They Said!

They said i must send my money to Al Snake Oil Gore-
Or humanity would burn to death in Man Made catastrophes galore-

They said i must serve their demon god or i would surly die-
They said this and so many more evil self serving lie-

They said it was for humanities sake they started all the war-
They said they were gods from the stars afar-

They said humanity must allow them to rape their young at will-
They said when they took humanities last cent, it was not enough still-

They came back for blood again and again, till humanity was anemic on deaths door-
They sang their own praises while stealing from and raping the poor-

They said honor, morals, decency, adherence to the LIGHT’s path was a thing of the distant past-
That their “god” would usher in humanities true reason for being at last-

Cattle to be farmed and slaughtered at the discretion of the “elites” for perverse pleasure and profit-
Around their necks they carry bits of the innocent raped and slain children’s hair as trophies in a locket-

Humanity must rise up against the evil elites and make a stand-
Or they will be slaughtered and enslaved, every last child woman and man-

Look inside, inward for the answers you need, not to a war mongering pedophilic pope-
Humanity must learn the true purpose of a good hemp rope!

The Ole Dog!

Author: John C Carleton

Native Texican, American by Birth, Southern by the Grace of God.

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