The Presidents Family’s, Behind The Illusion of Mom, Apple Pie and Chevrolet-!

FDR married this butt ugly cousin to keep the money in the family.
He died having sex with his steady who went everywhere with him which was allowable.

Eisenhower had his steady sex toy, a British Service women, as his personal driver.
Your sleeping with the English’s Bimbo sex toy in a uniform, for the duration of the war,
But a good ole home illusion was concocted to get him elected, and his ole lady went along for the prestige of being First Lady.

Jackie kennedy was through with John’s philandering before he became president.
but in those days, it was hard for a Catholic to get elected, a divorced Catholic would not have stood a snow ball’s chance e in hell of getting elected.
So an illusion of good ole American one women one man family unit was constructed for the American people.
And out of loyalty, Jackie stayed the course for the duration.

What can one say about LBJ?
Lady bird knew where the bodies were buried, so no way in hell LBJ was getting rid of her.
But that did not stop him getting it somewhere else every chance he got.
But the American people saw the illusion of the good family unit!

George Bush Sr was a serial pedophile, ands his wife more evil than he.
But the apple pie family unit was show to America.

Bill Clinton was a walking rape tool kit.
All he wanted was another piece of tail.
His lesbian bi sexual pedophile yankee wife was more evil than he, she not only made her own bones, she helped bury the bodies.
Web Hubble was the ugly duckling’s  father, not Bill.
But they even tried to feed the American public this bunch of white trash evil misfits as America, mom apple pie and Chevrolet.
Thing is, only connection is, bills white trash mother gave it up for an apple pie in a Chevrolet.
Thats how Bill came to be!

Jr Bush was a bi-sexual drug addict drunk.
not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but the Walking Dick Cheney was in charge anyway.
But the Americans got the Good christian born again family unit.
Jr was overheard, drunk, getting on a plane calling his wife a very derogatory term right in front of her and everyone else.

The obmbister, was an illegal, not an USA citizen.
Born in Indonesia, to a 17 near old girl.
At the time USA law gave citizen ship to a baby born of a USA citizen overseas, when the women was 18 years old or older.
He was as queer as a three dollar bill, and Manshell, probably has a bigger tamale than him.
But you got the Good ole family unit illusion.
Ever wonder where the CIA got the kids?

Which brings us to the Trickster Trumpster
Now ask yourself this.
Would a classy women, want to sleep with a pig, known to have had a piggy romp with a worn out, everybody has had her, “porn Star”?
With the diseases out there now?

Thats ok though.
The presidency has been an illusion ever since Israhell made Kennedy’s head explode.

John C Carleton

Author: John C Carleton

Native Texican, American by Birth, Southern by the Grace of God.

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