There are few men I admire and trust in the world today, of which I am aware.
Don’t mean there are not a hell of lot more good men and women out there, than everyone thinks.

Just most don’t know where the others are, and the MSM & WASHINGTON DC, sure as hell are not going to help you find each other.

But the English Author David Irvin has my respect.

If he introduces this man in this matter, I have no doubt of this mans’s truth and honor, as David Irvin would not recommend him so highly, if he were not a true warrior on the side of the Light.

If you are new to some of the teachings of the so called Judaic religion, well, it has a whole lot of real evil nasty shit in them, the “Jews”, (Non Semitic Kharzarian) cult members believe that are entitled to do to any but another cult member.

According to their religion,  to rape a goy child, women, man, rob them, murder them, it is no sin, they are cattle, to be farmed and slaughtered.
Raping their own cult children is fine, as long as it is not done past three years and one day.

Now, there are a whole lot of people out there, think of themselves as “Jews”, because they were born into it, don’t know shit from shenola about the real teachings, never read the books.

Same with a lot of “christians”, born into it, goes to church, sings Holy-Holy-Holy, hope  they don’t go to hell for all those sins they keep lying about doing, never read the Bible through.

SO give it a listen.

If you are a zionist christian, these soul-less Khazarian animals mean you no good, they are not Hebrews, God is not going to judge America if it do not kiss Israhell’s ass.

But God is going to Judge America if the SOULS living on the face of America’s Land   do not find some balls, and Kick Israhell’s Ass!

John C Carleton