Park Ranger Thrown Into Lake In Texas Over ‘Social Distancing’ Enforcement

Haven’t done much on the Texas site lately.

What the hell can one say?

If one pulls their heads out of their asses, educate one’s self, one begins to understand the fake pandemic being used to herd the sheep right through the slaughterhouse doors.

It is sad the sheep insist on staying stupid and compliant as the butcher sharpens his butcher knife, but the sheep will attack anyone who dares say it is not the patriotic duty of the sheep to march smartly, as a herd, right through those slaughterhouse doors.

Now, this young person who threw the pig trying to steal the God Given right of folks to make up their own minds about things from this group, might have just been a drunk trouble maker, or he could have been a young man tired of the lies of the elites, their saying do as I say, not as I do, the hypocrisy, and yes the continued attack on humanity itself as anything other than slaves to the elites.

Compliant slaves who do as they are told no matter how stupid or degrading following the herd rules is.

If you are a latecomer to Texas, I can not speak for you, but when my ancestors in Texas went down to the creek for a bucket of water, they damn well went armed because they understood the danger from Indians, Mexican bandits, yankee trash outlaws, and a verity of wild life which can put a serious hurt or bring sudden death.

There was  no security of life or limb for those who fought to stay alive in a very  dangerous  world.

You can take a person, a cat, a dog, say you love them and want to protect them, put them in a padded room, never allow their feet to touch that dirty ground, no car will ever run over them, no bad person will come in to the room and kill them as long as you protect the door, if you sterilize everything going in, one can keep the person or animal from experiencing many diseases, but the Animal or person, has had their life stolen by you, so you can feed your need to control all around you, and try to cheat the hand of fate and destiny, the very hand of God or Universe itself.

However I assure you, this fake pandemic lock down is not being done because they care about you.

You are  being taught to follow orders, to squeal to the man on each other if anyone sees anyone not following the rules.

If this park ranger is so stupid he don’t know this is fake, he should not be allowed in a place of “authority”, and given a badge.

If this park ranger is smart enough to understand the shut down is political  bull shit, and tries to enforce stealing folks rights from them for bull shit reasons, then the “park ranger”  stinks  and probably needed a damn bath!

If you want to be a fucking sheep, a slave, FINE!!!!!!

But don’t damn well bleat angrily at those who have enough sense or balls to not accompany your ball-less stupid wormy ass through the elite’s slaughterhouse doors!

The Ole Dog


‘ Park Ranger Thrown Into Lake In Texas Over ‘Social Distancing’ Enforcement’

There’s been an increasing number of incidents between law enforcement and antsy Americans eager to get back outdoors after being sick of ‘stay at home’ and state-wide lockdown measures. But often individuals’ desire for a rapid return to normal is butting up against continuing social distance measures still in place in most states, even those already opening up their economies.

A viral video showed one such recent tense encounter in Texas, when a park ranger attempted to break-up a large group of young partiers at a large city park and nature area. It happened at the Commons Ford Metropolitan Park in Austin, Texas. A group on Lake Austin was reportedly unlawfully drinking and smoking on the grounds when a ranger approached and ordered them to “disperse” also due to people were not standing six feet apart.

That’s when things got physical, resulting in the officer being pushed or thrown into the water, according to widely circulating footage.

Though the laughing group of what appeared to be college students took it as a prank, police later apprehended and arrested a 25-year old man for assault on the ranger. The man initially tried to run away as the ranger struggled to get out of the water.

It illustrates a rising trend of frustrated citizens coming up against local law enforcement eager to see safe distancing [Unquestioning obedience]  between patrons.


Author: John C Carleton

Native Texican, American by Birth, Southern by the Grace of God.

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