The Lust of San Antonio Mayor Pendejoberg, or Why San Antonio Has Become a Third World Shit Hole


A week ago, there was a storm during the night, it blew a large hackberry tree over onto the sidewalk, taking down several telephone, internet line going into the one very old apartment complex, the only one on an otherwise  individual family home street.

The tree was from a yard, three addresses down from my home, and on the far side of the apartments.

All these three photos, are linked together for all history, as long as the Khazarian yankee carpetbagger “mayor” Pendejoberg’s memory is cursed by decent folks of San Antonio and Texas!

This will take some explaining.

San Antonio used to be a sleepy little city, laid back.

Nice place to live or visit.

Then treasonous local political whores, and the imported verity from Mexico and yankee land, (carpetbaggers), started showing up, bellying up to the public  hog trough in San Antonio.

These foreigners came seeking spoils, by stealing bread out of the mouths of San Antonio working class families, to stuff in their own public  teat hanging mouths

Been kicking around the area a long time.

Always read current events and news.

Have a real good memory of scandals, bribery, assaults, adultery, cowardice, lewd behavior, pedophilia, of San Antonio politics and city/state minions.

As well as Washington DC scandal.

I could enthrall you for hours with the police misconduct, crooked courts, questionable decisions , RICO violations!

Rackateer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations.

(The theft of a Confederate Statue, two cannons, and a time capsule off of Non City Land, is a RICO act.

(When. two or more conspire to defraud another———-)

School board corruptions, downward spiraling educational achievements in SA schools.

Now this current bunch, has made it their business during their tenure, to steal Confederate statues, cannons, time capsule off of Non City Land, and to import as many gentuza from Mexico to San Antonio as they can.

Got a pedophile LULAC/La Raza public funded education shyster lawyer living next door. President of Mexico gave him the second highest medal Mexico gives, for the pedophile trying to make Texas Mexico again. Always suing the elections commission cause they do not let the illegals vote democratic, multiple times, wanting evidence of legal residence  and such things.

Daughter had some Mexico folks, blast right through a huge stop sign, when my  daughter had the right away, on a rainy day.Daughter T Boned then. These idiots were trying to argue it was her fault, cause she hit them.

Stop signs, red lights, laws about not molesting underage boys and girls, just don’t mean much in Mexico culture.

Mama took the opportunity to get a new vehicle out of the deal, and turned over her maybe three year old, well maintained Honda to our daughter, she assumed payments.

Time rocked on a bit, the City  Down Town Cowns, brought more and more illegals into San Antonio.

Now folks, there are some damn good people in Mexico, but they have an whole lot of trash people, no manners, no morals, many with no intention of working, assimilating into Texican culture or society.

These are the ones who are over running The occupied Republic of Texas. These idiots  want to make Texas Mexico again. Never figured out such folks, run from their own land, because it was a shit hole without  opportunity for them, to anouther land, then try to make the new land, a shit hole like their old land.

Reminds me of Californians moving to Texas, then trying to force California control freak laws on Texicans. Just don’t sound like all them wires are connected in the fuse box in their head!

But after a few more years, one of City Hall’s illegals, blew right through a red light. Daughter had the right of way, saw the speeding car move into the intersection, having run the red. She swerved, or it would have been worse. As it was, another totaled car by Mexico illegals, City Of San Antonio keeps begging to come to SA. Air Bags saved the lives of our daughter, our grandson and another child. They were beat up, daughter still has back pains sometimes, years later, was pregnant at the time.

The illegal Mexico Criminal, did not have a drivers license, an ID, any insurance, or even speak a word of English. When they loaded the illegal on a CITY EMS, which would charge from $500.00-$1000.00 dollars to a tax paying San Antonio native, my wife objected the cops had not even given her one ticket. The cop lied to my wife and  said he was going to follow the EMS and give her a ticket at the hospital. Which he did not. Now at the hospital, it was going to cost the Native Texican SA taxpayer another couple of thousand dollars on up.

I told my daughter, I had grown tired of buying new vehicles for criminal wetbacks to take out! Had a brand new four door  Toyota Tacoma, with almost five hundred miles on it. Told her take it, make payments, I will;l drive my older truck. When she had the second baby, she said there just was not enough room for her husband, two kids, and what they had to take with them. She gave it back to me, the wife got another new car, the daughter took over payments on another nice Honda CRV.

I soon found, as SA streets now resemble Nueva Larado’s streets  during Cinco de Mayo., you are taking your life in your hands, getting onto SA streets,  the four cylinder did not have the power and pickup, to get out of the way of all of City Hall’s illegal Mexico criminals, driving like they were still in Mexico. Running red lights, stop signs, going across  three  lanes of traffic, no signal, from the left turn lane, to the right turn lane, make a right hand turn, still with no signal.

Had one sitting in the right turn only lane, try to get past me, driving in the crosswalks of the intersection, and down the bar ditch on the other side before he gave up.

So I traded in the Four cylinder, got a V-6, which I use to keep from getting killed by illegal San Antonio City Hall mayor Pendejoberg Mexico Criminals.

And the trash. They throw trash on the ground when two steps away is a trash can. Shitty pampers are not for taking two steps and putting in the trash can, but throwing on the parking lot so other folks can step in, or pick up their illegal criminal babies shit, made with “free” food, payed for unwillingly, by the Texican and SA tax payers.

They kidnap and rape children, they rape their relatives children, grown married Mexico men make young teenage girls pregnant, who will get a “free” apartment, “freee’ food and “free” money, via the hurting pockets of the working  class of San Antonio and Texas at large. They rape women in parks, murder their ex-wives  and girlfriends. In Mexico culture, the woman belongs to the man, the husband. Even if she gets tired of  his cheating, abuse, and divorces him, in his Mexico mind, she still belongs to him.

City Hall decided they “needed” a Chief of Police, of Mexican decent. They fired the gringo chief, created a high paying security job & office at a city owned utility which had never had such a position. Then City Hall pretended to have a chief search, but they had already picked out a the acting Chief, a Mexican descended SA policeman. But before they could name him chief, he and some other SDA cops, went to a ball game. They drank some cervezas, were feeling good. The chosen chief, saw his ex-wife at the game with another SA cop, assaulted the other cop, and then interfered with the responding SA cop making a police report.

City hall had a huge scandal hanging over their heads. So they found an excuse, and recalled the former gringo chief from his high paying nothing job at the Public Utility. Just because they have a Washington DC “citizen” birth certificate, don’t mean they have assimilated to Texican or American culture.

They are building houses and apartments for illegals Mexico Criminals at a break neck speed. San Antonio has become a third world shit hole, where you take you life in your own hands, by driving on your own damn streets, or taking your family out in Public.

One of San Antonio City Hall’s, Illegal Mexico Criminals, few months back, drove into a store parking lot at a high rate of speed, drunk as a waltzing piss ant by noon, ran over and murdered a baby, injured the mother, and severely injured another women loading groceries in her car, who died later.

When you can not damn well walk with your children, in a store parking lot, without having then. murdered, run over, by drunk San Antonio Cit Hall Illegal Mexico Criminals, then San Antonio is a shit hole.

Oh yes, the pedophile Mexico firster lawyer next door, has the illegals who cut his yard, blow the grass into the street. The three men  surrounding him, sweep the street, their grass and other trash up. He has his blown in to the street, cause he still thinks like he is a peon in Mexico.

I am descended from at least, 16 of the 25 ensurers of the Magna Carta. I am descended from the king in England, which brought legal and social reform to England. My cousins, were Generals commanding on both sides of the American revolution against Britain. My third, and a fourth great grandfathers were at Vally Forge. One of my cousins was a British Secretary of Staes, and while I was doing my war, my cousin on my mothers side, was Secretary of State of USA.

When I graduated from high school, took my college entrance exam, the local congressman called my father, asked if his baby boy wanted a “free” education at West Point. When I entered University on my own, I was given credit for US history 101 & 102, without takin g the classes.

Just telling you I was bred to be damn good in theology, the law, government, history,  real economics, and military. Understand politics,  understand government,  understand real economics,  understand bribery, blackmail, pork barrel politics, pay offs, nepotism.

SO, after a few encounters with the “City of San Antonio, which is a corporation, I decided to remove my home from the jurisdiction of the CITY, State, USA. The only Peace officer allowed on my sovereign land, is the county sheriff, and only if I have committed a crime on my land. Say I raped someone, murdered someone, beat the hell out of, without reason, someone on my land. Real crimes, not corporation statures or code.

I researched where and when the Land I had bought, was given in a Land Patent. 1841, the President of the Republic of Texas, Lamar, signed a Patent of land to a Texican. The land patent, in giving location, mentions the land ids six miles from the city of San Antonio. This Land Patent, transferred ALL RIGHTS, FEES, PRIVILEGES, to the receiver of the Land Patent, his prodigy, and ANYONE who bought some of this Land from them, FOEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1980 Supreme courts case, where California tried to steal some Land held by Spanish Land Grant, from a family, reinforced the Sovereignty and the timelessness of the words of a Land grant or Patent. Texas sent some political whores there to tell the Supreme Court of the USA, we don’t have a dog in this hunt, but we really wish you would rule a corporate State can steal Patented Land. The Supreme Court told Texas to run along. They then chastised California for wasting their time trying to override a Land Patent, or Land Grant. Telling California, this is settled law. For any organization, entity, or individual to have any rights on or to patented land, that reservation to the total rights of the Land owner, must be inserted into the Patent at the time it is granted. Supreme Court told California, State of, they could not  write  themselves  rights into a patent, in which the State of California, did not even exist at the time, whenever they felt like it and at a much later date.

So I went to the Land office of the  occupation  corporate “state” of Texas, (occupied Republic of Texas), got a certified by the STATE of TEXAS, copy of that 1841 land patent,  did the proper paperwork, chain of custody from the original Land Patentee, to my wife and myself. Got everything notarized, certified, hung the legal paper work on a bulletin board at the Bear County Court House, for 61 days, then had the document recorded at the Bexar Country Clerks office. They did not want to record the document, but I know the rules they have to follow, so I forded them to do their damn job, and record my Legal Document, bringing forward and accepting the terms of the Patent.

My wife and I revoked our voters registration, as when you vote in their corporate elections, they use that as a reason to tax your “property”. You get a warranty deed, which has no mention, or the trail of the chain of custody to your land. If you stop paying tribute top the corporations, City of, County of, and state, they will kick you out, and sell your house to someone for pennies on the dollar. If you resist being kicked out of your own home, you paid for, and thought you owned, they will kill you if they get half  a chance.

I got tired of the busy body control freak  bull shit and highway robbery. I did something about it.

Now through the years, I have given legal notice to the City of San Antonio’s dog catcher, who no longer catch dogs, but looks for people they can give citations to for violating City Animal Ordinances, and a San Antonio Cop, they had, (their employer, the Corporate City of San Antonio/Bear county/State of Texas), no0 jurisdiction on my patented land. My animals are not under the Jurisdiction of the Corporate city of, county of, State of. Neither is  my Sovereign Land. They know I am here, I have cussed out a few City of San Antonio corporate employs for  trespassing on my Land, to harass  me.

But they slow are learners, most corporate employs have never heard of a Land Patent, have no clue to real Americans History, Common Law Courts, Natural/God given Rights, freedom, or the damned Texican or American way! This includes most of the judges, prosecutors at the local level. Most graduates of American High schools today, can not read the cursive writing of the original documents, laws, grants, patients, deeds, all the really true documents of the History and laws of Texas, or the other Sates.

Ignorance in a control freak corporate employs can be a trying thing.

A week back, the tree blew down, blocking the sidewalk and part of the street, making the people from the apartments, many without cars, who push baby carriages/shopping carts down the sidewalk, for ing pedestrian with babies and groceries,  from the sidewalk, on to the street, where the City Hall’s Illegal Mexico Criminals drive down, at extremely high rates of speed.

Usually, the Home owner would have cleaned up the tree, but this house, is a bank repo, no one lives there, and the bank down’t give a shit!

Failing that, in the interest of public safety, the City Workers should have, being as as the city claims ownership of all land from Electrical  wire post, across the street, to the Electrical light post on the other side of the street cleared the street and sidewalk. A fallen tree, was  blocking  part of the street, all of the side walk, on City of San Antonio, corporate claimed land causing a hazard to pedestrians and vehicles alike, and the City of San Antonio Did NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!

The cable/internet/phone company, cut  back a bit of the tree, when they were putting the lines and cables back into the apartments, to the extent you see in the first picture, with pedestrians braking and bending some limbs, to try to clear farther.

Today early, meant to do it yesterday, I took a chainsaw, cleared the sidewalk so the old folks, and mothers pushing babies, don’t have to dodge speeding cars driven recklessly, by City Of San Antonios Illegal Mexico Criminals, they keep begging to come to San Antonio.

Took me about five minuets.

While the City of San Antonio, did nothing. Well, not exactly  nothing.

Now to mayor pendejobergs lust for my daughters pet pig. Mayor Pedejoberg’s corporate city employ, spent an hour two days ago, on my sidewalk, trying to talk me into accepting Corporate City Of SAN ANTONIO Jurisdiction on my land, so mayor Pendejoberg could get his lustful hands on the pig. I assume if I had have given in, surrendered the pig, mayor Pendejoberg and the poor pig, would have spent some quality time in a No Tell Motel somewhere, or perhaps a dark room in the Basement of City Hall?

While the CITY OF SAN ANTONIO  CORPORATION, ignored public safety, mayor Pendejoberg tried to get his perverted Khazarian hands on my daughters pet pig for sexual purposes.

Thats how I have it figured anyway.

He is a Khazarian,  who’s ancestors. belonged  to that cult which did not eat pork. but had no problem raping babies, So unless he is a hypocrite, that only leave sexual lust for the reason “mayor” pendejoberg was wasting Tax payer funds  for lustful infatuation,  to try to kidnap my daughters pet pig, for  suspected  beastiality purposes.

Remember, he is not supposed to eat pork.

The only two ways  the City Animal Control could  have know there is a pig here,  is if the pedophile lawyer who tried to force himself, a old married man, with step kids,  on my daughter when she was a teenager, (she did not tell me for years so i would not walk next door and stomp his sorry pedophile ass into the asphalt),  peeped over my privacy fence, gave his good  buttie  pendejoberg a photo of the pig,  or the Corporate  Police Helicopters violating my air space,  took a picture of the sow, and showed it to “mayor” pendejoberg.

The Pedophile LULAC/La Rasa shyster lawyer, might have shown a picture of the pig to “mayor” pendejoberg, as he has a big REELECT MAYOR PENDEJOBERG sign  in his front yard.

However I believe it was a Corporate City of San Antonio, Police helicopter, illegally violating Kingdom Carleton”s air space, snapped a picture of the pig, showed it to the lustful pendejoberg, and pendejoberg fell in to lust so hard, for the pig, he diverted the funds to clean up the Public hazard on CITY OF SAN  ANTONIO’s claimed land, to trying to kidnap my daughters pig. Lust can be a dangerous thing in the weak willed.

You will remember the Corporate  CITY OF SAN ANTONIO, has no interest in, fees or rights to my Republic of Texas, 1841  Land  Patent  held Land. All those fees, privileges and rights, were reserved for me, And I do not give or share any width the  Currpted Town Clowns, at City Hall, who Hate Americans, Texicans, old folks, babies in carriages, but LOOOOOVVVVEEEE pigs!

So much  so they neglect their public duties, and go running after pigs.

Maybe “mayor”  pendejoberg would seek counseling for his  unnatural attraction to pigs!

You will recall of course, this shows a pattern of pendejoberg and his band of RICO criminal Crime Cabal stealing others property off others Private or Sovereign  Land, as the pig lusting and loving RICO Crime Cabal,  Down At SAN ANTONIO city hall, did steal a Confederate memorial off of private land, (Non city Land), along with two cannons, and a time  capsule.

Which they still have in their RICO  crime committing  possessions.

Not being satisfied, they stole Travis park and refuse to return it to those who hold legal title to the park, The United Daughters of The Confederacy.

Deeded to then in 1905 by the San Antonio city Council.

Damn thieves!

pendejoberg, repair and put the stolen Confederate Memorial  back up in the stolen by you and cohorts, in RICO crime, Travis Park.

And you still have not groveled begging forgiveness for the hate speech lies you slandered my ancestors with you yankee carpet bagging sorry son of a red Russian Turkmen mongrel khazarian bitch!

King John de  Carleton

Sovereign King of Kingdom Carleton.

Located within  the Legal fiction lines of the “State of Texas”, (Occupied Republic of Texas).