Greg Abbott, Occupation “governor of The Occupied Republic of Texas-I just signed a law protecting free speech on college campuses.-But NOT A LAW, PROTECTING TEXICAN’S MEMORIALS FROM yankee CARPET BAGGERS & mexico FIRSTERS!

“I just signed a law protecting free speech on college campuses.”

Greg Abbott, yankee zionist occupation “governor” of  The Occupied Republic of  Texas.

The zionist ass wipe also  with fanfare, signed a bill trying to make the Occupied Texicans, “criminals”, if they tried to boycott buying products made in Occupied Palestine.

Zionist see nothing wrong in occupying other folks Lands, using their children for sexual party favors, cannon fodder in zionist wars and  as Usury slaves.

But this  Non-Texican, Juusssst can not seem to sign a bill, criminalizing tarring down or vandalizing, Texican’s memorials to their heroes and ancestors, by yankee carpetbaggers and Mexico Firsters!

Wonder why that is?

John C Carleton

Author: John C Carleton

Native Texican, American by Birth, Southern by the Grace of God.

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