Is “mayor” pendejoberg And RICO Violating Crime Cabal Down At San Antonio city hall Purposely Trying To Kill The City’s Tourist Industry?-NRT

Travis Park, San Antonio, Republic of Texas, Occupied.
Travis park, before Mayor Pendejoberg and his merry band of Texaican hating RICO ACT violators on “CITY COUNCILE, stole the state, cannons, and a time capsule off of land the City does not own!

Friday night, my front yard, after two of pendejoberg’s  Uninsured, No Drivers License, males went MACHO-MACHO MAN on a residential street with vehicles.

I mean, if I were a tourist, I do not think I would bring my family to San Antonio.

Perverts grabbing kids off the streets, side walks, malls.

Child molestaion in the news all the time, all the time pedophile arrest.

And thats just the few get caught.

pendejoberg’s illegal Mexico Criminals he pleads with to overrun San Antonio, then  protects from  victim Texicans, are trying to  grab women off of jogging trails.

They raping women, children, stabbing folks, shooting foes, robbing stores and banks.

Then there are all the Mexico Citizens, illegally protected by pendejoberg and his RICO Criminal Crime Cabal Down At  SAN ANTONIO city hall, driving like they still in Mexico.

Getting drunk, running over kids, babies, people crossing streets, and any family walking sdown the side walk when they loose control and send a 10,000-20,000 pound missiles  whizzing down and across side walks.

If I were sedualing a convention, I believe at this point I would write off the Sans.

San Antonio, San Diego, and San Fransisco.

Unless you just hate your children, want them raped and murdewred, or run over on the sidewalk.

Wife grabbed, raped and murdered.

You robbed, maybe murdered on the side walk.

As pendejoberg and RICO Confederate Memorial thieving Crime Cabal Down At city hall, keeps protecting these rampaging run amuck criminals, begging still more and more to come, they must be intentionally trying to kill San Antonio’s Tourist Trade!

I mean, are the folks down at San Antonio city hall, so stupid they do not understand the consequences of their own criminal and Anti-Texican  actions?

These were suspected to perhaps be carrying deadly diseases.

San Antonio has become a magnet for illegals entering Texas under pendejoberb and Crime cabal Down At city hall’s encouragement and hands off to cops orders.

The Ole Dog!