The Evil of Britain “Gave” Palestine To The Khazarian War Criminals-Not God

Most Americans, I speak as an American, but seems folks all over the world, were fed a Russian Turkmen type Non Semitic Khazarian who’s ancestors converted to the END OF TIMES DEATH & PEDOPHILE CULT, in the Steppes of Russia, in the year 0740 AD, (Todays “Jews” are NOT Hebrews, or descended from Hebrews, proven by modern DNA testing, for you slow ones) ration of zionist Non Semitic Pig Shit!

ONCE ONE UNDERSTANDS KHAZARIANS ARE NOT IN ANY WAY DESCENDED FROM ANCHIENT HEBREWS, one begins to understand why the world has been a shit hole for humanity for the last two thousand and 72 years.

Two thousand 72 years ago, in the Steppes of Russia, the Turkmen type peoples voluntarily made a deal with a demon “god”, to be infected with the zionist Zombie Virus.

Some side effects are:

Human Sacrifice.
Unsound economy/currency.
Promotion of Usury Debt Slavery.
Rampant in your face homosexuality.
Erosion of Natural God Given Rights.
Attacks on the Host history/social norms and values.

WWI Balfour Declaration: British Christian Zionism

‘The Evil of Britain “Gave” Palestine To The Khazarian War Criminals’

The evil of Britain Empire  “gave” Palestine to the Khazarian war criminals-not God’s Light-
So they could Holocaust the Semitic Palestinians while carrying Satanic symbols- bunch of   boy raping Sodomite-

The Star of evil, the lust for young boys-
Is the reason the Non Semitic Khazarians molest children with such joy-

The Genocide of the Indigenous Palestinians in their own Ancestral Home Land-
Is the reason the Red Russian Expats & spawn thereof Khazarians do war crimes with a willing hand-

They shrill to the sky, “god” gave them Palestine, in their heathen celebration-
But facts point out it was the Evil British Empire through the Balfour Declaration-

Which condemned the Indigenous Semitic Palestinians to a life of subjection and death-
This evil will not stop as long as one zionist Khazarian still can in Palestine, draw a breath!

The ole dog!

Author: John C Carleton

Native Texican, American by Birth, Southern by the Grace of God.

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