It’s Game Over and the Swedish-Belarusian Herd Immunity Model Has Won One third of Stockholmers have already had Covid-19, shook it off, and are now immune

This Micky mouse zionist Zombie Virus infected shit getting old.

BE AFRAID!!!!!!!!



When I was in high school, I would go to the liberty and read every daily paper there.

Was on the Debate / Informative speaking teams with UIL , all at once where if you are any good, you can give a speech on either side of any damn thing going on in the world at a moments notice.

Most people will not look up in the sky, see the chemtrails the “government” is poising them with.

Any view they have of this world is very narrow and  relatively local.

Not the Ole Dog!

You simply do not have every major and many minor countries all scream bloody murder, rip the pants off of their people, force them to a knelling position for the Rats by accident, all at once and all together.

Talking preplanning and coordination for months at least to pull this off.

All the “governments” saying the same shit, all the “alternative” news outlets all over the world parroting the same zionist Zombie shit.

I have personally been keeping  a pretty damn good eye on the whole world for going on fifty years,  this kind of shit never happened once before, shut down everything over a respiratory  virus which is killing about as  many  already sick folks as last years flu.

Let me put it this way.

You are sheep.

Don’t help them herd your ass straight through the Rats One World Government Slaughterhouse Doors.

If you are that afraid of dying, you have never lived!

Best get busy living!

Or get busy dying, get the hell out of the way of better folks.

About time humanity pulls their heads out of their sheep asses don’t you think?

The Ole Dog!