Take a Deep Breath Texicans, the Corona Virus Media Bunny Butt Hop is Fear Porn

The first link will take you to a Texas source which shows the numbers have been inflated in Texas, and there have been to date in Texas, “11 Texans deaths have been linked to COVID-19.

The second link will take you to a story, which shows the number of murders in San Antonio alone, not Bexar County included, or the rest of Texas as is the case with the “Corona Virus” 11 “linked ” deaths”, for the first half of 2019 was sixty souls cut down, many children, young, vibrant teenagers , young mothers and fathers.

The third will be a piece listing the 10 worst murder capitals in Texas in 2019.

I personally ran a search, and it seems Texas don’t report a total number of murders in Texas as a whole if  they can help it.

Need less  to say, bleating toilet paper hoarding sheep don’t bat an eye at hundreds of deaths in Texas from criminals the yankee’s occupation “courts” keep turning loose on decent hard working Texicans, again and again, while bleating in fear, hoarding Toilet Paper to clean their wool around their ass where they keep shitting it out of fear of eleven deaths while hundreds are dismissed as “normal”, “Not a Public Safety Emergency”.

Eleven folks who were sick dies linked to a virus they may or may not have had, and the sheep go damn well bananas as the political whores shut down everything to cover for the coming engineered economic crash!

It is a fact, the vast majority of people who will die of any of the flus or respiratory virus, will be the weak, the frail, the unhealthy, the ones with preexisting medical conditions such as bad kidneys, heart, lungs, COPD, high blood pressure, and such.

They were sick, struggling to stay alive, and the virus was the straw which broke the camel’s back, finished them off.

The respiratory viruses are the Coup de Gras which finishes  off the already wounded animal.

So everyone in Texas is shitting and pissing their pants at 11 deaths  of already sick folks in Texas overall,  who may or may not have had this brand of respiratory illness, but don’t bat an eye at the tragic violent deaths of hundreds of healthy vibrant young folks.


Texican sheep are some DUMB ASS SHEEP!




The Ole Dog!