UDC Wants Confederate Monument Back in Travis Park-NRT

Travis Park, San Antonio, Republic of Texas, Occupied.
Travis park, before Mayor Pendejoberg and his merry band of Texaican hating RICO ACT violators on “CITY COUNCILE, stole the state, cannons, and a time capsule off of land the City does not own!

Permission my behind!
The Park belongs to the UDC. In 1905 the San Antonio City Council gave to the Confederates, giving up all rights, to the park as “The Land The Memorial Sits on”. This means “mayor pendejoberg and his Anti-Texican crime cabal at SAN ANTONIO CITY HALL, commited RICO, Federal Rackatering Crimes, against the Confederate decendants, and the memories of those brave men who defended Texas and San Antonoio from armed Criminals gang raping women till death, children, murdering folks, stealing everything.

The CITY of SAN ANTONIO, MUST repair, best craftsmen available worldwide, reinstall cannons, memorial from where they stole it, return the park to the rightful owners, and make a sinciear apoligy to the memories of the men they delibertyly lied about, and their prodegy.

Oh yes, i would like to have my Great Graet Grandmothers silverware back!

Do so and i will not personally write up the charges and present them to the Federal prosecutor.

And what is a “governor” of Texas doing allowing these kind of RICO crimes to be carried out against Texicans in his “jurisdiction”, by one of the sub corporations of  the “State of Texas ” corporation?


Perhaps Rico violations will reach to Sodom and Gomorrah on the Colorado?


Author: John C Carleton

Native Texican, American by Birth, Southern by the Grace of God.

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