Country Band “Confederate Railroad” Booted From Illinois State Fair Over Name

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John C Carleton

A popular southern country-rock banned named Confederate Railroad has been kicked off the roster at the Du Quoin State Fair in Illinois due to “racial sensitivity concerns” over their name, according to The Mental Recession‘s Rusty Weiss.

“The Illinois Department of Agriculture has removed Confederate Railroad from our 2019 Du Quoin State Fair Grandstand lineup,” said State Fair Manager Josh Gross, adding “While every artist has a right to expression, we believe this decision is in the best interest of serving all the people in our state.”

Oak Ridge Boys singer Joe Bonsall tweeted “I have played the @DuQuoinFair many times over the decades … however, I must say that canceling @ConfederateRR JUST because their name is CONFEDERATE RAILROAD is a crock of crap!!!


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