Texicans, If You Know These People, Don’t Leave Then Alone With Your Children Or Pets

At about .13-.14 seconds into the Bass Abuse video, you see drunks abusing a live bass.

If you do not see a problem with this, then stay away from my pets and children also.

Look at this second video of a boy catching a fish.

Thanks God for the fish, puts it back in the water, tells it to grow some more.

Now I would trust this young man, and his father to be around my kids and pets, cause a young man like this kid, did not get to be what he is without some good guiding from parents/grandparents.

Respect for ones self, and all of Gods other creatures, is necessary for spiritual growth.

The Native Americans, the Vikings, when they had to kill an animal, for food or clothing, explained to the spirit of the animal this was not done out of disrespect, but out of need.

The Ole Dog!