The Sovereign Kingdom of Carleton

i have decided to share with the public, in surrounding areas of Jurisdiction, knowledge of, my Sovereign Kingdom of Carleton.

The knowledge, the kingdom exist, so they do not, in violation, of Treaties, agreements covering the duty of the United States, as long as they occupy the Republic of Texas, which holds said Corporation, and all Sub Corporations inside the borders of said occupied Republic of Texas, responsible to defend Kingdom of Carleton, against any and all, transgress, aggression, in violation of international, and Natural Law, against my Sovereign Kingdom of Carleton, the Sovereign himself, (myself) and against the said Kingdom of Carleton’s subjects.

i did legally, for spice, did buy, my kingdom, in an unbroken chain, to a Republic of Texas Land Patent, of 1841, Signed by President Lamar, (probably a cousin through my GGG grandmother, Shara Ann Lamar).

This Land Grant, reserves NO RIGHTS, to any fees, or another thing, for any other person or entity.

All rights to everything under the ground, above in the sky, was given to the Land Patentee, to be passed down, with any land sold.

My document of my bringing forward for notice, accepting the Land patent, hung on the Bexar County court house bulletin board for sixty one days, announcement was made, anyone with any claim, to contact me within that 61 days, or i had Estoppel.
Included in this packet was a verified copy, of the original 1841 Republic of Texas Land Patent.

This was then, after the 61 days, recorded, in the Bexar County Clerks Office, as is proper, and only public notice required to all jurisdictions. and agencies of such.

Therefore, no other person, soul, jurisdiction, corporation, has any interest or jurisdiction, on, in, below, or above, Kingdom Carleton located inside the legal fiction lines of Bexar County.

As i can prove my Royal lineage, to both the thrones of England/France, and from these to many more distant lines, of Rulers of distant empires and Kingdoms, i claim my Royal Right to My Kingdom.

Instead of raising an Army, invading someone else Kingdom, taking it by force, or killing my brother, father, cousins, mother, Queen to inherit a kingdom, i worked hard at an honest trade, and bought one.

My wife, is my Queen, and a subject, King is sovereign.
Our prodigy, their prodigy, in perpetuity, for as long as the Earth/earth, shall stand.
Four dogs, three turkeys, two cats, an undetermined number of chickens and goats, along with any who set foot on the face of my Kingdom, for as long as they stay on the face of my Kingdom.

Let this be world wide notice, Caveat, of the Sovereignty of Kingdom Carleton, and its Sovereign, King John de Carleton.

It is further made notice, i claim under right of the bloodlines which flow in my veins, of Diplomatic Immunity, of any and all of my Subjects, when traveling abroad, outside the lines of said Kingdom Carleton.

Let be it above, as it is below.

In the year counted from when the Romans crucified Jesus the Christ, for trying to start a revolution against Rome
This thirteenth day of May, 2018

If you want to add the 1,100 after the murder of Jesus the Christ,  years the pedophile priest made disappear down a rabbit hole at the council of Nicaea, then the year of 3118 AD.

By my hand electronically,
Most High Sovereign,
His Royal Highness
Kingdom of Carleton

King John de Carleton [The zionist Eater]

Author: John C Carleton

Native Texican, American by Birth, Southern by the Grace of God.

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