WE’RE BACK, AND WE ARE PISSED OFF, Or, Just Plain Tired of yankee Lies

I grew up, the baby boy, of a Texican Southern Baptist minister.
Good man.
Humble man.

Kill you if you tried to harm his family.
Scotts-Irish, with enough Welsh so when he died at 91 years old, he still had jet black hair with a bit of graying at the temples.

There was a couple time, some real trouble was ongoing, saw him preach when i knew that suit coat was covering that Smith & Wesson, Model 10, 38 Special.

Two great great grandfather Revolution war soldiers.
A 3ed and a 4th great grandfather, were also revolution war soldiers.

Lewis Carleton sitting left. Right sitting, his wife Margaret Carleton.
standing, two nephews.
Lewis’s hair and beard, turned white during the war, as many men’s did. A combination of what they saw, the fighting the did, and the poor nutrition the nearly starving Souther fighters faced with the yankee steal and burning what he could not carry off.

Lewis Carleton, his direct great grandfather, served three years with Washington, wounded at the Battle of Brandywine, at Valley Forge with Washington, as his 3ed great-grandfather, a man of an age he was not expected to go fight, but he did, and died shortly after the war’s end, with complications of his lungs, from wintering soldering with George Washington.

His other great grandfather soldier, the son in law of the older gentleman, served two hitches with Washington, the second as a scout for Washington’s army.
Which means he would have been hanged as a spy by the British if caught.

His grandmothers father, his other great-great grandfather was at the Battle of nNew Orleans, in 1814, with Jackson.

His grandfather, was a medical doctor, and a circuit riding Methodist minister in Washington County Arkansas, when the yankee war criminal invaded his country.

He left his circuit, in the hands of another circuit riding minister, who territory just doubled, left his widowed mother, wife and familes in the hands of God, went down and joined up as a common soldier.
When the Chaplain position was created in the Confederate Army, he became a Chaplain, as well as a soldier.

The only surviving account of him in battle, and no one knows which battle, was when he once told his children, howe once in battle, ke knelt to pry with a dying fallen friend, while the yankee bullets, were knocking bark from a nearby oak tree in his face.

My father, came from a long line of American-Viking warriors.
Good man, kind, compassionate, kick your ass. you started something.

What you are looking at, is a representation of much of Southern Society.

From family to family, the names changed, professions changed, but the experiane of the blood lines of the Southern Scotts-Irish, will be much the same.

Our ancestors were fighting oppression from would be kings and emperors in the hills of Scotland, and on the Emerald Isle, for hundreds of years.

The Scotts Irish are a welcoming to their society people, if you come in peace/honesty, assimilate into your adopted society.
They welcomed in French, Germans, Poles, and a whole assortment of other nationalities.

Down south Texas way, Republic of, currently illegally militarily occupied by the War Criminal USA, for 154 years and counting, no matter where I had gone in the world, or show long I was gone, when my wife picked me up, she did not even ask.
She drove me to this Mexican restraint where I would get some real Texas food!

Had this friend I worked with some when I was younger.
He mama swam the Rio Grande, so he was born in Texas for the Federal Citizenship.
He would tell me jokes they did on Mexican TV and things like that.
He told me one time, they did a skit on a two men on the street conversation.

Said two Mexican guys talking about how bad thing are in Mexico.
One says, lets declare war on the USA!

Other one:
Are you Crazy?

First man:
Every time the USA blows up a country, they build it back batter!

Second guy thinks a while, says Yes, but what if Mexico won?

Told me one time Mexicans were swimming the river to take Texas.
I told him, it will never work.
He asked why.
I told him, because, us gringos are breeding it out of you faster than you can get them to swim the river.

Scotts Irish can be very pissed and stubborn about newcomers telling them their culture/ancestors are evil, and they have to do it the yankee way, or the failed old Mexico way.

I grew up with the shit eating better than you smirks from damn yankee carpet baggers.

Now right here, I will; explain some thing.
A yankee comes down here, sees some real Men, eats some real food, goes home.
A damn yankee refuses to go home!

The old bullshit excuses for why the zionist puritan witch burning terrorist USA yankee war criminals, invaded, raped, robbed, stole, burned, desecrated churches, the dead, is frankly, past it’s use by date.

What is written in official USA “History” books, can easily be proved to not only be the lies of evil ass holes, but the damn lies of despicable baby raping and murdering evil ass hole!

The yankee propaganda and drivel used as history in those fake history books, about the years after the war is also damn lies.

While back I was listening to an interview.
Yankee says how  as a young man he spent some time in the south.
Went on about how horrible the oppression of the “black” people were by the “white” Southerners.
He talked about they were good folks, he did not like that shit.

Well,  I will tell your self righteous, and ignorant of all true history of that period  yankee ass why you saw that.

The Southern man, African Americans, slave and free, and the mainly Scotts-Irish, very few who were slave owners, had a fairly for the period, liberal and friendly relationship with the African American Southerners.

There was a  large free African America group of Southerners, as many Masters would in their wills free certain, sometimes all their slaves.
Not always, but enough to build a substantial group.

When the evil yankee invaded, and troops took the field, in South Carolina, The country boy Confederate troops were amazed to see a free African American slave owning rich plantation owner come to great them.

African Americans, owning African Americas, was fairly common among free black if they could afford to buy slaves.

Meanwhile, up in yankee land, despite the lies they try to tell, they had their slave states also, the yankee slaves were not freed until several months after the Southern slaves.

The yankee was nothing more, than a lying, armed raider and pillager, with all the atrocities goes with such scum behavior.

After the war was over, the USA, a foreign to the Southern Countries Corporation, (oh yes it was at that point, and still is), wanted revenge for the South standing up to their barbarism.

They decided the district into five Military Governorships)
Marital Law.

Anything went against the Southern people, was permissible for payback for defending themselves form the yankee land based pirates who plundered the South.

In any group of people, there will be self-serving, evil, easily  used folks.
Was not different among the former slaves.

Some damn good folks, many were veterans of the Confederate Army’s fighting against the invading yankee.
The invading yankee, was stealing everything the African American had, free or slave, the yankee degenerates were raping his daughters, mothers and wives.
Murdering them in the acts often.

They fought along side each other in cases, many slaves willing asked to comply their masters to the military.
Some Maters freed some slaves, before they left for the war, and some of these freed former slaves, insisting on going with their former masters, but still friends, to go fight.

I have always considered, how it must have sucked, to as a slave, go fight for your homeland.

But right here, I will again remind any yankee ass hole trying to revert to the self-righteous lie of the war was to free the slaves, North had slaves the whole time which were not freed until months after the war was over in the South.

The true Southerners, are way past tried of the yankee occupying war criminals lies and bullshit.

So understand yankee racist child raping evil, your rabid racism has been noted for four hundred years, two hundred plus of that, soiling the Land of America with their self righteous hate and evil.

Alexis de Tocqueville, in Democracy in America (1835-40):
“The prejudice of race appears to be stronger in the states that have abolished slavery than in those where it still exists.”

Thats right, the yankee is a lying evil racist pedophile child gang raping till death bunch of ass holes so proud of their war crimes, i in all my years and travel, have never heard one of the hypocritical bastards admit it was just robbery and subjugation of the South for power/ wealth, not slavery, nor even damn well say they are sorry for the unjustified evil they did against the Southern, people, even if like a damn yankee, they were lying when they said it.

Texas MUST have returned to her her Sovereignty and Freedom.

The rest of you folks, in them other states or countries, whichever term you use, The Republic of Texas can be your friend, trading partner, but she no loner wishes to be a fellow slave to the USA Corporation, held against her will by the USA, like a pedophile pimp, holds children hostage for prostitution reasons!

John C Carleton

Author: John C Carleton

Native Texican, American by Birth, Southern by the Grace of God.

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