The Four Horsemen Have Left The Gate-NTR

That which is has tried, and tried again-
To send messengers to the human sheep their ways to mend-

Each and every time the messenger has stood alone-
Before the sheep murdered the messenger and partied on-

The jackal bend the herd animals ear to the alluring tune-
Of self gratification, perverted desires, written in Rune-

Of which the sheep can not understand the meaning of-
Herds of cowards, without honor, without truth, without true Love-

When they pray for deliverance from their magnitude of evil-
The ones sent to guide them to safety the sheep label as not “civil”.

The raw and bleeding truth is too much for faint hearts to see-
So they murder the messenger, then wonder why a savior was not sent to be-

The sacrificial lamb so they can party on without regret-
So they can in abandon eat their cake, but have it yet

Protected from the harsh winds of karma and evil birds come home to roost-
So without reservation, but sadly, the Four Horsemen were turned loose-

The ole dog!

Cowering In The Grave They Dug Them Selves, The American Sheeple Expired-NRT

Cowering In The Grave They Dug ThemSelves, The American Sheep Expired-
Bleating frantically, in their own piss and Poop softened pen mired-

Smelly stupid herd animals, with illusions of balls of brass-
Who sold their American birthright for a cold six-pack, and a warm piece of ass-

They turned each other in, to the rich oppressors “law”-
Then as their own ass was in turn was dragged away said, why this beats all i ever saw-

Taking Uncle Sugars pedophilic dick square up their ass each day-
As some kind of charm, payment due, to keep the zionist swine  at bay-

Sneaking quietly as they can through their misery of existence-
Never looking left or right, trudging slowly forward in pitiful subsistence-

They marched in lockstep to the zionist pedophile pied piper’s song-
Not even rebelling when they saw their lambs used like pop-cycles, on zionist diseased dongs-

In the end, the doors which said left and right at the far side of the pen-
Just in side the slaughterhouse became one path again-

They dug their own graves like the ball-less cowards they had become-
They knelt and begged for quick death from  the hand holding the whip and gun-

And when they were gone, the land was still there, awaiting a better people-
Something a few steps up from the cowardly American sheeple.

The Ole Dog!

American Empire-Abbeville Istitute

A review of American Empire: A Global History (Princeton, 2018) by A.G. Hopkins

From the beginning, America has been a house divided. As Andrés Reséndez details in The Other Slavery: The Uncovered Story of Indian Enslavement in America, the North American continent has, since long before the arrival of Europeans, been a place of dominion and servitude. The influx of whites led to the banding of the landmass into Spanish, French, and English territories, all intermixed with Natives and their variegated ways. The Spanish and French, riven by internal divisions both colonial and domestic, eventually quit North America. The English remained, but if anything the seed of Albion was just as conflicted as the other Europeans and the hundreds of indigenous tribes.

Very broadly, there developed two main cultures on the eastern North American seaboard. In the South, a civilization of cultivation, of the soul and of the social person, where the harder facts of human existence were worked into a rich brocade of cultural tradition. A hierarchy embraced both the good and the bad of life, and a care for place and ancestry tempered, or sometimes exacerbated, social ills. In the North, a hardscrabble utopianism born of a denuded Protestantism, a Puritan faith that boiled off like a liquified gas, taking with it reliance on God and leaving in its place reliance on man. The Unitarianism of the North reflected the flatness of the Northern imagination. There was no civilizational room for diversity. Everything, as a famous northern political leader once opined, had to be either all one way, or all the other.

Over the course of many centuries, these two American cultures grew apart, even as the business of disassociating themselves from their imperial progenitor drove them together, and the lines between them hardened. The side that believed itself to be destined by God to transform the world in its own image (the side whose forebears had declared, even before boarding the ship that would take them to Massachusetts Bay, that they had been chosen to be the city upon the hill of which Christ had spoken in the Sermon on the Mount) eventually insisted that things be all their own way, and no one else’s. The Leveler instinct was unleashed on the South, and a profoundly complex culture was “reconstructed” to suit the tastes of the ascendant Yankee empire.

Today, the ineptly-named Washington, DC (whose namesake was an anti-imperialist Southerner) straddles the globe, throwing its weight around from Baghdad to Taipei, and from Ottawa to Johannesburg. Those who seek the origins of the Yankee empire often disagree as to when it began, but many agree that the United States of America is, indeed, an imperial power. The details of this empire have been written about in a host of other volumes. Recently, for example, gifted American historian Bill McClay has told the story of how America slowly changed from being a gathering of cultures to a being a single nation-state. James Ronald and Walter Donald Kennedy’s excellent Yankee Empire lists many—but, astoundingly, nowhere near all—of this empire’s many sins. Noam Chomsky, Edward Said, William Appleman Williams, and Chalmers Johnson have helped flesh out the rest, but much of the enormity of the Yankee empire remains to be told.

One of the mainstays of the Yankee empire’s episteme is the belief in its own exceptionalism. “American exceptionalism” is a Stalinist moniker, to be sure, but long before the Soviet Union, northern Americans—such as those who prided themselves on the biblical nature of a city they had not yet built in a land they had not yet been to—thought of themselves as uniquely called to effect heaven on earth. This assurance of predestination has colored nearly everything the Yankee empire has done, from the forced assimilation of Native Americans in concentration camps and the internment of Japanese Americans behind barbed wire to the “liberation,” by bullet, bomb, and bayonet, of the Moros, the Cubans, the Okinawans, the Iraqis, and more. It is because Yankees see themselves, and their empire, as exceptional that they are willing to make exceptions to the rules and exempt their imperium from the usual historical processes by which so many other empires have risen and collapsed.

Now, from esteemed English historian A.G. Hopkins, comes a new book, American Empire, which begins from a very different place than belief in American exceptionalism. The opposite place, in fact. For Hopkins, America is not a separate country so much as an extension of the British Empire, operating under the same logic of empire that both goads and plagues all other empires, and not even really an independent entity until very late in the imperial game. The Kennedys’ Yankee Empire is the unsettling of Yankee ambition from the viewpoint of the Confederacy; Hopkins’ American Empire is the unsettling of Yankee ambition from the viewpoint of Whitehall. In both books we find, not an exceptional imperial project, but a rather lackluster one. The American empire is nothing particularly special, but rather a variation on a theme as old as human history itself.


San Diego State University Normalizes Pedophilia As A “Sexual Orientation”

The occupied Republic of Texas’s children are for nurturing, not raping.

Kalifornia spawn of zionist baby raping and mass murdering yankee, get the hell out of Texas!

John C Carleton

San Diego State University is teaching students that pedophilia could merely be considered to be an alternative “sexual orientation.”

“An actual topic we discussed in class today at a State University after watching an 8 minute Vice News video showcasing self identified pedophiles. This is going to be mainstreamed,” tweeted Alex Mazzara.

The photo shows a presentation slide entitled ‘Pedophilia as a Sexual Orientation’.


An actual topic we discussed in class today at a State University after watching an 8 minute Vice News video showcasing self identified pedophiles. This is going to be mainstreamed.

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It suggests that embracing pedophilia as an alternative sexual orientation could be part of the “acceptance of diverse sexual identities.”