The Ratschild’s Frantic Attempt To Get African Americans and European Americans At Each Others Throat, OR:, The RothsRats Divide And Conquer Tactic


The Sewer Rats, are having their paid MSM and “alternative media”, shrill frantic Back vs Whites propaganda pieces in a desperate attempt to keep Americans from  figuring out who their real friends are, and who their real enemies are.

If a person, is an ass hole, or a good person, depends  on the baggage the soul brought with it, from it’s former life.

That and the indoctrination it receives as a child.

Many are indoctrinated with evil shit as a child and reject the evil.

Indoctrination is not a valid excuse.

There are good folks in every town, city, country in the world.

They may the damn few at times, but there  will always be good, caring, helping hand humans, because that is where they are on their pilgrimage, no matter the shade of their Pigmentation.

But for the Rats to Rule, Humanity must be divided.

This Black plus White propaganda is running into trouble, as folks of different pigmentations,  are starting to notice they don’t fit into either designation, color is just not right.

So for those Rats minions trying to force a Black Vs White war on society, I know even with the pedophillic Rats stolen through murder and Usury wealth, buying the whole box of crayons, just to get the black ones, and the white ones, throwing all the other shades in the trash gets expensive, so I got a couple links to Black and White Bulk packages  of crayons.

Cheeper that way, less waste.

John C Carleton


Author: John C Carleton

Native Texican, American by Birth, Southern by the Grace of God.

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