For Tis a Royal Blue Blooded Dragonborn Leg-NRT


‘For Tis a Royal Blue Blooded Dragonborn Leg’

For Tis a Royal Blue Blooded Dragonborn Leg, thou shall not raid –
Not for the likes of zionist Khazarian feline house flowers for services paid-

Tiny bits of Feline house soiled fluff blowing in the wind-
Out the window of one feline house and into another right back again-

Oh the torment, the never ending lust-
The big Royal Dragonborn’s leg or bust!

The Ole Dog!

Rehabilitated Rats?, Or Restrained Rats?-NRT

Dragonborn, not to be confused with  Red Shield dragons.

Rehabilitated Rats?, Or Restrained Rats?
The RothsRats, or Ratschilds, have raped, robbed, slaughtered, lied their way through history.

I am a firm believer in my cousins George S Patton saying:
“May God have mercy on my enemies, because i will not!”

However, if humanity, in all it’s forms and ancestries, if ages old animosities are to be deep sixed, so humanity can grow spiritually, some concessions must be made.

First, all evil asses, can never escape their karma, no mater how many magical spells, or children sacrificed and raped.

Wizards never win.

Each of us, and “he without evil of some form, at some time, in their own lives or being, cast the first stone.

So therefore, in the interest of the freeing of humanity from Red Shield  Dragoon slavery, i propose, the Rats give back most all of their ill gotta gain, are allowed to keep enough to feed themselves and basic needs, as decided by humans, not them, one domicile, not a mansion, but not a dump, be placed under house arrest until death.

Any children born to them, will be removed, and raised in a moral based society.
Upon adulthood, they would be allowed a chance to take gainful labor ridden employment in society, supervised well, and with a one strike your are out and under house arrest for life policy.

Seems like a whole lot to extend to a bunch of evil pedophilic sons of bitches and evil cunts, but humanities growth, is more important than their punishment.

Justice is above humankind’s pay grade, no matter the blood flows in those veins.

The best thing in this world i am not merely good at, but a master of, is killing and war.

Got to grow up sometime.

There are other things each of us can do other than steal from and slaughter each other.

To reach this, humankind and their helpers, must show mercy, do not shed more blood in revenge for blood shed.

Lasting Peace can not be built on a foundation of soil, made soggy with spilled blood.

If the foundation is not sound, the building will not stand, but fall on it’s occupants.

Human kind and their helpers, even ones who are best at grabbing a sword, running screaming with a hot blooded bunch at their backside, towards the Enemy of the Day, have to learn to show mercy and give peace not only a chance, but every ounce of energy in their borrowed bodies!

How about it folks?

Revenge, war reminds me of one of them old Viet Nam movies where a green officer gets on a chopper with an old combat vet NCO and ask:
How is it?

NCO answered, we eat, go out, kill some of theirs, they kill some of ours, we come back, eat, shower, sleep, get up next day, do the same thing!
It’s GOOOOOOODDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It ain’t working folk!

like your kids, grandkids coming home with their bodies ruined, and the minds and souls shattered?

Then put an end to it.

Not all elites are evil.
Lady Di was of my clan, and never a more loving and gentle soul walked the face of the earth.

The fake dragoon queen and chinless son she hatched, which murdered her, i will even agree to spare their lives, and that by god is showing damn well mercy as i damn well do not want to, but will for humanity.

In honor of Lady Di’s pure forgiving soul, because that is what she would want.

Humanity deserves a chance, the evil will not be allowed to win, but the evil will return evil until they to learn to be human in their souls.

“There but for the Grace of God go i!”

How about it, all sides?

John Carleton