Natural Law is Gods Law, And, Trump, Occupation ‘governor, And Lt.. governor”, Of The Occupying Of The Republic Of Texas, Crime Cabal In Sodom and Gomorrah On The Colorado Are Street Walkers For Israhell.

Natural Law is Gods Law.

Man’s law is subservient to Gods Law.

In the case, man’s law violates or tries to over rule Gods Law, man’s law becomes as dung beneath the feet of God!

He gets tired of wiping the Botton of his feet trying  to get the dung of evil adulterated “mans law”, off his feet!


Trump is an Israhell Bitch.

The occupation “governor, Lt. governor” of the occupying Corporate sub corporation of the occupying USA Corporation, are Israhell Bitches.

Real Texican care about Texas.

Real Texicans,  don’t give a flying trapeze about Israhell.

What is good for Israhell, is bad for Texas.

Real Americans, care about America!

What is good for Israhell, is bad for America.

Real Americans don’t give a flying trapeze about Israhell.

The right to defend ones life, family, and personal property, did not come from the USA, or the Evil forced upon free men who fought the British for freedom, constitution.

The present “constitution”, was not fought for by Americans, it was not fought under, it was a Empire building document making free men slaves again, just to USA/DC this time, not a fat king and the British Empire.
The constitution tries to make slaves to DC of all Americans.
USA/DC/Israhell/zionist, do not believe Slaves  have the right of self defense.

The right of self defense, is from God or Nature, whichever name you want to use.
God law, or Natural law, is above mans law, (the constitution), and man’s law, does not dictate to , or overrule, Gods Law.

This means trump is an evil ass trying to make slaves of Americans for the benefit of the Pedophillic, Usury, world war starting, thieving, murdering, lying, despicable Ratschilds, who own and run Israhell.

The zionist puritan USA soldier  yankee SOB’s raped. robbed, stole, burned, murdered their way across the South, have in a war crime, by military force, occupied the American Countries.

At this point, the old illegal constitution was replaced with another illegal, but a look alike constitution by Abraham Lincoln, which further tried to make slaves of all Americans.

This means the American souls are twice removed from any legal document holding the Independent Sovereign, but currently  occupied by lies and force, Counties together as one unit.

If the other countries wish to remain slaves to pedophile, (baby raping and murdering) Rats, Fine.
I am A Texican, it is not fine for Rats and their Minions to be in The Occupied Republic of Texas.

Their “law” is occupation law, which Gods law says is an evil want to be law.

Three Carleton Brothers, died in one day, in one battle, in merry Ole, fighting the puritan Cromwellian evil there.

The evil  followed us to America, went to yankee land.

The witch burning, baby gang raping, thieving, lying, degenerate evil zionist yankee,  just will not keep their evil to themselves in yankee land. The Evil Which Is Sodom And Gomorrah on the Potomac,  wants to force their Satanic child raping and murdering evil  on the whole damn world.

MY  ancestors were with cousin  George Washington, at Valley Forge.

With cousin Jackson’s forces at the Battle of New Orleans.

With  cousin Lee’s forces tryin g to stop the yankee gang raping and murdering Southern Children.

With Cousin Taylors forces in the Trans Mississippi. when he tried to stop them brave yankees from hanging that 11 year old boy in Washington County Arkansas, trying  to force him to tell where non existent money was buried!

One GG grandfather was with the forces took the yankee Surender in San Antonio, guarded San Antonio until organization returned.

So of Course mayor Pendejoberg and San Antonio City Hall, PISSED on his memory.

Ungrateful  foreign street curs!

John C Carleton

Author: John C Carleton

Native Texican, American by Birth, Southern by the Grace of God.

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