The United States 1754 – 1863

On April 25th 1863 Lincoln bankrupted a commercial company known as the original United States.

Prior to this, Lincoln had formed a Delaware Corporation doing business as The United States of America, Inc. in order to continue to keep the wheels of government moving following the departure, on March 27th 1861, of eleven congressional delegates that represented the Southern States, an action which forcefully adjourned congress without having established a future date to re-convene.

The United States of America, Inc. would claim to be a successor to the commercial company known as the United States; however, there was never any contract binding the original United States to any successor corporation. Lincoln essentially substituted his corporation as a successor trustee with the remaining members of congress acting as a corporate Board of Directors.

On April 24th 1863, Lincoln issued General Order 100 placing the Grand Army of the Republic in charge of the fate of the nation and then on April 25th 1863, Lincoln bankrupted the original United States.

By the time the Armistice is signed in April 1865, war had ravaged the country. The Southern States were in ruins and under military occupation and the Northern States were bankrupt. With the original Congress of the Constitution having been dissolved and replaced by a “Congress” acting as a corporate Board of Directors operating a private, for-profit, commercial corporation called The United States of America, Inc., the period of 1867 – 1868 and the passing of the Reconstruction Acts were a time of great deceit.

The corporate “Congress” engaged in the creation of five military districts in ten Southern States and allowed the military district commanders to appoint “judges” to run civil tribunals, essentially creating a form of law called “Special Admiralty” which is not and has never been authorized by the constitution. To this day the identification of this court is to be found by the presence of a gold fringed Stars and Stripes with the judge acting as the “captain” or “master” of the ship or enclave.

In 1868, this same corporate “Congress” proceeded to publish its corporate articles as a deceptive look-alike and sound-alike constitution. The title was purposefully given a similar name to the original constitution. Where the original constitution by the founding fathers was called “The Constitution for the united States of America” (the lower-case ‘u’ is intentional), the new document was called the “Constitution of the United States of America” and it was written in similar tone and language as the original.

With this new corporate charter, the articles and by-laws of this new commercial corporation no longer required any ratification of amendments by the states. This paved the way for the unratified Fourteenth Amendment to be born into law by a simple proclamation of it having been passed in 1868.

The Fourteenth Amendment was designed to establish the underlying debt of the Government to the international bankers. From then on, every person born was born into private corporate limited liability as a corporate entity called a “citizen of the United States” and the banks established maritime salvage liens against every man, woman, child, all land, and every business in America (see: We the Subjects).


The US Is A Foreign Corporation, The Enemy of Americans, & The yankee States Which Helped Murder, Rape & Subjugate The Southern People Can Kiss My Ass

My bed pan, with a quarter for every yankee state and the district of Columbia, which helped rape, rob, slaughter, and enslave my Land and People, along with the crime boss Lincoln, who ramrod the evil. plus the treasonous to America yankees, Eisenhower and FDR.

The US, is a sub Corporation of the evil British Empire.
They US robbed, raped, murdered my people, occupied their lands, have lied for 159 years of Why they in a War Crime, invaded, attcked, slaughtered the Southern People.

If you say it was to end slavery, you are ignorant of truth and real History.
Or a damn yankee lying son of a bitch!

I have had it, with self rigatonis yankees who are ignorant of the truth of that war, the horrible crimes against innocent people.

The yankee sons of bitching war criminal generals themselves warned the War criminal Lincoln, when he declared the Southern slaves free, The Emancipation Proclamation, (but neglected to free the Norther slaves he had the ability to actually free), he had better make damn sure the yankee war criminal troops, knew it was only a war time attempt to start a slave revolt in the south, get slave murdering, raping European American southern folk, (thats exactly what Lincoln was trying to do, get Southerners raped, murdered), to draw troops off, make it easier to win the war.
He did not care at all the slaughter of of revolting slaves if they had gone for his carrot, helped him in his war crimes.

They told him, if the troops get the least idea they are fighting to free ni^ers, they will desert.
And many did.

The damn yankee, did not live it, so they do not know, how the yankee invader, dealing with simple people, mostly uneducated, just freed, used them, to cause the Southern man all kinds of grief, using and putting the former slaves up to doing things which served the yankees desire to make the Southern peoples lives hell for fighting back when attacked, and turned a Southern people who considered Souther African American their people, against the African Americas, as the yankee turned the African American against the Southern European American.
When the yankee sees down south, some racist ass hole, be they African American or European American, strife between the people of the South, that Racism is there because of the Bull Shit the Yankee did during the first ten years of occupation, before they pretended the occupation was over.

Not saying slavery was wonderful.
Just remember ignorant, uneducated to facts and real history yankees, the same time being a slave sucked for the African American down South, it sucked for the yankees slaves, probably worse as most puritan yankees have always been very racist against the African American, as well as the Southern Scott-Irish who were not “pure blooded” “chosen” by “God” Anglo-Saxons, even when they stopped believing in God!
Some of their states which were not slave states any longer, had laws which forbid African Americans an from entering their State.

The reason the yankee did not want the Western territories to be slave states, is the yankee, like Lincoln, did not want to live around African Americans, and if they went slave, African Americans WOULD BE BROUGHT TO THE WESTERN TERRITORIES.

Prolific liars also.

Other than not wanting to let the wealth of the Southern people get away from their federal coffers, the main reason they invaded the South, was the Confederacy controlled the Mouth of the Mississippi, therefore trade all up and down the Mississippi.
Which is about money and control.

I have a two volume set of yankee newspaper editorials, 1860-1861.
Very few of the editorial were about slavery.
A hell of a lot of them were about the USA would NEVER allow a foreign country, the Confederacy, control the mouth of the Mississippi.

The yankee war criminal Sherman, in a letter stated, he would never allow the mouth of the Mississippi to leave the control of the USA, and he would murder millions to keep it for the USA.
He said if that was Mad, then he was quiet Mad, as he damn well meant it!

The South with control of the mouth of the Mississippi, could now instead of being forced to send their money to the yankee States, charge the USA a fee for anything entering or leaving the mouth of the Mississippi.

The yankee has never thought turn about was fair play, so they invaded, based on secession, not slavery.
There was slavery in some of the USA’s States until months after the war was over, who did not get freed till the 13th amendment.

If you are going to lie about why the USA in a war crime, slaughtered damn near a half million people, abolishing slavery sounds better in a victors history book, than the USA slaughtered a half million people to steal/ control the wealth of the South, the mouth of the Mississippi, and the Confederacy.

Remember, secession was not viewed as illegal, till Lincoln wanted war and the yankee magically decided it was illegal.

In fact when Jefferson Davis was arrested after the war, the yankee war criminals wanted to try him for treason, for being the president of the Confederacy.

The better legal minds in the war criminal USA crime cabal, realized, if Jefferson Davis was brought to a court of Record, charged, he would be able to do discovery, prove to the world the USA illegally attacked a foreign nation, using the lie of the illegality of secession, as the Constitution recognized, as did the yankee states. session as legal before they decided it was illegal, to do their war crimes against the Southern Souls and Countries.

Mass. threatened to secede in time of the War of 1812, 49 years before the Southern Staes did what Mass. threatened to do so.
And would not send their Militia troops to help stop the British from burning Washington DC.
A freak storm put out the fires.

Yet, the puritan zionist State of Mass, was the ring leader in attacking the Southern countries for doing what they threatened to do 49 years earlier.

Lincoln was a racist atheist who hated/ despised African American, wanted to ship them back to Africa so they did not contaminate, “white” society.,

“From: A Confederate Primer, by John S. Tilley.

The Emancipation Proclamation bears date January 1, 1863. It so happened that on Augaust 14, 1862, less than five months before, there was an interesting conference at the White House. By invitation of Mr. Lincoln, a group of free negros was there to hear his words of wisdom. Amoung other matters he discussed his purpose to colonize “people of African decent.” Those present must have sat wide eyed as they listened to his estiment of their race. The following is what they heard:

“Why should people of your race be colonized, and where? Why should they leave this country? This is perhaps the first question for proper consideration.

You and we are different races. We have between us a broader difference than exist between other races. Whether it is right or wrong, I need not discuss; but this physical difference is a disadvantage to us both, as I think your race suffers very greatly, many of them, by living among us, while ours suffer from your presence. In other words, both sides suffer. on each side.

If this is admitted, it affords a reason at least, why we should be separated.

You here are freemen, I suppose. Perhaps you have long been free, or all your lives.
Your race is suffering, in my judgement, the greatest wrong inflicted on any people.

But even when you cease to be slaves, you are far removed from being placed on an equality with the white race. The Aspirations of men’s to enjoy equality with the best when free, but on this broad continent not a single man of your race is made the equal of a single man of ours.”

The above is quoted solely to acquaint you with what Mr. Lincoln saw fit to say on that occasion.”

The USA’s invasion of the Confederacy, was a War Crime, based on illegal actions, by the bi-sexual, manic depressive, railroad shyster lawyer, atheist War Criminal.
The atheist hypocrite Lincoln who used puritan religious rhetoric, to get self righteous yankees to murder Southerners, for profit was an evil son of a yankee bitch liar and war criminal.

Lincolns’s own brother in laws, when he offered them high positions in the criminal yankee war machine, told  him to go to hell, went, fought, died defending freedom from an evil invading force, sent by their own sister’s homosexual  excuse for a husband.

Then the evil child gang raping sons of bitches, the murdering thieves, have occupied in a War crime, Justified by lies, the formally Sovereign Southern Countries which are now militarily, still in a war crime, occupied by the war criminal USA

Any half ass legal mind understands the fruit of the poison tree, is poison.

You can not in war crimes, invade a foreign Land, slaughter it’s people, rape their women and children, burn everything, then just because you won and can lie like a puritan self righteous lawyer, banker or politician, the USA’s lies does not suddenly make it right, legal and just.

Not even 158 years later.

That said.

I don’t give a flying trapeze about yankees, Washington DC, yankee states, their lies or illusions.
My dead, raped kin, 154 years of slavery, cry out for justice!

At least for the evil war criminal USA, to admit to their pedophile rape, theft, mass murder, lies, occupation, terrorist crimes, and earnestly begging forgiveness of the Southern Souls.
Time to end the Military occupation of the South, stop shipping trash yankees and third wold peoples into the occupied states, remove their occupying Vincy “state governments”.

I will help if I can, the Countries surrounding the Republic off Texas, currently occupied by lying dog yankees.

I am Texican, the Republic of Texas is my homie, my country.

Unless asked for assistance in some way, none of my business what the other countries do, as long as they do not transgress aginst the Republic of Texas.

Now soon as Texicans can kick the evil occupying War Criminal corporation for profit, the, USA out, then Texicans going to have to clean up the mess the damn yankee occupying carpetbagger scum have made of my Country, Texicans land!

The USA Empire, which is actually part of the foreign RothsRat run evil of the British Empire, is dying.

The question now is, will the economy tank, before or after the illusions of elections, for the already picked Rats minion, whether it be Trump again, or a new Rats minion.

Not a recession, talking the fake dollar dying, crops failures, Hospitals shutting down, local corporate “governments” going broke, mass shut down of business, and if the Rats get their way, eternal slavery for the American souls on the RothsRats American Slave Plantation.

So understand me, if I do nothing, if True Texicans do nothing, the USA will die anyway, perhaps a long drawn out hard death, but it will die.

All Empires, throughout history die.

All fiat currencies eventually return to their intrinsic value, nanda, nothing, zero, Zero, 0.

The fake, counterfeit printed money, (it is not money, it is currency, thats why it is fake money), today in buying power, is worth about one cent of a pre fed, 1913 dollar.

First the Usury banks took USA off the gold standard in 1933, then off the silver standard in 1964, (1964 the last circulated real money in USA), silver quarters, dimes, half dollars, and a silver certificate green back paper money, which could be exchanged at any bank, for face value in silver coinage.

That .99 cents of buying power did not evaporate, it was stolen through planned inflation by the USA and their owners, the Usury “bankers”.

They are coming for that last cent!
They want it too!

For America the Land, to become free again, get cleaned up built back up, morals brought back to the people, USA, the empire, the corporation, the illegal immoral, pedophile baby raping and mass murdering USA, must die!

It is going to die anyway, but the longer the cowardly American sheep help keep it from dying, by committing treason against America, the worse the train wreak will be for America.

If the other 47 occupied States, one other occupied Republic, and one occupied Polynesian Kingdom, want to ride the evil of the pedophillic war criminal, lying, bribe taking, immoral war starting yankee and Khazarian zionist sons of bitches, all the way down till it crashes like a run away train with no brakes, at the end of an steep seven mile downgrade, with a hair pin turn at the bottom, facing a mountain side, fine!
None of my business,.

If however, the sheep, jackals, USA, and other States, Republic and kingdom, try to take the Republic of Texas down with them, Then that is damn well my business.

The Republic of Texas, occupied, has oil, gas, farm land, its own electrical grid, ports.

The Republic of Texas don’t need the rest, the rest need the Republic of Texas.

After the yankees are kicked out, all the illegals who helped take down Texas’s memorials are run out, the Texicans memorials, statues re-erected, Texas cleaned up financially, morally, then if I can help the surrounding Countries, Arkansas, Arizona, New Mexico Louisiana, Oklahoma, then I will try to do my best to help them, as long as they deal in good faith, honestly with The Republic of Texas.

I plan, to start writing the documents, for the reconstitution of the True Republic of Texas Government, Under the 1836 Republic of Texas Constitution.

No plans to initially elect any Peace Officers, print or coin any money, try to physically go against the evil occupying collaboration yankee zionist corporation of the illegal, “State of Texas, USA”.

The zionist yankee carpet bagger, the zionist Khazarian invaders who are blackmailing USA DC politicians with pedophile videos and proof of bribes taken, will come with their guns and murder Texicans, if that is tried first.

Hey, they invaded and murdered Texicans before in war crimes, then occupied.
Sure they would again, they have never owned up to the crimes they did, 1861-1865, then occupation.

First, an appeal to the world at large must be made for the return off the Republic of Texas’s Sovereignty, the removal of the occupying USA’s sub corporation, “The STATE OF TEXAS”.

There is no legal, or legitimate “government” in North America to address the Article of Reconstitution to.

USA, is the evil pimp who kidnaped Lady Texas, holds her captive, pimps her as a prostitute, with the funds going to the USA Corporation and into Usury bankers” pockets.

Asking the evil USA, to please stop occupying the Republic of Texas, is like asking the pimp who holds girls against their will, uses them for prostitutes, to please go alway and let them have their freedom.

Not going to happen.
Might as well piss into strong winds, as to ask the USA to do the right, legal, honorable, truthful thing, release the Republic of Texas from her slavery to the USA pimp corporation.

Any honor the USA had, is long gone!
They seem incapable of telling the truth.
They have not been right for at least 158 years.
The USA is an illegal to America, foreign occupier, and slave master.

The sheep of Rome did not believe Rome would fall until the Hun was raping their women inside Rome, slaughtering Romans, looting Rome.

Most American sheep today, in their self imposed cowardly ignorance Think the USA Empire will last forever.

Bet you a bunch of dead and raped Romans from days past would disagree.

Hell, lot of Americans are so ignorant, they think the USA is a nation, a country, instead of a pedophile’s bastion of Usury, war. rape and evil for power and profit sub corporation of the evil Rat Run British empire.

John C Carleton
American by birth.
Southern by the grace of God.
Texican because Odin Loves his Úlfhéðnar!

The yankee Is A Self Righteous, Ignorant, Holler Than Thou, Spawn of Baby Raping, Mass Murdering Terrorist-NRT

First of all, let it be know, these evil yankee carpetbaggers, were NEVER Southerners or Texicans. There is all the proof needed, Papa CIA BadBush was a serial pedophile. His son Jr., a homosexual who had male prostitutes spend the night at the white house. These two liked to talk about God. Which one I Wonder? The God of baby raping and evil?

Alright self-righteous yankee ass holes! Your God, says himself, I don’t give a shit about the slaves, I am going to violate the Constitution I say I am defending, in every way, to “save” something which never existed.

The Union was never about a central “government” which had the power to subjugate the Sates, and make slaves of all Americans to the USA corporation. Yes, corporation, for profit, a foreign one, not a “government”.

All right self righteous yankee ass holes! The North had slave states the whole damn war, did not free the Northern States slaves until several months AFTER the South was occupied, and no more slaves in the South.
You self righteous ass hole yankees who raped and murdered your way across the south, were merely armed criminals, raiding, pillaging.

The reason the North was forced to free their slaves, after the war, if you lying yankee baby raping bastards, were going to try to hide your war crimes behind a fake illusion of a Holy War to free slaves, instead of just admitting the war was about stealing the Souths wealth, and occupying the South for power and economic reason, then the yankee could not keep their slaves.

So you condescending yankee bastards, shut the fuck up, stop your damn lying, and get the hell out of my Land!
My Country, the occupied, Republic of Texas.

The yankee war criminals, after the Confederacy was defeated, wanted to try Jefferson Davis for Treason.
The smarter heads among the yankee war criminals figured out, if he was charged with treason, in a court of law, this opened up discovery to him in a court of record.

This would allow for him to prove in court, before the eyes of the world, the USA was a war criminal, as he could have proved, using the laws and constitution of the war criminal USA themselves, secession was legal under USA Law.

Therefore the yankee was a war criminal without valid, legal reason one, to invade the South, slaughter over a half million people.

So not being complete dumb asses, the yankee did not charge Davis with Treason. To cover their own crimes, not out of honor or compassion.
The yankee possess neither.

This is self explanatory.
USA, shit on all USA laws, traditions, murdered the union of Sovereign States, and replaced it by power of the sword, with a dictatorship ruled out of the barrel of a gun.

The yankee invaded, based on lies, after wiping their own rancid asses on their own Constitution.
It is clear, even to mentally struggling yankees by this time, the yankee fighting a Holy war to “emancipate” slaves, is yankee bull shit, lies, showing the evil cancers soul of the yankee evil.

I have a two volume set of yankee newspaper editorial, 1860-1861.
The yankee was talking very little about slavery, although the hypocritical yankee had some abolitionist raising hell, they only seemed concerned about the Southern slave, not the Northern Slave.

What the yankee was talking one hell of a lot of about, was how the yankee would never allow the Confederacy, to control the mouth of the Mississippi.
Reminder, few railroads or real land roads during that period.
The rivers were the lifeblood of commerce.
The yankee was willing to fight an illegal, immoral war, slaughter well over half a million Americans, to keep the mouth of the Mississippi in the hands of the yankee war criminal cabal of DC.

Sherman in a letter to another general, flat said he would murder millions to keep the mouth of the Mississippi under the control of the USA.
He did not say a damn thing about murdering to free slaves.

The Southern man was invaded, his children gang raped to death or murdered, wives gang raped/murdered, mothers gang raped/murdered, homes, churches, courthouses, hospitals, seminaries, out houses, farm houses, pig pins, burned, the dead desecrated, grave dug up to rob the dead, bodies thrown on the ground for animals to eat. everything stolen, crops burned, livestock shot.

Remember feeble minded yankee ass holes, I see you tryin g to reinsert you heads up your rancid cavernous, cancerous asses, THE WAR WAS NOT ABOUT SLAVERY.

You hypocritical yankee scum had slaves also, and you did not free your, until, there were not more Southern slaves.

Nuff said!

In other words, the USA/DC yankee scum, are self righteous hypocrites, who murder others, “fixing things”, when they are more evil than those they are Fixing.
Just the yankee has always been a self righteous violent aggressive thief, murderer, oppressor, ever since the evil of Cromwell in England.
The yankee disease was transferred from England, it did not have it’s birth of evil in America.
These criminal minded people, were evil when they got to America.

In the evil, of the diseased yankee mind, the not Pure Blood Scotts-Irish, were a lower life form than the Anglo-Saxon “Chosen” By God yankee, (The God the yankee no longer believed in for the most part).

These yankees, wanted the Scots-Irish off the Land, and the African Americans off the Southern land, because the yankee figured “God” gave it to them, the Pure Blood Chosen People!

Many of the Abolitionist, wanted to ship the African Americas back to Africa, so they did not contaminate “white” society.
It was not the love of the African American which drove the lust and call to war, it was evil yankee greed and cult religion fanaticism.
They just planned on exterminating the Souther man, and they tried.

This is what the evil, child and African American women gang raping to death yankee did.

Evil low life yankee sons of bitches!

A Bi-sexual, Manic depressive, railroad shyster lawyer, a liar, atheist, who used Puritan fanatical cult religious rhetoric, to get self righteous Terrorist to murder Southerns for profit and power

In other words, the Gettysburg Address, is yankee lies, bull shit, used too justify evil criminal war crime acts by the USA yankee scum.
Nothing more, nothing less, than false propaganda to try to justify criminal acts.

Here this self righteous witch burning yankee hypocrite just told you.

The Puritan, is meant by God to rule the lower lifeforms of the mixed race Scotts-Irish, and the lying yankee can use slavery to make the Southern Souls slaves to the Puritan.

In spite of the FACT, Yankees had slaves also.
Truth, facts, never have gotten in the yankees way of doing his evil.

Three war criminals.
Lincoln and Grant sent Sherman to rape those Southern children, rape and murder the mothers, grandfathers and mothers, steal and burn.
He was criminally insane, they knew that.
He had to recover from a nervous breakdown, before he could go slaughter and rape his way across the civilian South.

Grant wanted the civilian slaughter done, but for political purposes, he wanted to keep the actual blood of the slaughter of the Southern Civilians, off his still guiding of the evil, guilty hands.

A criminally insane ass hole, and evil excuse for humanity, who said he would murder millions for the economic prosperity of the yankee USA.

He did not say a damn thing about freeing slaves, Southern slaves, or yankee northern slaves.

A drunk, a failed business man, a murderer, a war criminal.
What “rebellion”.
The Southern Countries, Lawfully as per the guideline of the yankees own USA constitution, exited the same dame union they joined voluntarily.

A self righteous piece of yankee shit.

All one has to do to see the truth of the evil of the yankee, and the honor of the Southern man, is to look at the evil, planned, terrorism of the Southern Civilians by the yankee evil.

Mass rapes, mass slaughters by the criminal yankee.

Then look at Lee telling the soldiers, just because the yankee raped your children, wives, murdered them, burned your home, crops, we are MEN, not yankees, and as MEN, Humans, there are guideline of conduct which God has given mankind.
The yankee robs, rapes and murders.
The Southern man, will not shake his fist in the face of God, violate his rules of conduct.
The Southern man will not become the evil animal the yankee is!

If we were to become the same as the evil yankee, why fight him?
Just join in the evil.

This seems to be what many current “Southerners have done.
This is the evil of the occupation.
Southern children are indoctrinated with yankee evil cancerous to the soul’s spirituality, yankee criminality.

General Order No. 73

The commanding general has observed with marked satisfaction the conduct of the troops on the march, and confidently anticipates results commensurate with the high spirit they have manifested. No troops could have displayed greater fortitude or better performed the arduous marches of the past ten days. Their conduct in other respects has, with a few exceptions, been in keeping with their character as soldiers, and entitles them to approbation and praise. There have been however, instances of forgetfulness on the part of some that they have in keeping the yet unsullied reputation of the army, and that the duties exacted of us by civilization and Christianity are not less obligatory in the country of the enemy than in our own. The commanding general considers that no greater disgrace could befall the army, and through it our whole people, than the perpetration of the barbarous outrages upon the innocent and defenseless and wanton destruction of private property that have marked the course of the enemy in our country. Such proceedings not only disgrace the perpetrators and all connected with them, but are subversive of the discipline and efficiency of the army and destructive of the ends of our present movements. It must be remembered that we make war only on armed men, and that we cannot take vengeance for the wrongs our people have suffered without lowering ourselves in the eyes of all whose abhorrence has been excited by the atrocities of our enemy, and offending against Him to whose vengeance belongeth, without whose favor and support our efforts must all prove in vain. The commanding general therefore earnestly exhorts the troops to abstain, with most scrupulous care, from unnecessary or wanton injury to private property, and he enjoins upon officers to arrest and bring to summary punishment all who shall in any way offend against the orders on this subject.

R E Lee”

God Bless General Robert E Lee!

Yankee invader, GO HOME! 154 years of rape, oppression, theft, lies, murder and occupation, is more than enough.

John C Carleton
Not one drop of evil puritan yankee blood flows in my veins!
Thank God!

As a Texican, The Evils which Goes On In Washington DC, Is None of My Business-That The USA Is Still Occupying My Country, Is Damn Well My Business!-NRT

Travis Park, San Antonio, Republic of Texas, Occupied.
Travis park, before Mayor Pendejoberg and his merry band of Texaican hating RICO ACT violators on “CITY COUNCIL, stole the Confederate memorial, cannons, and a time capsule off of land the City does not own!

Our forefathers, who left their families, went to meet the British Army, with squirrel rifles and old muskets left over from the French Indian wars, they did not go fight for a place called the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
Thats the current commercial corporation farming Americans like cattle.

They did not go to fight for a place called the United States of America.
Thats the illegal corporation the war criminal Lincoln used to steal all power and assets from the united States of America.
Lincoln subjugated his fake constitution for the old constitution, which is close enough to fool most Americans who never study their own damn real history anyway.

They did not fight for a place called the united States of America.
Small u signifying the subjugation of the “federal’ “government”, to the Sovereign States.

The American Patriots, did not fight under or for the constitution Lincoln’s constitution replaced either.

That constitution was forced on free men, after the war, who won their freedom with their blood, years of desperate fighting.
The Usury bankers, Empire builders, shyster lawyers, and aristocratic elites, with the forcing of a constitution on the common man, he did not fight for or under, which stole their newly won freedom from them.

The only legitimate Constitution, was called The Articles of Confederation.
That Constitution recognized the “federal” government, served at the pleasure of the Sates, which were independent Sovereign Countries

It spelled out the States were the master, any Country freely entering into the Union, had the absolute right to exit the Union unhindered, if the Union stopped serving the intreats of the people of the individual country one lived upon the face of.

The United States OF AMERICA, the United States of America, nor the united States of America, have a damn thing too do with my country, the occupied Republic of Texas.

They do not exist any more.

The only thing the evil bunch of baby rapers, bribe takers, blackmailed worn out prostituted bimbos, their male political whore counterparts, who daily commit treason against Americans and America, who hold forth in Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac, the United States OF AMERICA, INTERNATIONAL FOR PROFIT CORPORATION, SUB CORPORATION OF THE EVIL OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE has to do with my country, the occupied by lies and force, Republic of Texas, is as an evil, illegitimate invader and occupier.

Which means I do not give a flying trapeze what happens to DC.
My suggestion is build a tall fence around it, turn it into a landfill for the yankee trasher’s trash.

Every sorry war criminal State which helped Rape, rob, murder, burn, their way across the south, can go to hell as far as I am concerned, the yankee evil, are not my people.

Every piece of dog leavings which entered the occupied Republic of Texas under the guns of the occupier, who helped the yankee occupier rape the occupied Republic of Texas, helped the occupier deface, tare down, dishonor, the Texican’s monuments to their ancestors who died trying to stop the yankee child gang raping to death, burning, robbing, murdering sorry piece of shit sorry degenerate yankee bastards, will need to be cleared out, once the evil bunch of baby rapering, bribe takeing, blackmailed worn out prostituted bimbos, and their male political whore counterparts, who daily commit treason against Americans and America from DC are cleared out.

The Republic of Texas must have returned to her, her freedom from the oppressive child raping degernerate evil of DC.

There is no more Confederacy, and no one wants to refight that war.

The USA empire is dying, but the evil which is the pedophillic evil of DC, is trying to suck every drop of blood, every last cent, out of the occupied countries, in order to keep the evil of DC going a bit longer.

As I have already stated,. DC. can
stand on a street corner and do what she does best, sell her ass to the highest bidder.

I no longer care what happens there.

Not part of my country, my land, my people.

No concern of mine.

Once the countries are all free of the evil of DC, the ones chose to be, then the individual countries, can if they desire ink trade agreements and such, directly through their own governments, without the hindrance or corrupt evil of DC

Get the One Empire USA out of your head, it is an illusion, it is a bad dream.
It was never real!

Only through Individual Sovereignty of the many Countries on the face of North America, can America be healed of the evil puritan disease, which like a cancer, is eating the soul of America and Americans

John C Carleton