Why The Occupied Republic Of Texas IS NOT A State Of The USA/DC Corporation-NRT

1865, after four years of USA terrorism, USA, which is not a country, not a nation, but a sub corporation of the Evil British Empire, having been incorporated under the Roman Law of the British Empire, invaded in a war crime, the foreign to the USA corporation, Confederate States of America.

The yankee mercenaries, (Many coming off immigrant ships in New York with no jobs), could not match the generalship or the fighting spirit of the Confederates, so they had their war criminal USA soldiers, gang rape till death, little boys, little girls, mothers, sisters, Scotts-Irish and African America.
They burned homes, church houses, court houses,Church parsonages, (after gang raping the Ministers Daughters, Because their father prayed for the leadership of the country’s the Bible said to), barns, crops, out houses, pig ping, seminaries, convents, and whole cities. filled with innocent civilians.

They dug up the dead. and robbed the dead.

So the USA, using terrorism and terrorist tactics, overwhelmed the Confederate States, and has held them in military occupation ever after.
Their occupying troops never left

The Fruit of the Poison tree is Poison.
Thats the solid rock of real Law.

USA could not with terrorism conquer the Confederacy, then occupy them for 158 years, all the while stealing the States wealth to Run USA/DC, and somehow have the poison tree bare non poison fruit.

By “Rebellion”, the mass murdering alcoholic war criminal, failed business owner Grant meant, the Lawful Secession of the Southern. States, as. per. the USA’s own “constitution”. Session is still legal till this day under the USA constitution. USA took a giant dump on their own “constitution” The legality of secession under the USA constitution is why the War Criminal USA, did not try Jefferson Davis in court for Treason as they dearly wanted to. Simply put, such a trial would have documented the legality of the South, and Criminality of the USA.

Don’t care how many elections they run or how many fake illegal constitutions they force of the conquered people.

And that is a simple exclamation, backed up by the Poison Fruit Law Rule, Occupying troops having never left, as to why the Occupied by the USA/DC sub corporation of the evil of the Rat Run British Empire, Republic of Texas, is not a “State” of the Foreign USA/DC Corporation.

The only authority the USA/DC has in the Occupied Republic of Texas, comes out of the barrel of the occupying troops weapons, and the threat of being kidnapped by occupation law enFORCEment, throw into the USA’s Corporate dungeons.

They are a Criminal International Corporation, Violating ever norm of decency, and every Law God Ever Made!~

The Ole Dog!