Someone Is Trying To Play Games With My Computers.





Let it be known, years back, i considered suicide, when the USA government used me for a lab rat, ruined my health, and then fought me every step of the way to compensate me, after i could no longer work because of what the USA had illegally done to me.

That was years ago, and i will NEVER off myself.

Therefore, if i am found dead, The Rothsrats, and their minions, one of them did it.

I understand suicide is NEVER the answer, because you will be born again, and have to go through the whole damn shitty crap again.

I am fighting Pedophiles, so if child porn was to get loaded on my computer, as they have been known to do to people, i did not do it.

i have one computer where they locked up the main frame of my NRT site, will not show new post, and when i go from dashboard to the main page, it signs me out.

Have several computers, but they got some kind of bug in that one and i will have to save anything i want off it, wipe it clean, and start over.

Asking for pass words when it should not.

Today, a fake message was sent to me asking if someone could send some articles for consideration of publishing on my site.

It was a fake address, tried two email i never use to reply, and both came back bad dress, undeliverable.

Sons of bitches are after me.

These are some evil bastards, they murdered my  cousins General George Patton, for standing up for America, and Lt. Col John Augustine Washington , Aid de Camp to Robert E Lee, great grand nephew of my 2nt cousin George Washington, for standing up for America, against the evil of USA/DC, or as i am fond of  referring  to it, Sodom And Gomorrah on the Potomac.

Shot him three times through the back, stole his possessions, divided  them among the assassins as the Centurions did Jesus the Christ cloths.

USA is run from England, where the Satanic  fake queen and her Pedophile son, fake prince no chin charlie, murdered mu cousin Lady Di.

I don’t care for fame, wealth, notoriety, i do my duty, and i expect the bastards to try to kill me, trap me, try to frame me with some planted or concocted bull shit, as they did my cousins.

This is just public notice, the zionist bastards are after me.

King John de  Carleton

Kingdom of Carleton


Author: John C Carleton

Native Texican, American by Birth, Southern by the Grace of God.

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