Was “mayor” Pendejoberg Seeking Forgiveness At San Antonio First Baptist Church Today, For Stealing The Confederate Memorial Out Of Travis Park In San Antonio, Occupied Republic Of Texas

Confederate Memorial, two cannons plus a time capsule mayor Pendejoberg stole out of a park deeded to the daughters of the Confederacy, forever, by San Antonio City Council, in 1905. It was damaged. Pendejoberg who lied about having the time capsule until, lawyers got involved is still hiding, refuses to return to owners.

Ramsar, my Head of Intelligence Service here at Kingdom Carleton informs me one of his double agent fly on the wall, reported the Occupation of San Antonio “mayor” Pendejoberg was attending Sunday Morning Services at First Baptist Church Of an Antonio this morning.

This fly on the wall reported he was alone, and seemed troubled.

As he damn well should be.

A cowardly little rope chewing carpet bagging yankee scum like him pissing in the face of the memory of real men, unlike him!

Now I can not prove this, but I have heard Pendejoberg squats to pee, then wipes with TP!

Anyway, Ramsar and I brainstormed the reason Pendejoberg would be so down in the dumps, seeking forgiveness, redemption, salvation and a second chance as a human.

Best we can figure it is because he realizes what a evil little thieving lying prick he is for stealing the memorial to much-much better men than his pansy lying political whore ass.

He was asking Jesus to PLEASE forgive him!

Well, I got news for ole girly boy yankee boy!
I got some pull with Jesus, and I asked a favor for old times sake and he assured me he would stand by my request.

Ole lie now, lie again later, will NOT be given forgiveness for thieving the Confederate memorial, until it is replaced on its pedestal, repaired so one can not tell it was damaged, cannons put back, city agnoliges their criminality, honoring the Confederate descendants title to the park.

Oh yes, just one or two more little things before forgiveness.

He must strip naked, stick some peacock feathers up his ass, run up and down in front of city hall during rush hour, doing self flagellation, while alternately singing Dixie and The Yellow Rose of Texas.

Then he must kiss the ass of every Descendant of every Confederate Soldier, in Bexar county, while wearing his peacock feathers.

John C Carleton
American by birth!
Southern by the Grace of God!
And Texican cause Odin Loves his Úlfhéðnar!

Descendant of:
Two 3ed, two 4th, one fifth great grandfathers fought for America against the British, of which I know, there will be more.

One Great Grandfather Confederate MD/Soldier/Chaplain, three great grandfather Confederate Soldiers.

Great great nephew of Randolph Carleton, marched off to war, his mother never knew where he died, or if he was buried.

Cousins with:
Lt. Col. John Augustine Washington, Aid de Camp to Robert E Lee, murdered by USA/WASAHINGTON DC, 1861, shot three times in the back, his personal possessions divided as the Centurions divided  Jesus the Christ cloths.

Col. James Barton, Texas,  CSA

General James Longstreet, CSA
General Richard Taylor, CSA.
General Thomas Jonathan Jackson, CSA.
General Robert E Lee, General Commanding, CSA.

God Bless General Robert E Lee!

Author: John C Carleton

Native Texican, American by Birth, Southern by the Grace of God.

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