Tying America to the Whipping Post!-NRT

Maybe a year or so back, i identified a pattern, in “news ” stories.

i see patterns, where others  do not. i am sure i am not the only one sees patterns, or this trend, but it is few and far between, who read between the lines.

This is a deliberate attack on America and Americans,  in no way an accident or  by chance.

There is a deliberate hand behind the chain of stories, which gets put out again, again and yet again!  Same zionist crimes, placed at the feet of the American sheep!


Bad America!

Now, first off, the USA/UNITED STATES/WASHINGTON DC, is not the same thing as America, never has been, never will be.

Washington DC,/USA, is a foreign for profit sub corporation of the British Empire, which is just the old robber baron Dutch East India Company, rebranded.

The USA/WASHINGTON DC, is not the only crime cabal masquerading as a government, which has done horrible things, but the USA, is right up there with the worst offenders.

When the current Constitution”  was forced on Americans, the Constitution, became the document by which the hard fought freedom was stolen, and slavery reimposed.

Some of the Southern States, did not find all the criminal acts Washington DC/USA was doing as legal, and did not see themselves as slaves!

In response to Americans daring to declare themselves as free men,  Free of WASHINGTON DC/USA, WASHINGTON DC /USA, invaded/slaughtered/raped/burned, tortured, robbed the Southern people, until they could resist slavery to USA/WASHINGTON DC. no more.

From 1865 onward, WASHINGTON DC/USA, located on the banks of the Potomac, in Sodom and Gomorrah, the evil ones have done what the hell they wanted to, and Americans have been slaves, used as sexual party favors, cannon fodder, and Usury debt slaves.

The  type of ass wipes which gravitate to the Pedophile capital of DC, being sorry, greedy, corrupt, could not keep their hands out of the bribe and pedophile cookie jars, so they are currently, and have been from at least 1967, firmly blackmailed!  Nothing more than a hand puppet for the little illegal crime cabal of Israhell to do with as they will, sending Americans to fight, murder and die, in zionist wars of aggression, invasion, occupation.

Yet, article after article, is trumpeted to the world, not as look what Israhell is doing, or blackmailing the USA to do, but, “BAD AMERICANS!”.

Not only is there article after article, with BAD AMERICANS, these same articles do not in anyway, mention, USA, which is evil, don’t get me wrong, but is doing only doing what the Israhell cabal is blackmailing/bribing the USA prostitutes to do.

The Articles are not screaming, BAD Israhell!!, BAD USA!!, but BAD AMERICANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is a reason for that.

The American souls, are to be brainwashed into thinking they deserve to be Punished, Severely!, for being BAD AMERICANS!

The Rest of the world, is to be given America as a whipping boy, for the sins of Israhell/Rothrats/British Anglo zionist Empire.

At some point, after America is safely tied to the whipping post, Nitwityahoo and a couple of less popular zionist terrorist in the Israhell crime cabal will be thrown to the dogs, and all the evil of Israhell, from 1947 to present, will be blamed on this bunch.

With America tied to the whipping post, to satisfy the sheep’s demands, someone must pay, Israhell will be presented to the world, as a warm, nice, humanity loving, sweet, bunch of people, living in a land,  finally without those evil, heathen,  Palestinians.

The Usury bankers, will move on to the next host country to suck dry, and use their military for the benefit of the little crime cabal.

Probably Russia.

Russia, which has a history of rape, slaughter, murder, oppression, is being presented as a “christian”country, of happy virgin girls and abstaining until marriage boys, happy families, the savior of humanity, from the BAD AMERICANS!

The Russian orthodox church is being sold as the Voice of God, and Putin, the 2nd coming of Jesus the Christ, all compleat bull shit of course.

Russia has a bloody history of evil and murder.

Putin is a KGB man, and in bed with the evil of Israhell.

The Russian Orthodox Church, is cheering Putin on in his affair with Israhell, which is a crime cabal full of Pedophiles!

So, Russia is not the home of Jesus the Christ’s Christianity, Putin is in bed with a Holocausting pedophile, and the Russian people are ignorant sheep, just like the ignorant American sheep.

The American sheep have collaborated with the evil of zionism, but so has every other damn country’s sheep out there.

That is why, i point out again and again, on these BAD AMERICAN!, propaganda pieces,  America, and the USA are not, never have been, never will be the same thing.

USA is in bed with the same Holocausting pedophiles Russian is in bed with, or at least Moscow and Putin are.

Sheep, are sheep!

i may be a big Lizard, but i am an American big Lizard!

I will be damned, if i will allow, America, and Americans, to become the whipping boy of and for zionist crimes, alone, without one hell of a fight!

Both Earth changes, cyclical, and economic cataclysm, are coming to America.

The earth changes are natural, the economic storm coming to America, is not!

The economic storm, will be a result of over 100 years of the Not Federal, No Reserves, and not a bank, stealing  from Americans and America, inflating the fiat currency, which they forced as a “trade dollar”, on the rest of the world, through economic blackmail, backed up with bombings and invasions.

Americans need to understand two things.

One, the Empire, was never for or About America or Americans.

Two, If America is to survive, the dream at least, the Empire MUST DIE!

There is no other way.

And Americans, need to stop thinking of themselves as USA citizens, and start thinking of themselves as Free Americans, Living on the Face of the Land of North America!

It is not an accident, America is on her knees!

The USA/WASHINGTON DC, knocked her to her knees, and holds her down, while Israhell has it’s way with her.

I am an American, the enemies of America are my enemies.

What are you?

John C Carleton

Author: John C Carleton

Native Texican, American by Birth, Southern by the Grace of God.

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