The Occupation “Texas State” Sub Corporation of the USA Corporation, which is a Sub Corporation of the Evil of the British Empire, which is Occupying the Republic of Texas, Who’s Evil Enforcers, Leg Breakers and Bag Men Bust A Women For Giving A Manicure Out of Her Home-NRT

First of all, any of you getting offended because your son/daughter is law enFORCEment.
You should have raised them better.

If you are getting upset because your spouse is a law enFORCEment leg breaker.
There is always divorce.
And you should have chose better.

If you are getting upset because your parent is a law enFORCEment goon.
You can always change your name and move when no one knows your shame!

Not talking ole time Texican Peace Officers.
If there is any left, I have not heard about them.

Talking “law” enFORCEment.

A peace officers job is to protect the public and keep bad boys from bothering decent folks.

A “law” enFORCEment goon’s job is to bring in the loot to their masters, enforce anything their masters say to do or not do, no matter haw wrong, evil, anti-American or anti-human that “law” is.

Remember, God/Nature has laws.
Mankind have rules, codes and statures.
God’s Law is first and above mans rules, codes and statures.

The folks who are not completely stupid, have figured out this whole Corona thing is a hoax to finish off any freedoms or Rights humanity might have left.
It is apparent, about as many are dying form the Corona Virus and all other deaths which they can blame on this virus which they can not identify, only by products of a distressed cells which can be caused by many viruses and even lung cancer, as last years hoo Hum flu.

Humans who worked hard, sacrificed to build businesses are losing their businesses, burning through their meager savings, for damned lies told by political whores, and the produced mass hysteria of the sheep!

The people can take their country back without a war.
If all Americans stood together, what they going to do, murder everyone?

They pick you off one, two at a time, and the ball-less sheep do not just stand there and let it happen, they damn well go running to the cops squealing on anyone does not want to be a sheep for the Rat’s slaughter.

Only by standing together do the Humans have a way of regaining their freedoms.

The sheep?
Fuck the sheep!
The sheep helped murder Jesus the Christ.
The sheep stood drooling while USA murdered General George Patton, JFK, Dr. Martin Luther King, Bobby Kennedy, and thousands more lesser know Americans for standing up for whats right against the evil of Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac.

So are you a Man, a real woman, or a damned squealing to the man sheep?

The Ole Dog!

Two Texas police officers went undercover in an elaborate sting operation to catch citizens giving salon services for money in their own home. The cops posed as regular citizens needing to get a manicure. Tipsters (also known in some neighborhoods as “rats” or “snitches”) pointed police to a woman who was advertising manicure services on social media — the horror.

Laredo police arrested Ana Isabel Castro-Garcia, 31, at the 1200 block of Harding Street after she allegedly agreed to provide an undercover officer with a manicure. Again, the horror. Castro-Garcia was arrested and charged with “Violation of Emergency Management Plan C/B” and was taken to the Webb County Jail where she was offered a $500 bond.

In a separate and unrelated case Brenda Stephany Mata, 20, was arrested at the 1100 block of Hubner Street after she allegedly offered to do an undercover cop’s lashes. Just like Castro-Garcia, she was charged with “Violation of Emergency Management Plan C/B” and was also taken to Webb County Jail for booking.

Only 11 of the nearly 300,000 residents of Laredo, Texas have reportedly died of COVID-19 complications. Had the ladies not been making money for their salon services the police would never have been tipped off by citizens ratting out their neighbors for presumably trying to feed themselves and their families.

Yes, America. Police officers in Laredo Texas presumably had nothing better to do than enforce an arbitrary decree from a politician for people not to work and earn a living during a pandemic — in their own home.

To arrest the two cosmopolitan ladies the officers pretended to be potential clients, offering money to citizens to break the rules and give them a manicure and lash treatment respectively. Placing the citizens further in harms way they then arrested them, instead of citing them, which forced the two presumably healthy women to be inside the confines of a jail cell with other individuals who themselves could have been infected with COVID-19.

The defiance of logic in these two situations is utterly absurd and speaks to the arbitrary nature of the enforcement of such laws.

The Cuban-style block monitoring will likely not stop with the arrest of the two beauticians. No, police all over the country have made a point to make examples out of people for paddle boarding by oneself in the ocean, creating satirical posts on social media, and for feeding the homeless during a social distancing mandate.

We’ve been told by cop apologists the actual beat cops do not really want to enforce the laws but are forced to do so by their higher-ups. For those apologists we have one simple question. If the government told you to stop being a police officer and to stay home without pay with your family, how would you provide a living for those you love?

Somewhere along the way the insanity needs to stop. Where is the outrage in Texas?

As TFTP reported this week, a video of a mother being arrested for bringing her kids to the park caused outrage across the internet and manifested into a massive act of police accountability. After Sara Walton Brady’s arrest, dozens of protesters went to the home of the Meridian Police Department officer who arrested Brady. The protest was reportedly spearheaded by Ammon Bundy, who as TFTP reported last week, has been planning resistance to the lockdowns.

As the crowd grew larger at the officer’s home, his fellow cops helped guard him.

“There was a woman at a park with her children and she was arrested!” Bundy screams at the four or five cops standing in the driveway. “Completely inappropriate.”

“The people will not allow you guys to do this for very long!” Bundy yells at the cops in the video. “You will not go into the park and arrest people! You will not go into parks and arrest mothers, and you will not go anywhere and arrest us for exercising what our rights are.”

The cops seemed receptive to the message and appeared to have an actual conversation with the protesters instead of simply ignoring them. We need more of these conversations, now.


Author: John C Carleton

Native Texican, American by Birth, Southern by the Grace of God.

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