the Rat’s Great Britain, civilians in Dresden

1963, Dallas, Occupied republic of Texas. The Ratschilds make JFK’s head explode for trying to stop the modern terrorist “state” of Israhell with Nuclear weapons. The Reason LBJ recalled the Navy planes going to the aid of a Navy ship under attack, with dead and wonder, in danger of sinking, was he heard the shoot and saw JFK’s head explode. He knew they still had ammo left from the same box and the real sniper rifle was in hands which cold use it again, on him! LBJ wanted to keep his head from exploding like an over ripe water melon.

The Ole Dog!


sraeli forces attacked the USS Liberty, killing 34 American servicemen and injuring at least 174. This is one of the most decorated crews in US history, yet the media have buried and misrepresented the attack, and the crew is still awaiting justice. (Documentaries below)

On this day 53 years ago, Israeli forces tried to sink a US Navy ship, the USS Liberty. The prolonged Israeli attack killed 34 men and injured at least 174. The Moorer Commission declared: “…in attacking the USS Liberty, Israel committed acts of murder against American servicemen and an act of war against the United States.”

US media have covered it up ever since.

Today, Israel partisans are promoting legislation that will require American taxpayers to give Israel a $38 billion package (over $10 million per day for 10 years).

For detailed information on Israel’s attack on the Liberty go here.

For brochures, posters, and other materials about the Liberty to distribute in your area, go here.



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