Some Thoughts On The Republic of Texas, Occupied-NRT

i originally called for Texas secession.

i have decided, this is an inappropriate action.

When the Confederacy surrendered, and was no more, Texas automatically, reverted back to The Republic of Texas, occupied.

In order for secession to be the solution, the Republic of Texas, would have had to voluntarily rejoined itself, with the Criminal US.

This did not happen, besides the fact Lincoln

killed the American Revolutionaries Volunteer Union and Constitution replacing it with a Soviet Styled Marxist Mandatory Military Dictatorship thinly disguised as a constitutional republic. which in currency a for profit corporation listed on Dunn & Bradstreet.

After ten years of robbery, rape and theft, at the hands of the occupying US troops, the Criminal USA, at the point of the occupying troops weapons, and under threats from yankee kangaroo courts, forced a vichy collaboration “state” government on the occupied Republic of Texas.

The occupiers did not remove their occupation troops, then ask the Republic of Texas if they would like to piss on their sovereignty, and become slaves of Washington DC.

This makes any and all contracts, constitutions, null and void.

Basic Law 101:
Any contract entered into because of force, threats, implied threats, where fraud is involved, or knowledge of certain provisions of the contract, are not revealed to all involved, the contractor is null and void, and does not exist as a force of law.

This mean the “constitution”, the Vincy “STATE OF TEXAS” corporation, sub corporation of the USA/DC Corporation,is worthless as some toilet paper which has already been used for it’s intended purpose.

That means the Occupation “governmnet” in Austin, are just a bunch of bull shit criminals, still robbing, raping the Republic of Texas, Currently Occupied.
The Enemies of true Texaicans, are seated in Sodom and Gomorrah on the Colorado.

As a result, The Republic of Texas, has been militarily occupied for 159 years and counting.

The Vichy “governor” of Texas, can not seem to sign a bill, telling all these anti-American/Anti-Texas, cities, to keep their fucking hands off of Texas monuments, but he broke his neck signing a bill trying to criminalize boycotting the evil of Israhell.

His grandmother i believe it is, has a distinctive Eastern European from the Steppes of Russia name.

He is now, along with his “Lt. governor”, threatening to steal Texaicans firearms, their means of self defense from the hordes of illegal criminals Austin forces on Texicans, and run amuck, violent “public servants”.

Think that run away “public Servant” thing is why they want to steal Tecxicans weapons of defense.
They don’t want Texicans defending themselves from their true enemies.

I remind you, a little bit of violating your Rights and freedoms, just a little bit of gun control, is like a women being just a little bit raped, or just a little bit  pregnant.

If the yankee zionist sons of bitches in Sodom and Gomorrah on the Colorado, don’t like Texaican ways, there are roads going North, and Roads going South, out of the Occupied Republic of Texas, and like a prostitute, under their “government”, a U-Haul can be had on damn near any street corner in Texas.

See Ya!

Therefore, Secession is not the proper action.

A new provisional, Republic of Texas, government will have to be reconstituted, based on the 1836 Republic of Texas constitution.

This Government, will have but one function.

To write an appeal to the world at large, for the return of the Republic of Texas’s sovereignty, and her freeing from her oppressor, the evil sub corporation of the foreign British Empire, the USA.

Any such articles, can not be addressed to any North American Government, as no legal such “government exist.
The US is the oppressor itself, meaning any such appeal, addressed to the USA, is asking the pimp for the sex slaves freedom.

Just ain’t going to work.

Voting will be restricted to persons who’s ancestors were in Texas, before the surrender of the confederacy, in 1865, as all others came in under the guns of the occupiers, and are not legal Republic of Texas souls.
Also, no one, right ancestry or not, registered to vote in the Vichy “State” of Texas occupation “government”, will be eligible to vote in the Provisional Republic of Texas Government actions.

A man, can serve only one master.
If one is collaborating with the enemy, sure as hell don’t need them trying to betray real Republic of Texas souls.

The Provisional Government, will in no way, try to print or mint money, elect Peace officers, or in another way, give the occupiers an excuse to murder, kidnap and hold for ransom, those Republic of Texas souls taking part.

This will be ONLY, a vehicle to appeal to the world at large, for the end of the Military occupation of the Republic of Texas, and the forcing of Anti-American, Anti-Texas damn yankee and foreign gentuza on the Republic of Texas.

One must start somewhere, and one does not want to give the occupation forces, the least excuse to do what they are best at, violence in order to keep power.

It is a process which must happen before any other steps are to be take.

Author: John C Carleton

Native Texican, American by Birth, Southern by the Grace of God.

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