“Royal” Wedding in Occupied England-NRT

First, Edward the fourth, was the illegitimate brat of a commoner, an archer in the military, conceived while the prince, was in another country, fighting a war

Richard the 3ed was a bastard, not Royal.

There is proof of both.

This means, the old German cow, welfare teat hanger, squatting in the English People’s palace, is a fake!

Harry, is the illegitimate son of a British Army officer, not the pedophile Chinless Charlie’s kid.

However, Harry has more claim to the throne than his fake, Not Grandma, squatting in the palace, because Harry’s mother, was of the rightful blood line.

Why the ole dragon fake queen married Chinless Charlie off to Lady Di, to get the true bloodline in her Grandchildren, of which only Willian is her Grandchild.

These are some of the most racist ass holes in the world, for all of their being fake.

If Harry, stood a snow balls chance in hell of ever taking the throne, he would never have been allowed to marry a women who was half black.

Now, seeing Royal weddings are the vogue, i am considering marring off my Head of Intelligence Service, here at Kingdom Of Carleton, Ramsar, to a Nanny  or sow of his choice.

Preform the wedding myself.

I am Sovereign here at Kingdom of Carleton.

Do any damn thing i want to!

His Royal Highness,
Nobel Protector of
Most High Sovereign of,
Kingdom of Carleton,

King John de Carleton

Author: John C Carleton

Native Texican, American by Birth, Southern by the Grace of God.

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