Valhalla is for the Brave, Hel is for the Evil and Cowardly

Valhalla is for the Brave, Hel is for the Evil and Cowardly-

Hel is filled to overflowing with of  the soul  slovenly-

The baby rapist, the liar, the Usury thief will not of Valhallas mede partake-

Of the glory of Valhalla’s fellowship by their evil they did forsake-

In the darkness of the self  damned, the coward gnashes his teeth in shame-

Knowing  he has no one but his own evil seeking soul  self to blame-

In the prison of  underworld  shadows, imps of Hel and pain-

Hearing the Popes of the ages choir, singing their pedophilic reframe-

Oh they could have had Valhalla where the women are comely and the mede sweet-

But their evil and lust sentenced them to bowing in darkness at Hel’s feet-

Oh the pain, the shame their ancestors feel makes them drop their head-

Their prodigy caught butt assed necked  in the great whore dressed all in Purple’s bed-

For the lack of a set of Balls, their heritage was lost, they became slaves without a history-

Their before slavery world a complete dark impenetrable  mystery-

Oh the great hopes for America are dashed on the rocks of women like males-

Who sentenced their prodigy to Hel when they cowardly tucked their tails-

Running from the beast hoping it will stop to eat their own young-

A failure as a people, a sorrow of creation, a shame on the memories of real men hung-

With weapons of war or peace, depending on the needs of the time-

Their prodigy sheep for the slaughter,  just sexual  party favors,  cannon fodder for  a  continuing war crime-

The Ole Dog




Author: John C Carleton

Native Texican, American by Birth, Southern by the Grace of God.

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