Texas mass shooting survivor lobbies Congress for less gun control

Since surviving a 1991 mass shooting at a Luby’s in Killeen, Suzanna Gratia Hupp has lobbied for looser gun control laws that she says could have allowed her to save the 23 victims, including both of her parents.

“I reached for the gun in my purse on the floor next to me,” Hupp told a congressional committee Wednesday during a hearing on the economic costs of gun violence. She recounted the moments after the killer, George Hennard, crashed his pickup into the restaurant where she was eating with her parents and opened fire. “But then I realized that a few months earlier I had made the stupidest decision of my life. My gun was 100 yards away, dutifully left in my car to obey the law because at that time in the state of Texas, carrying a handgun was illegal.”

Hupp’s campaign to ease restrictions on guns has spanned several decades. She won a seat in the Texas House, where she served for 10 years. On Wednesday, she told her story during a hearing of the Joint Economic Committee.

Hupp, a chiropractor, was invited by fellow Republicans, and she focused her testimony on what she called “the high cost of gun control.”

Few GOP members of the committee attended the hearing, which lasted nearly two hours. Democrats used the opportunity to make their case for strengthening background checks for gun purchases and passing “red flag” laws that let law enforcement seize firearms from people deemed dangerous. The Texans on the panel, both Republicans — Sen. Ted Cruz and Rep. Kenny Marchant of Coppell — did not attend.



Good gal with a gun: Texas woman kills armed robbery suspect that assaulted her with a bat

Dead criminals do not cost taxpayers money for lawyers/prison, and they never reoffend, in this life anyway.

John C Carleton



The manager of a drive-in movie theater in Hockley, Texas, shot and killed a man who allegedly attempted to rob the business, local news reported.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office said a second suspect remains on the run after he fled the scene at the Showboat Drive-In, about 40 miles northwest of Houston, around 2:30 a.m. local time Monday.

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez told reporters that the manager and another employee were cleaning and shutting down the theater for the night when they heard suspicious noises, according to CW39 Houston.

Gonzalez said the two women were alone upstairs and heard rummaging noises coming from downstairs. After going to investigate, they found one male suspect, who was apparently hiding in a closet.

“They ordered the male out, the male did comply, and it appeared that he was possibly armed with a knife,” Gonzalez said. “At that point, they began giving him verbal commands, and the male exited the location and took off without incident.”

But then second male suspect appeared, who may have been hiding in a closet or restroom, Gonzalez said. The second male was allegedly partially masked, wearing gloves and armed with a baseball bat.

Police said the manager claimed the second man attacked her with a bat, and she was forced to defend herself.

“She did retrieve a weapon that she had on her person and fired, striking the male,” Gonzalez said. “The male has been confirmed deceased at the scene.”



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John C Carleton

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