“mayor” pendejoberb and the RICO crime Cabal Down At San Antonio city hall Strikes again! Or, What the Hell Is One Of city hall’s Uninsured, No Drivers License Criminals Doing Wrecked in my Front Yard On a Friday Night?-NRT

“mayor” pendejoberg and the RICO violating Crime Cabal down at SAN ANTONIO city hall STRIKES AGAIN.

The pendejoberg assaults King John de Carleton’s  Kingdom Once More.

You will recall he stole a Memorial off of private non city ground, and told bald faced lies, slandering the memory of my g-g grandfather




The gay caballero tried to steal my pig for lustful reasons while neglecting the  safety of San Antonio pedestrians.



One can see a clear pattern of harassment and ill will towards my family by the Confederate Memorial, two cannons, a time capsule and Travis park stealing,  gay caballero New York yankee RICO criminal pendejoberg, assisted by his RICO crime Cabal down at SAN ANTONIO city hall.

He seems further, to be trying to have out of control Mexico Criminals to murder San Antonio children on the sidewalks with thei vehicles they are illegally operating, , as pendejoberg and Crime Cabal down at SAN ANTONIO city hall had the baby of my daughter’s friend ran over in a dollar general parking lot, when pendejoberg’s Mexico criminal. which city hall protects from Texicans, drunk as a skunk by noon.

pendejoberg’s illegal Mexico Criminal, also murdered a women putting groceries in her car at the same time.

“mayor” pendejoberg and San Antonio Crime Cabal at SAN ANTONIO city hall is making war on Texicans, and murdering their children by proxy!

This was Friday night when anyone walking on the sidewalk, or in my yard would have been dead.

The next night, it was around the corner where one of Pendejoberg’s wayward Mexico  “children” ran down the sidewalk and through the closed doors of a tire shop.

San Antonio has become a dangerous shit hole!

Children are endangered on sidewalks from drunk Mexico criminals, and pedophiles kidnapping then out of malls, off of sidewalks, playgrounds.

They are grabbing women off of jogging tracks.

Stabbings and shootings every damn night.

If I were  someone planning a vacation, I sure as hell would not bring my wife and children to San Antonio.

If I were booking a convention, I would find a city where city hall is trying to stop criminals, not assist them!

Time to clean San Antonio up from Mexico criminals, and yankee carpetbagger criminals who are making war on Texicans.

The Ole Dog!Hmmmmmm!!!!!
What shall the name of the organization be?

Author: John C Carleton

Native Texican, American by Birth, Southern by the Grace of God.

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