Déjà vu-“History Does Not Repeat Itself, But It Rhymes”


Basically, you will never have EXACTLY the same senecio as a past history event or time, but all the basics will be the same.

Few things different, but overall, Close enough for “government” work.

Now, before the man all the West has been taught was the Devil himself, (although he murdered less folks than each, Russia, Britain, and the USA in the same time period, The Non Semitic Khazarian USSR Russia, murdering the most), Hitler came to power, there was a pattern which is repeating itself in America.

After WW 1, which Germany Did Not Start, the German people and “government” was turned over to the non Semitic Russian Expat & Spawn thereof Khazarian members of the End of Times Death Cult religion.

Soon, the money was debased, housewives and children were pimping themselves on the street to get something to eat.
Morals were in the toilet, every conceivable deviancy known to man was openly practiced.

Then, because the German people were tired of the evil, the pedophilia, the theft, the debutury of the Khazarians, Hitler came to power, cause he promised to do something about the evil of the Non Semitic Russian Expat & spawn Khazarians, and he did.

For that, the Russian Expat and Spawn non semitic Khazarian End of Times Death Cult members, hate him almost as much as the losers hate  Jesus the Christ.

Jesus the christ said one should chain a heavy weight around the neck of every pedophile they find, throw em in the deep end, and the Khazarian End of Times Death Cult members, takes  that personally!

One would think they would learn not to take their lust, Usury, Pedophilia, Bloodsucking, too far so soon in History after Hitler ran their evil asses out of control in Germany.

But one would be wrong!

Today in America, what was done to the Germans, is being played out once again by the parasite pedophileic Usury Mass murdering Non Semitic Russian Expat & spawn thereof Khazarian members of the End of Times Death cult and Baby raping religion.

SO, history in America in the 21st century, has no choice by not rhyme with German History from the 20th century.

It is either that, or folks can just go ahead, drop their kids off at the Khazarian pedophiles house, to keep the Khazarians from kidnapping them from the playground, hand over their last cent, and lock the chain around their children’s, Grandchildren’s, as well as  their own necks.

Whats it going to be American sheep?

John C Carleton