Self Quarantining in the Kingdom of Carleton

Last Halloween, I was my normal self, and my lovely wife was Little Red Riding Hood.

When the rape artist Bill the walking sex attack tool was “president”, I went as Bill.

Grayed my hair, got a big cigar to stick in my mouth, put a yellow stripe down the back of the Bomber Jacket “presidential”  cowards who refused to go to Viet Nam while better men died love to ware for photo ops.

As we were walking down the sidewalk, being behind the wife, I reached out with “bill’s” golf club, and raised  the back of my wife’s skirt.

She said, “Stop that!’.

I said, I am Bill Clinton, I always do that.

She said, “Yes, but not with your wife”.

It is a respiratory virus folks, like every damn year.

Like every year, the already sick, the weak, the genetically inferior  will die

The Respiratory Viruses, are the Coup de Gras Nature uses to weed the herd of  weak animals and the genetically  defective.

Like every year,  wash your hands, stay the hell away from doctors/hospitals if you are not on deaths door already, take your minerals, vitamins, don’t eat shit food, stay as far away from big Pharma voodoo meds as you can, don’t allow yourself to be around people who are coughing and sneezing in public places.

If I am in a check out line, and someone gets behind ne I think may have a cold or flu, I will find a reason to allow them in front of me, and keep my distance.

But you don’t shut the whole  damn world down for a damn cold which does not kill the healthy.

Lots of cases of  children with underlaying problems dying of this Corona virus.

Lots of cases of 80-100+ year olds getting well after being infected/sick with it.

Healthy old folks.

It will kill the sick/weak old folks as it does the young sick/weak.

But shutting everything down is the  final nail  in the coffin which will finish killing millions and millions of American individual and family owned businesses which were struggling in a shit economy already,  forced on Americans by corrupt pedophilic politicians and pedophilic Usury evil “bankers”.

The economy was going to crash anyway, as the Not federal, No reserves and Not a bank khazarian mafia scam is on it’s last legs anyway. But this way, God gets the blame!

When they started shutting things down, I told folks, you watch them, they are among other things, going to use this manufactured hysteria to shut down things, crash the economy, then blame it on God.

Be like, The economy was recovering then this act of God came and killed the economy, it is God’s fault!!!!!

And dammed if the other day, I did not hear some female talking head somebody on a news show say’ ” The economy was recovering but them we were blindsided by the Corona  virus which is beyond our control.”

It is all bullshit.

These ass holes been herding the  sheeps asses for thousands of years, and every damn life the sheep  allow them to herd them right smack through the slaughterhouse doors!

Again and again and again!

After I did several years of study, self examination, asking for the gifts of wisdom, understanding and knowledge, like Abraham trying to get God to spare sodom and Gomorrah if he found Ten Just Men in the din of iniquity, I went looking in my town, then Texas, then America.

I had to report back to God I had failed, as far as I could tell, there were not ten Just Men in all of America.

When one comes to understand reality,  where the real treasure of this world lays, the never ending fearful yet  full of false pride  bleating of the sheep  comes to be like tiny bits of glass being driven slowly into one’s  brain.

So I self quarantined.

If I don’t need something from the store, not picking up grandkids, or being dragged out to some event by the wife, I tend to stay on my half acre mini farm.

So I am an old pro at this self quarantining.

While back, when a friend and I were talking about the current world, and how we just wanted them sheep idiots to stay  the hell away from us with their fearful caterwauling  and insanity, he told me about a study on mice and rats.

Anyone who ever studied phycology, runs into the study about the worker slave rats and mice, and the Alphas who run the packs.

He told me for years the scientist thought they had it all figured out, except, slowly, they started noticing Alpha types, who did not have  a huge pack.

These alpha types would get them a couple of good females, and go stake out their own territory, well away from any packs.

They came to call them Gammas.

I been self Gammaing for years now.

Less bleating I have to listen to the better.

Got my chickens laying eggs, goats to eat,  organic compost pikes, couple of green houses I need to get assembled, my dog friends, my cat friends, my women.

Got high privacy fences so I don’t have to look at the sheep and it is dangerous for the sheep to try to climb in to steal my shit they did not labor for.

Guy I know posed the question, if DC was going to declare Marshall Law, does one stack the looters bodies on the curb for removal?

Told him that did not concern me as I had two large organic working compost piles.

So I am self quarantining on my half acre till the frantic bleating of the sheep subsides.

I raise goats, no place for sheep in my Kingdom!

The Ole Dog!

Author: John C Carleton

Native Texican, American by Birth, Southern by the Grace of God.

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