THIS IS WHAT COUSIN GEORGE, the first cousin of George Washington, THINKS OF THE USA WHICH MURDERED HIM and his cousin Lt. Col. John Augustine Washington CSA, the Great Grand Nephew of George Washington. Seems like Washington DC is making war the FATHER OF THE COUNTRIES’S KIN!





General George Patton Pissing in the Rhine, as his great grandfather type Julius Caesar did when reaching and crossing the Rhine.

Family tradition!

Cousin George and cousin John, asked me to speak for them as they cannot, having been murdered by assassination  by USA/WASHINGTON DC.

They both say, PISS ON USA/DC.

Oh yes, Cousin George Washington, the FATHER OF THE COUNTRY, remember him?

Well, he wants me to get a petition going to take his name off that shit hole where them evil baby gang raping degenerate treasonous zionist Cromwellian  sons of Bitches are holed  on the Potomac. Says it is damn well sacrilege to have the Washington name used like a three shekel whore by them mother hunching yankee gentuza pedophile usury spawn of a socially  diseased   one eyed, one legged, drug addict Non semitic Khazarian  street whore.

He wants it renamed Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac!

Oh Yes, he says as he has gone to Texas, to get away from them thieving mass murdering ass holes, he’d just as soon they furl their Southern  Scotts-Irish American  Texican, Mexican American  Texican, African  American Texican, Viking American Texican,  innocent blood stained shit hole flag, and get the fucking hell out of the occupied Republic of Texas.

He said what the hell are you waiting on?

Did not Know the “FATHER OF THE COUNTRY” could peel paint off the walls with blue words?

Ya need to stop reading that fairy tale  they call “OFFICIAL USA HISTORY BOOKS”,  and learn the real history of America, and those who fought to build a better place for their prodigy.

John C Carleton

The Ole Dog!


Author: John C Carleton

Native Texican, American by Birth, Southern by the Grace of God.

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