Cult Religious Indoctrinations Damn the Childs Souls To A Life Of Evil-NRT


Cult religious teachings about being chosen, special, better than everyone else effects the soul.

Take the evil of the Cromwellian zionist yankee  holier  than thou child gang raping, mass murdering, industrial sized thieving degenerate yankees.

Cromwell, who was evil and insane, taught the Anglo Saxons they were special, chosen by an angry god to rule the world.
They started wars, slaughtered a lot of people,  raped children, finally got kicked out of England, went to Mass. to avoid the crowns punishment for their crimes.

The crown had to come get some of them so they could hang them for their evil.

In Mass, they burned “witches”, ran peaceful Quakers off their land by beating and murdering them.

Then they spread out to New York, Pennsylvania, and surrounding colonies, stealing what the others had labored to build.

Along the way, as their god was a false god, they figured that out, they left all but the name “christianity” behind, ran off after Red Bolshevik communism and such.

But even though they rejected their  “god”, they still believe the god they don’t believe in, chose them to rule the world.

They raped the Southern Countries, then raped the natives, massacred them, them took their mass murder and subjugation od non Chosen people, on the road to the world, collaborating with the other bunch of “chosen” mass murderers and child rapist, the Non Semitic Khazarian Russians.

Now, today, the Ango -Saxon, who despised the not pure blood Irish, Scotts, African Americans, have been over run with all cultures and religions of people.

The people, who were from different countries, adopted the “chosen” better than anyone else attitude, became evil asses glorying  in child rape, mass murder and theft on an industrial scale, although the original Comwellian cult members despised the new comers and their culture..

The “Bad Blood” newcomer  souls were corrupted.

They adopted the evil; of a people who looked down on them as dogs, and now look down on others as dogs, because being born in yankee witch burning and child raping territory, gives them the right to rape children, mass murder others, and steal everything they can.

The “god’ none of them believes in., said they could!

John C Carleton

The Ole Dog

Author: John C Carleton

Native Texican, American by Birth, Southern by the Grace of God.

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