The Occupation “Texas State” Sub Corporation of the USA Corporation, which is a Sub Corporation of the Evil of the British Empire, which is Occupying the Republic of Texas, Who’s Evil Enforcers, Leg Breakers and Bag Men Bust A Women For Giving A Manicure Out of Her Home-NRT

First of all, any of you getting offended because your son/daughter is law enFORCEment.
You should have raised them better.

If you are getting upset because your spouse is a law enFORCEment leg breaker.
There is always divorce.
And you should have chose better.

If you are getting upset because your parent is a law enFORCEment goon.
You can always change your name and move when no one knows your shame!

Not talking ole time Texican Peace Officers.
If there is any left, I have not heard about them.

Talking “law” enFORCEment.

A peace officers job is to protect the public and keep bad boys from bothering decent folks.

A “law” enFORCEment goon’s job is to bring in the loot to their masters, enforce anything their masters say to do or not do, no matter haw wrong, evil, anti-American or anti-human that “law” is.

Remember, God/Nature has laws.
Mankind have rules, codes and statures.
God’s Law is first and above mans rules, codes and statures.

The folks who are not completely stupid, have figured out this whole Corona thing is a hoax to finish off any freedoms or Rights humanity might have left.
It is apparent, about as many are dying form the Corona Virus and all other deaths which they can blame on this virus which they can not identify, only by products of a distressed cells which can be caused by many viruses and even lung cancer, as last years hoo Hum flu.

Humans who worked hard, sacrificed to build businesses are losing their businesses, burning through their meager savings, for damned lies told by political whores, and the produced mass hysteria of the sheep!

The people can take their country back without a war.
If all Americans stood together, what they going to do, murder everyone?

They pick you off one, two at a time, and the ball-less sheep do not just stand there and let it happen, they damn well go running to the cops squealing on anyone does not want to be a sheep for the Rat’s slaughter.

Only by standing together do the Humans have a way of regaining their freedoms.

The sheep?
Fuck the sheep!
The sheep helped murder Jesus the Christ.
The sheep stood drooling while USA murdered General George Patton, JFK, Dr. Martin Luther King, Bobby Kennedy, and thousands more lesser know Americans for standing up for whats right against the evil of Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac.

So are you a Man, a real woman, or a damned squealing to the man sheep?

The Ole Dog!

Two Texas police officers went undercover in an elaborate sting operation to catch citizens giving salon services for money in their own home. The cops posed as regular citizens needing to get a manicure. Tipsters (also known in some neighborhoods as “rats” or “snitches”) pointed police to a woman who was advertising manicure services on social media — the horror.

Laredo police arrested Ana Isabel Castro-Garcia, 31, at the 1200 block of Harding Street after she allegedly agreed to provide an undercover officer with a manicure. Again, the horror. Castro-Garcia was arrested and charged with “Violation of Emergency Management Plan C/B” and was taken to the Webb County Jail where she was offered a $500 bond.

In a separate and unrelated case Brenda Stephany Mata, 20, was arrested at the 1100 block of Hubner Street after she allegedly offered to do an undercover cop’s lashes. Just like Castro-Garcia, she was charged with “Violation of Emergency Management Plan C/B” and was also taken to Webb County Jail for booking.

Only 11 of the nearly 300,000 residents of Laredo, Texas have reportedly died of COVID-19 complications. Had the ladies not been making money for their salon services the police would never have been tipped off by citizens ratting out their neighbors for presumably trying to feed themselves and their families.

Yes, America. Police officers in Laredo Texas presumably had nothing better to do than enforce an arbitrary decree from a politician for people not to work and earn a living during a pandemic — in their own home.

To arrest the two cosmopolitan ladies the officers pretended to be potential clients, offering money to citizens to break the rules and give them a manicure and lash treatment respectively. Placing the citizens further in harms way they then arrested them, instead of citing them, which forced the two presumably healthy women to be inside the confines of a jail cell with other individuals who themselves could have been infected with COVID-19.

The defiance of logic in these two situations is utterly absurd and speaks to the arbitrary nature of the enforcement of such laws.

The Cuban-style block monitoring will likely not stop with the arrest of the two beauticians. No, police all over the country have made a point to make examples out of people for paddle boarding by oneself in the ocean, creating satirical posts on social media, and for feeding the homeless during a social distancing mandate.

We’ve been told by cop apologists the actual beat cops do not really want to enforce the laws but are forced to do so by their higher-ups. For those apologists we have one simple question. If the government told you to stop being a police officer and to stay home without pay with your family, how would you provide a living for those you love?

Somewhere along the way the insanity needs to stop. Where is the outrage in Texas?

As TFTP reported this week, a video of a mother being arrested for bringing her kids to the park caused outrage across the internet and manifested into a massive act of police accountability. After Sara Walton Brady’s arrest, dozens of protesters went to the home of the Meridian Police Department officer who arrested Brady. The protest was reportedly spearheaded by Ammon Bundy, who as TFTP reported last week, has been planning resistance to the lockdowns.

As the crowd grew larger at the officer’s home, his fellow cops helped guard him.

“There was a woman at a park with her children and she was arrested!” Bundy screams at the four or five cops standing in the driveway. “Completely inappropriate.”

“The people will not allow you guys to do this for very long!” Bundy yells at the cops in the video. “You will not go into the park and arrest people! You will not go into parks and arrest mothers, and you will not go anywhere and arrest us for exercising what our rights are.”

The cops seemed receptive to the message and appeared to have an actual conversation with the protesters instead of simply ignoring them. We need more of these conversations, now.


Texas Mayor Caught Defying Her Own Stay-At-Home Order At Local Nail Salon-One set of rules for the sheep, one for the political whores

When a photo of Beaumont, Texas Mayor Becky Ames at a local nail salon surfaced, all hell broke loose. That’s because Beaumont has been on lockdown for almost a month.

The mayor left last week’s council meeting to “find her phone flooded with text messages and angry social media criticism” after the picture went viral among the town after appearing on a local blog, according to The Beaumont Enterprise.

Ames signed a stay-at-home order on March 27 that included nails and hair salons as businesses that were ordered to close around the region. Ames said the photo “could make people think she was getting a manicure” but then defended herself, saying: “I did not do anything wrong. I would not be upset with anyone who I found out did this.”

Instead, she says she had stopped at the salon to soak off artificial “dip” nails after they had grown out and become painful.

Ames continued to dig her hole deeper, telling a local news outlet: “Six weeks ago or more, I went to get a manicure and ended up getting the powder nails for the first time. I loved it and it looked great, but as they grew out I started looking like a witch. I tried to take them off and texted the lady that did them, who is the owner of the salon, to ask what to do.”

She said the salon wasn’t open but the owner said she would mix some solution to be picked up. A photo was taken while she was “soaking her nails to learn how to take them off,” Ames says. The mayor says she was at the salon for just 10 minutes before going to the Beaumont City Council meeting. She said she was able to remove half the dip nails in that time.

Ames said she didn’t realize someone was taking her photo. The salon owner backed up the mayor’s story and told the employee, who snapped the photo, not to return to work. Ames and the owner both said she did not pay for the solution that was used.

“The owner said she has a lot of ladies that need to get their nails off, so she’s set this out for them. A lot of hairdressers have left color out for someone to come pick up. There’s nothing wrong with that as long as you’re social distancing,” Ames concluded.


It’s Game Over and the Swedish-Belarusian Herd Immunity Model Has Won One third of Stockholmers have already had Covid-19, shook it off, and are now immune

This Micky mouse zionist Zombie Virus infected shit getting old.

BE AFRAID!!!!!!!!



When I was in high school, I would go to the liberty and read every daily paper there.

Was on the Debate / Informative speaking teams with UIL , all at once where if you are any good, you can give a speech on either side of any damn thing going on in the world at a moments notice.

Most people will not look up in the sky, see the chemtrails the “government” is poising them with.

Any view they have of this world is very narrow and  relatively local.

Not the Ole Dog!

You simply do not have every major and many minor countries all scream bloody murder, rip the pants off of their people, force them to a knelling position for the Rats by accident, all at once and all together.

Talking preplanning and coordination for months at least to pull this off.

All the “governments” saying the same shit, all the “alternative” news outlets all over the world parroting the same zionist Zombie shit.

I have personally been keeping  a pretty damn good eye on the whole world for going on fifty years,  this kind of shit never happened once before, shut down everything over a respiratory  virus which is killing about as  many  already sick folks as last years flu.

Let me put it this way.

You are sheep.

Don’t help them herd your ass straight through the Rats One World Government Slaughterhouse Doors.

If you are that afraid of dying, you have never lived!

Best get busy living!

Or get busy dying, get the hell out of the way of better folks.

About time humanity pulls their heads out of their sheep asses don’t you think?

The Ole Dog!




Self Quarantining in the Kingdom of Carleton

Last Halloween, I was my normal self, and my lovely wife was Little Red Riding Hood.

When the rape artist Bill the walking sex attack tool was “president”, I went as Bill.

Grayed my hair, got a big cigar to stick in my mouth, put a yellow stripe down the back of the Bomber Jacket “presidential”  cowards who refused to go to Viet Nam while better men died love to ware for photo ops.

As we were walking down the sidewalk, being behind the wife, I reached out with “bill’s” golf club, and raised  the back of my wife’s skirt.

She said, “Stop that!’.

I said, I am Bill Clinton, I always do that.

She said, “Yes, but not with your wife”.

It is a respiratory virus folks, like every damn year.

Like every year, the already sick, the weak, the genetically inferior  will die

The Respiratory Viruses, are the Coup de Gras Nature uses to weed the herd of  weak animals and the genetically  defective.

Like every year,  wash your hands, stay the hell away from doctors/hospitals if you are not on deaths door already, take your minerals, vitamins, don’t eat shit food, stay as far away from big Pharma voodoo meds as you can, don’t allow yourself to be around people who are coughing and sneezing in public places.

If I am in a check out line, and someone gets behind ne I think may have a cold or flu, I will find a reason to allow them in front of me, and keep my distance.

But you don’t shut the whole  damn world down for a damn cold which does not kill the healthy.

Lots of cases of  children with underlaying problems dying of this Corona virus.

Lots of cases of 80-100+ year olds getting well after being infected/sick with it.

Healthy old folks.

It will kill the sick/weak old folks as it does the young sick/weak.

But shutting everything down is the  final nail  in the coffin which will finish killing millions and millions of American individual and family owned businesses which were struggling in a shit economy already,  forced on Americans by corrupt pedophilic politicians and pedophilic Usury evil “bankers”.

The economy was going to crash anyway, as the Not federal, No reserves and Not a bank khazarian mafia scam is on it’s last legs anyway. But this way, God gets the blame!

When they started shutting things down, I told folks, you watch them, they are among other things, going to use this manufactured hysteria to shut down things, crash the economy, then blame it on God.

Be like, The economy was recovering then this act of God came and killed the economy, it is God’s fault!!!!!

And dammed if the other day, I did not hear some female talking head somebody on a news show say’ ” The economy was recovering but them we were blindsided by the Corona  virus which is beyond our control.”

It is all bullshit.

These ass holes been herding the  sheeps asses for thousands of years, and every damn life the sheep  allow them to herd them right smack through the slaughterhouse doors!

Again and again and again!

After I did several years of study, self examination, asking for the gifts of wisdom, understanding and knowledge, like Abraham trying to get God to spare sodom and Gomorrah if he found Ten Just Men in the din of iniquity, I went looking in my town, then Texas, then America.

I had to report back to God I had failed, as far as I could tell, there were not ten Just Men in all of America.

When one comes to understand reality,  where the real treasure of this world lays, the never ending fearful yet  full of false pride  bleating of the sheep  comes to be like tiny bits of glass being driven slowly into one’s  brain.

So I self quarantined.

If I don’t need something from the store, not picking up grandkids, or being dragged out to some event by the wife, I tend to stay on my half acre mini farm.

So I am an old pro at this self quarantining.

While back, when a friend and I were talking about the current world, and how we just wanted them sheep idiots to stay  the hell away from us with their fearful caterwauling  and insanity, he told me about a study on mice and rats.

Anyone who ever studied phycology, runs into the study about the worker slave rats and mice, and the Alphas who run the packs.

He told me for years the scientist thought they had it all figured out, except, slowly, they started noticing Alpha types, who did not have  a huge pack.

These alpha types would get them a couple of good females, and go stake out their own territory, well away from any packs.

They came to call them Gammas.

I been self Gammaing for years now.

Less bleating I have to listen to the better.

Got my chickens laying eggs, goats to eat,  organic compost pikes, couple of green houses I need to get assembled, my dog friends, my cat friends, my women.

Got high privacy fences so I don’t have to look at the sheep and it is dangerous for the sheep to try to climb in to steal my shit they did not labor for.

Guy I know posed the question, if DC was going to declare Marshall Law, does one stack the looters bodies on the curb for removal?

Told him that did not concern me as I had two large organic working compost piles.

So I am self quarantining on my half acre till the frantic bleating of the sheep subsides.

I raise goats, no place for sheep in my Kingdom!

The Ole Dog!

There is  no lie the zionist Zombie Virus Host animal can tell which will make- The Reckoning overlook the zionist Zombie Virus Host Animal’s  many evil & vile act against Humanity

Make no misguided or longing for it mistake-
There is  no lie the zionist Zombie Virus Host animal can tell which will make-

The Reckoning overlook the zionist Zombie Virus Host Animal’s  many evil & vile act against Humanity-
When they line the Rats up the victims , all will  agree unanimously & assuredly-

IT was the short butt ugly obese mangy Rat’s minion street mutt khazarian on the end-
So the Pikers to their desire  will cause the guilty as hell Rat’s minion street. mutt  to bend-

Assuming the position of  the destiny of all evil Pedoist  red Russian Rat’s perverted hazbara Toons-
Caterwauling & squawking self-righteously as they receive their Karma Like drunk  on the blood of the innocent young, cannibal Khazarian baboons-

The ole Dog!