Walmart In San Antonio Trying To Force Customers Into Self Checkouts So The Poor Underpaid, No Benefit Checkers an Be Fired

Travis Park, San Antonio, Republic of Texas, Occupied.
Travis park, before Mayor Pendejoberg and his merry band of Texaican hating RICO ACT violators on “CITY COUNCILE, stole the memorial, cannons, and a time capsule off of land the City does not own!

I am an Ole Dog.

Been running this earth for 61 years now.

Got scars from the tips of my toes to the tip top of my scalp which would look like a road map of the Occupied Republic of Texas from all the scars if I were bald.

The only scar on my back, is a small surgical scar.

My brakes and  reverse are in pristine shape, as they never got a hell of a lot of use.

When i graduated high school in the late 1970s, I scored on my college entrance exam, in the top 97% of the whole country in that year.

The things i was hotter than a fresh finished fox in a forrest fire at were military matters, real economics, government- (law), and history.

The reason my standing was that low was, I never did like yankee control freak adulterated “English spelling – composition”, or advanced mathematics.

Can add, subtract, do some multiplication in my head, but every damn thing I ever was forced to learn about the powers of and to the whatever power, mixed with  pie, has been deep mixed.

I told em I would never use it.

Anyway, I am old enough to have watched  the time from when human workers were treated like humans, instead of cattle to have the last cent squeezed out of them, for corporate profits.

Seen humans become soul-less animals in the eyes of  there soul-less corporate leg breakers, bag men and  administrators.

Rule of administrating anything, be it an empire, kingdom, country, State, country, city or village.

A business which derives it’s profit from a community, must reinvest some of that profit into the community, or the community becomes a slaves quarters shit hole, used as whores by Anti-Human Corporations.

Mayor Pendejoberg and his crime cabal at city hall, did not start San Antonio’s  decent into third world slave quarters  shit hole status, but they have done their damnedest to finish off  any good,. morals, pride, future for the souls of San Antonio.

The Gay Caballero at city hall, led a fight to ban Chick-Fil-A from the San Antonio Airport because they did not donate to his favorite gay charities.

Claimed it was because they gave their employees Sunday off to go to church.

Not everyone believes in the same god, some folks foolishly think there is no one in charge, thats their right.

But believer or not, a  administrator worth a shit, and the leading businessmen of a community who are worth a shit, recognize for a community to  operate smoothly, keep excess  drunkenness  down, rapes, murders, corruption, theft, home break-ins, pedophilia, and eventual third world shit hole status, the churches serve a calming and steadying purpose.

Personally,  when I commune with God, I do so better in a quite outdoor setting, than with a group, but some find comfort in the association of others in their spiritual gatherings./

But any leader worth a damn, encourages people in his or her community to seek spiritual guidance, not try to tare the morals down, promote every perversion possible, teach moral less ness .

Then there is the matter of “mayor peddejoberg and his RICO crime cabal down at  city hall, conspiring to, using corrupt “federal”, (occupation yankee) courts, to steal off of land the City of San Antonio gave up any and all rights to in 1905, to the descendants of the Confederate Soldiers, who put up the memorial to their murdered by the USA, dead.

But klnowing  all this,  pendejoberg and his crime cabal down at city hall, still stole, , using the SAPD as muscle and leg breakers, (the rank and file unwillingly for the most part), steal, tare up against Federal Court orders to not damage the statue, hid it out from the rightful owners, along with two cannons, a time capsule “mayor” pedejoberg’s crime cabal  down at City hall,  lied and said they did not find, until lawyers got involved and they admitted they had been laying their corrupt  criminal asses off.

They stole the park, along with everything which did not belong to them, and refuse to give the park or any of the rest back to the folks they stole it from.

The corrupt “federal”  criminal yankee occupation court is covering their asses.

I personally went down to speak against San Antonio fulfilling their threat to violate the Federal RICO  act, commit several  major felonies in the commission of the theft.

Remember, my ancestors  go back several thousand years, law, kings, war lords, Emperors, Statesmen, Generals.

When I talk sustainable administration of an entity, I know what the hell I am talking about, the law, history, administration,. military, and the priesthood.

I know basic Communist insurgents and deverinary tactics when I see them

What pendjoberg and his merry band of criminals, his crime cabal down at City hall did, was to have the young impressionable college students who did not know shit from shinola about what was going on,  historically ignorant to the bone, got them down there by the bus load to cut speaking time to three minuets, keeping those who did know shit from shinola from getting the opportunity to fully point out pendejoberg’s  and his merry band of criminals of his crime cabal down at city hall, lies and criminal intentions.

The contract had already been given to tare down the statue while stealing it.

The council meeting was fraud, as they already had made the decision to steal it, this was just window dressing.

If someone like me had been allowed to speak, more than three minutes to a  crowd who’s eyes were not  glazing over with fatigue from listening  to so many historical college student regurgitating propaganda lies they had been feed at taxpayer expense, I could have proved, slavery existed in the north after it was not longer in the south, the war was never about slavery, Lincoln was a queer shyster lawyer who hated blacks, and told en so to their faces, the emancipation proclamation was about starting a slave revolt to help the yankee win over the south, the same yankee did not free his slaves until after the war was over, the war was about the North Stealing the wealth, land of the South, as well as taking control of the mouth of the Mississippi from the Confederacy.

Now them rope chewers running the criminal cabal down at city hall knew this.

That is why I, and others like myself, were  cut down to three minuets, so truth could not ruin their planned criminal theft of the park, cannons, time capsule and memorial, by pendejoberg’s crime cabal down at5 city hall.

Well, seeing as they are so damn passionate about causes, I have one for the rope chewer criminals of pendejoberg’s criminal cabal down at city hall.

Walmart within city boundaries.

Any Corporate grocery/hardware combination store, within the city limits, with one hundred or more employees, city wide, must pay a substanible minimum wage to be decided later, above the “national”

Paid sick leave/medical care at no cost to the employ, of the same duration and quality as the highest paid corporate entity , the CEO.

If they don’t like treating their employs like humans in San Antonio, they are free to leave, which would open up opertunites for the reemergence of family owned grocery stores  run by folks who are part of the community, and want said community  to thrive, not be a shit hole.

I need to get some more info, write up the proposal, see how many former ands current Walmart employs I can get to a city hall meeting, so they can relate their horror stories, before I present the proposal to the little crime cabal down at city hall.

What was the catalyst for this you ask?

Glad you asked!

This morning, I went to Walmart to buy among other things, 15 gallons of spring water, as the criminal cabal down at city hall take bribes to dump chemical hazardous waste into the public water supply, (non Natural waste by hazardous waste  product Florine,   which causes lower IQs in children, brittle bones/teeth, possible cancers, and does not protect ones teeth,

I will not even give that chemical cocktail to my friends in the dog and cat community, I will not give it to my chickens.

Want them to live and lay organic non poisonous eggs.

When I went to checkout, all the human manned check  out stands were gone, not a checker in site.

This overpaid minion and his overpaid female minion companion, were observing their attempt to fire all the checkers, and force folks don’t want to to use self check outs into using them.

When I told em if there was not a checker for me to check out at, I would leave the basket where it sat, the smart ass male had one of the two human check out stands  I saw left, opened up for me.

Now, by this time I am  pissed they  are trying to herd me like a cattle of some sort, in to using technology I do do not like, so they can fire people need those jobs, shitty as they are,  so I started telling the checker and the other lady standing there, how years back, I had former and then current, Walmart employees tell me when Sam Walton died, the same day, before his funeral, the Walton kids descended on the company, cutting benefits and lowering wages.

Greedy bastards!

This upset the little greasy fake smiled smart assed  minion  prick because I knew this and was telling the workers this.

Came over with his smart ass tone saying can I help you.

Pissed me off he was bothering me with his ignorance and condescending  manner.

I told him I did not like corporations because they were Anti-human.

He decided to tell me they were not Anti-Human, (I already knew he was an ass hole, a smart ass, and treated employs like shit).

I turned around,. informed him, of the 25 Ensurers of the Magna Carta, at least 16-17 of them were my direct ancestor, (did not add the rest also in all probability, the king who implemented those reforms was my direct ancestors, and my cousins included, 2nd  cousin George Washington, 3ed cousin on mothers side, James Baker, and my standing upon graduation.

I did not add the local congressman called my father and offer West Point.

I told him not to even try to tell me I did not understand the whole thing, much better than him.

With  his shit eating grin, as there was absolutely nothing he could say which would not show him up as an ass, and ignorant lying ass, in front of employs further,  he had been treating like slaves, he said  have a nice day.

As he cowardly walked off from getting verbally bitch slapped,  I replied, I intend to!

That’s why.

A parasitic   corporation, is planning on forcing folks to use technology they do not want to, while firing as many already struggling financially employs as they can, throwing them on public assistance or even losing their homes.

Thats why!

You don’t want to give back to San Antonio, get the hell out.

U-Hauls in San Antonio are as easily  found on most street corners as whores under pendejoberg and his Crime cabal down at City Hall.

Roads going North,. Roads going South!

Got some organizing and writing of a proposal to do.

Hey Pendejoberb  and your merry band of thieving crime cabal  down at city hall, tell ya what!

You fix the statue, put everything back, turn the park back over to the real owners, when I get through with this, I will not lead a movement  to have you all arressted on criminal RICO charges for stealing the statue, cannons, time capsule.

And you better repair  it so well, I can not see with a magnifying  glass the damage you did during your crime spree!

John C  Carleton.

The Ole, Dog!





Author: John C Carleton

Native Texican, American by Birth, Southern by the Grace of God.

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