Natural or God Given Rights, Trumps the Constitution and Weapons laws-NRT

“God is God, no matter by what name you call him.”
General George S Patton

The State can not own one’s self, at the same time one owns one’s self.
Either you are free, or you are a slave of WASHINGTON DC.

Natural, Common, or “God” given law, predates, and is of a higher legality, than any corporate styled courts of say, the USA Coporation.

These rights are given at birth, to Individuals, not groups or States.
Therefore, no group or State has the legal right to take away, or to “regulate” in any way, ones God Given, Natural rights.

One of these Rights is Self Defense.
If one of Natural Rights top Rights, is of Self Defense.
Then the State does not have the legal (Under Natural Law), right to take away an Individual’s Right of Self Defense, it must follow, and be self explanatory, the State does not have the right to regulate the means of Self Defense.

This means, the Second Amendment, is a moot point when applied to an Individual’s God Given Natural, or Common Law Rights.

The 2nd amendment regulates Corporations.
An Individual is not a corporation, so sails the seas of life under Gods Laws, not the Corporations laws.

Side note to show you how this works.
Back when I had my own company, and the money was flowing, I desired to buy myself a GI M-14.
Because of my military service, thats why.
M-14, is a select fire weapon, one way, semi auto, one pull of the trigger, one shot.
Lever goes the other way, one trigger pull will empty the magazine, damn fast!

WASHINGTON with their illegal rules, already made the price of full auto weapons go through the roof.
Think maybe we were talking close to $20,000.00 for a good GI example.
But then you hade to be inspected, violated, finger printed, bent over in fees, huge regulations how you MUST store the weapon, with BATF having the “right” to walk into your home in an unannounced visit to make sure you have not forgotten to cross a T or dot an i.

Guy was trying to get me to buy one told me, just incorporate your business, then the Business owns the weapons, not you!

Now I don’t like corporations, and the Scotts in me rebelled at paying $20,000.00, but you can see, the way the corporate USA, operates with other corporations, is much different than the USA corporation, deals with, and I must add, illegally, Individuals

Americans, if they are to have any hope of freedom, a good future for America, MUST!!!!!!! EDUCATE themselves to REALITY!!!!!!

Then they MUST, reinstate Common Law Courts, and start cleaning up the ungodly mess the DC corporation has made of America!

Get er done America!

John C Carleton

Texican By the Grace of God!

Author: John C Carleton

Native Texican, American by Birth, Southern by the Grace of God.

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