Tehran’s Imam Suggests Missile Strike On Israel’s Nuclear Reactor-NRT

Why stop there?

‘One on the Black Rock, One on Medina, One on Tel Aviv, and one on Jerusalem=Peace in the Middle East, and no Pedophile, Usury, International, Banker’s, World War 3’

‘One on the Black Rock, One on Medina, One on Tel Aviv, and one on Jerusalem=Peace in the Middle East, and no Pedophile, Usury, International, Banker’s, World War 3’



You will notice how the story is cobbled together with derogatory comments on all things Iran.

Iran/Persia, has not attacked a country or power which did not first attack Iran, in damn near 300 years, unlike the constant false flag war making Holocausters of Humanity, the Non Semitic , not descended from Ancient Hebrew, Israhell Khazarians, Russian Expat and Spawn thereof.

President John Kennedy, was seriously talking about sending USA special forces into occupied Palestine, to secure all things nuclear the Israhell war criminals were constructing, illegally.

Then Israhell made his head explode.

Then Israhell built their many illegal Nukes, which they threaten to blow the world up with, if they are not allowed to rape Semitic Palestine boys in peace, Holocaust the Semitic Palestinian souls, in peace, and steal the Ancestral  Home land of the Semitic Palestinians, and any other’s lands they want by Genocide, in peace, the (Samson Option).

John C Carleton


The Presidents Family’s, Behind The Illusion of Mom, Apple Pie and Chevrolet-!

FDR married this butt ugly cousin to keep the money in the family.
He died having sex with his steady who went everywhere with him which was allowable.

Eisenhower had his steady sex toy, a British Service women, as his personal driver.
Your sleeping with the English’s Bimbo sex toy in a uniform, for the duration of the war,
But a good ole home illusion was concocted to get him elected, and his ole lady went along for the prestige of being First Lady.

Jackie kennedy was through with John’s philandering before he became president.
but in those days, it was hard for a Catholic to get elected, a divorced Catholic would not have stood a snow ball’s chance e in hell of getting elected.
So an illusion of good ole American one women one man family unit was constructed for the American people.
And out of loyalty, Jackie stayed the course for the duration.

What can one say about LBJ?
Lady bird knew where the bodies were buried, so no way in hell LBJ was getting rid of her.
But that did not stop him getting it somewhere else every chance he got.
But the American people saw the illusion of the good family unit!

George Bush Sr was a serial pedophile, ands his wife more evil than he.
But the apple pie family unit was show to America.

Bill Clinton was a walking rape tool kit.
All he wanted was another piece of tail.
His lesbian bi sexual pedophile yankee wife was more evil than he, she not only made her own bones, she helped bury the bodies.
Web Hubble was the ugly duckling’s  father, not Bill.
But they even tried to feed the American public this bunch of white trash evil misfits as America, mom apple pie and Chevrolet.
Thing is, only connection is, bills white trash mother gave it up for an apple pie in a Chevrolet.
Thats how Bill came to be!

Jr Bush was a bi-sexual drug addict drunk.
not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but the Walking Dick Cheney was in charge anyway.
But the Americans got the Good christian born again family unit.
Jr was overheard, drunk, getting on a plane calling his wife a very derogatory term right in front of her and everyone else.

The obmbister, was an illegal, not an USA citizen.
Born in Indonesia, to a 17 near old girl.
At the time USA law gave citizen ship to a baby born of a USA citizen overseas, when the women was 18 years old or older.
He was as queer as a three dollar bill, and Manshell, probably has a bigger tamale than him.
But you got the Good ole family unit illusion.
Ever wonder where the CIA got the kids?

Which brings us to the Trickster Trumpster
Now ask yourself this.
Would a classy women, want to sleep with a pig, known to have had a piggy romp with a worn out, everybody has had her, “porn Star”?
With the diseases out there now?

Thats ok though.
The presidency has been an illusion ever since Israhell made Kennedy’s head explode.

John C Carleton


There are few men I admire and trust in the world today, of which I am aware.
Don’t mean there are not a hell of lot more good men and women out there, than everyone thinks.

Just most don’t know where the others are, and the MSM & WASHINGTON DC, sure as hell are not going to help you wind each other.

But the English Author David Irvin has my respect.

If he introduces this man in this matter, I have no doubt of this mans’s truth and honor, as David Irvin would not recommend him so highly, if he were not a true warrior on the side of the Light.

If you are new to some of the teachings of the so called Judaic religion, well, it has a whole lot of real evil nasty shit in them, the “Jews”, (Non Semitic Kharzarian) cult members believe that are entitled to do to any but another cult member.

According to their religion,  to rape a goy child, women, man, rob them, murder them, it is no sin, they are cattle, to be farmed and slaughtered.
Raping their own cult children is fine, as long as it is not done past three years and one day.

Now, there are a whole lot of people out there, think of themselves as “Jews”, because they were born into it, don’t know shit from shenola about the real teachings, never read the books.

Same with a lot of “christians”, born into it, goes to church, sings Holy-Holy-Holy, hope  they don’t go to hell for all those sins they keep lying about doing, never read the Bible through.

SO give it a listen.

If you are a zionist christian, these soul-less Khazarian animals mean you no good, they are not Hebrews, God is not going to judge America if it do not kiss Israhell’s ass.

But God bis going to Judge America if thE SOULS living on the face of America’s Land   do not find some balls, and Kick Israhell’s Ass!

John C Carleton


San Antonio Police Say Wearing MC Colors In Public Is A Crime

The Official San Antonio “street gang”, while armed, threatens an unofficial “street gang” member, and demands money!

“Members of a motorcycle club were cited by officers in San Antonio for Disturbing the Peace for displaying their motorcycle club insignia in public, which the officers considered a public display of gang colors. The officer’s actions are outrageous and blatantly unconstitutional under both the 1st and 4th Amendments to the US Constitution. ”

Now, I been kicking around San Antonio since I was sixteen years old. Been living in San Antonio for over forty years.

I have quite a collection of stories, all true, about the corruption of the SAN ANTONIO”s  official street gang, and their Bros at the “MUNICIPAL COURTS”, and “CITY HALL”.

Not going into all those in their article, but the SAPD calling any MC club, criminals, is like the pot calling the kettle black.

The “law” which SA uses to harass MC club members is the RICO Act.

Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act!

This is a “federal” act which “GOVERNMENT”, (CORPORATIONS), use  to go after “criminals”, “organized crime”, and to seize “assets” of “gang members”, and throw them in jail.

Without looking the act up, and from memory, “When two or more people conspire to defraud another”, that is a violation of the RICO Act.


Thats what SAN ANTONIO  did, when they stole that Confederate Statue, a Time Capsule, Two Cannons, out of Travis Park, Land given to the female Confederate descendants organization, by the San Antonio City council in 1905!

SAN ANTONIO, mayor PendejoBerg, his merry band of Hairless Chihuahuas on “CITY COUNCIL”,  conspired, and did defraud, (steal from), the descendants of the Confederate veterans, who by law, own Travis Park! In other words, SA, violated the RICO ACT, and the SA POLICE DEPARTMENT was the armed muscle who assisted in the theft of the Confederate Property.

In San Antonio, flying a Mexico flag, is fine.

Flying a Confederate flag is “hate speech”.

The SA mayor Pendejoberg, his merry band of Hairless Chihuahuas on “city council”, should be arrested, brought up on federal RICO charges, along with the top brass of the SAPD.

As for hiding along a stretch of road, jumping out with a weapon, demanding money, used  to get people hanged!

The problem with starting to bend the law, even for something some folks consider a “good reason”, soon leads to a broken, corrupted legal system, such as San Antonio, has presently.

If the “law”, can violate the dictates and rules of the Constitution, for a perceived “good” reason, they can also do so for a bad, or evil reason.

Such as pressuring motorist to have sex with the officer, “rape”, extortion, beatings, theft.

Or like stealing Confederate Statues, time capsules, and cannons from private property.

SAN ANTONIO, led by the corrupt city hall, abetted by the corrupt SAPD, has made an oppressive, trashy, dangerous shit hole of San Antonio, where Texicans are harassed, but Mexicans, illegal criminals from Mexico, are cuddled  and allowed to victimize Texicans.

Now I believe the illegal who damn near ran over me and my  dog  in the crosswalk of a Wal Mart store a couple days ago, is more a danger to me, than a Texican, wearing MC club colors.

I believe, the illegal, who ran a red light, who spoke no English, had no insurance, no drivers license, who was not even ticketed by the SAPD, who totaled my daughters car, and would have killed my daughter and grandchildren if not for airbags, is a more a danger to me and mine, than a Texican, wearing MC club colors.

Or the one ran a stop sign, took out her car she had before the last one taken out by one of SAN ANTONIO’s ILLEGAL MEXICO CRIMINALS.

Or the SAN ANTONIO CITY HALL’s ILLEGAL MEXICO CRIMINAL, who was in the right turn only lane at a red light the other day, when the light turned green, gunned it, ran through the cross walk in the intersection, down the bar ditch trying to get in front of me.

I could continue on with many-many more examples.

Yet mayor Pendejoberg and his band of merry hairless chihuahuas on SA “CITY COUNCIL”, are damn well begging , more and more illegals to come to SA, to victimize Texicans.

Something stinks to High Heaven in San Antonio, and the epicenter of the foul stench is emanating from SAN ANTONIO CITY HALL.

John C Carleton



San Antonio Police Say Wearing MC Colors In Public Is A Crime



DNA Testing Shows 1/3 Of “Asylum” Seekers Faked Being Family of Children To Claim “Asylum”

DNA testing found that 30 per cent of those tested had lied about family ties.

Central Americans who cross the border illegally with children can claim asylum and avoid any lengthy detention in most cases.

ICE ran the pilot for a few days this month in El Paso and McAllen, Texas

About 30% of migrants tested with rapid DNA were lying about familial relations

Migrants with children can claim asylum and avoid detention in most cases 

If you have not figured it out yet, just because the Pope tells these people to breed like rabbits, so he has more church members, don’t mean  The  Occopied Republic of Texas, or the other occupied North American States, can take all these Anti American, hands out, American hating gentuza.

Send them to Washington DC and the Vatican.

Get them the hell out of Texas!

Get them the hell out of North America.

They are not our problem.

Washington DC on the other hand,  is our problem.

It is the USA, the Occupying by military force of the Occupied Republic of Texas, which is forcing these Anti-American hands out, “and oh yes we hate you”, third world people on the Occupied Republic of Texas, and the Occupied States.

For you slower ones, USA/Washington DC, is trying to make the Occupied Republic of Texas, and the Occupied North American States, third world Shit Holes!

About time to stop this evil Anti-American shit by USA/WASHINGTON DC.

Oh yes, San Antonio folks, remember, mayor PendejoBerg and his  Merry band of Hairless  chihuahuas on “San Antonio city council”, are in favor of flooding San Antonio with these thieving, child molesting, murdering gentuza.

Crime has gone out of sight in San Antonio because of “city hall’s” criminal actions against Texicans.

John C Carleton