Occupied Republic of Texas yankee Occupation “government” “School Board” Considers Introducing Sex Education For Kindergartners

Grooming Children for Pedophillia perhaps?

Grooming For Pedophillia Perhaps?

John C Carleton


The Texas State Board of Education is considering new policies that would begin sex education during kindergarten.

Texas Education Board Commissioner Mike Morath made recommendations in his health care review that include lessons about healthy relationships and reproduction.

Brae’Lee Stewart is six years old and just finished kindergarten a few months ago.

Her mother Brae’Lynn said the idea of her daughter learning anything about sex at her age makes her cringe.




5 signs you’re actually a Puritan psychopath


From the article:
“Hanging women thought to be witches in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692 and 1693 was probably the pinnacle of religious Puritanism.”

Nope, the pinnacle of religious puritanism was 1861-1865, the gang raping of Southern Children, their mothers, and African American women they now try to claim their fought the war to free, till death, for Jesus!

There was also burning whole cities filled with civilians, shelling cities filled with civilians, burning court houses, out houses, farm houses, church houses, Church parsonage houses, hospitals, convents, digging up the dead to see if they were buried with any valuables, throwing the bodies on the ground.

Holocausting about a half million Southerners, for Jesus!

I have read some of the “prayers” puritan yankee “ministers”, sent to yankee troops off to gang rape children and  slaughter Southerners, while invading a foreign country, for Jesus.

YouTube would ban as hate speech videos saying what them Puritan “ministers” told the yankee war criminals to do to Souther Children, Mothers, Grandmas and Grandpas.

Did I mention, stealing everything while shooting the live stock, raping the wife and children of the farm, and burning the crops, farther insuring the deaths of tens of thousands of innocent people from starvation?

Glory-Glory Hallelujah, as puritans raped and murdered on!


Forget hell!

I have never heard one puritan son of a bitching yankee spawn, apologies or even admit what they did, and why the yankee spawn of puritan witch burning  War Criminals really did the war crimes!

John C Carleton

‘5 signs you’re actually a Puritan psychopath’

Hanging women thought to be witches in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692 and 1693 was probably the pinnacle of religious Puritanism.

That type of Puritanism used God and the Bible to force its own form of tyranny on anyone who challenged its authority.

But Puritanism doesn’t need to be based on God or the Bible. All it needs is fanatics convinced that their worldview is the only moral way and that others must be forced to adhere to it.

Puritans ignore logic and reason and stick to their dogma. That often leads to some form of a witch-hunt and “public hanging.”

Here are five signs that you’re not really a tolerant free thinking warrior for social justice, but actually a Puritan psychopath.

1. Sex is to be strictly regulated

This one is actually pretty similar to the religious Puritans.

They hated sex (outside of marriage) and regulated it strictly. Sodomy, masturbation, and pre-marital sex were strictly verboten.

Today’s Puritans have banned any talk of sex for fear that it will be classified as an unwanted sexual advance. People are terrified of sex because pursuing it in the wrong way could land them at the gallows. Even sex jokes are off-limits.

Some sex-Puritans even maintain that it is impossible for a woman to consent to sexwith a man. Others say that just being asked out against their will is a form of sexual assault.



Déjà vu-“History Does Not Repeat Itself, But It Rhymes”


Basically, you will never have EXACTLY the same senecio as a past history event or time, but all the basics will be the same.

Few things different, but overall, Close enough for “government” work.

Now, before the man all the West has been taught was the Devil himself, (although he murdered less folks than each, Russia, Britain, and the USA in the same time period, The Non Semitic Khazarian USSR Russia, murdering the most), Hitler came to power, there was a pattern which is repeating itself in America.

After WW 1, which Germany Did Not Start, the German people and “government” was turned over to the non Semitic Russian Expat & Spawn thereof Khazarian members of the End of Times Death Cult religion.

Soon, the money was debased, housewives and children were pimping themselves on the street to get something to eat.
Morals were in the toilet, every conceivable deviancy known to man was openly practiced.

Then, because the German people were tired of the evil, the pedophilia, the theft, the debutury of the Khazarians, Hitler came to power, cause he promised to do something about the evil of the Non Semitic Russian Expat & spawn Khazarians, and he did.

For that, the Russian Expat and Spawn non semitic Khazarian End of Times Death Cult members, hate him almost as much as the losers hate  Jesus the Christ.

Jesus the christ said one should chain a heavy weight around the neck of every pedophile they find, throw em in the deep end, and the Khazarian End of Times Death Cult members, takes  that personally!

One would think they would learn not to take their lust, Usury, Pedophilia, Bloodsucking, too far so soon in History after Hitler ran their evil asses out of control in Germany.

But one would be wrong!

Today in America, what was done to the Germans, is being played out once again by the parasite pedophileic Usury Mass murdering Non Semitic Russian Expat & spawn thereof Khazarian members of the End of Times Death cult and Baby raping religion.

SO, history in America in the 21st century, has no choice by not rhyme with German History from the 20th century.

It is either that, or folks can just go ahead, drop their kids off at the Khazarian pedophiles house, to keep the Khazarians from kidnapping them from the playground, hand over their last cent, and lock the chain around their children’s, Grandchildren’s, as well as  their own necks.

Whats it going to be American sheep?

John C Carleton

Conditions On San Francisco Streets Like “Slums Of Mumbai, Delhi,… & Manila”

Come on Mayor Pedejoberg, San Antonio is losing to Fan Francisco! Quick, import more hands out Anti-American Mexico Firsters!

San Antonio has been carefully crafted to be a third world shit hole by City Hall.

But Fan Fransisco is winning!

Bigger shit hole!

Bad mayor Pendejoberg!

Texicans/Texas first!

John C Carleton


Once upon a time, some of the most beautiful cities in the entire world were on the west coast, but now those same cities are degenerating into drug-infested cesspools of filth and garbage right in front of our eyes. 

San Francisco is known as the epicenter for our tech industry, and Los Angeles produces more entertainment than anyone else in the world, and yet both cities are making headlines all over the world for other reasons these days.  Right now, nearly a quarter of the nation’s homeless population lives in the state of California, and more are arriving with each passing day.  When you walk the streets of San Francisco or Los Angeles, you can’t help but notice the open air drug markets, the giant mountains of trash, and the discarded needles and piles of human feces that are seemingly everywhere.

If this is what things look like when the U.S. economy is still relatively stable, how bad are things going to get when the economy tanks?


WILD WEST: Illegals cross into US — then OPEN FIRE on border wall!

To hell with yankeeland!

To hell with Mexico!

I am a Texican!

The Occupied Republic of Texas First!!!!!!

Folks,  you best pull your indoctrinated head out of your politically correct ass!

There is a war going on against Texas.

Texas is being invaded, and the USA’s troops, agencies, are keeping Texicans from fighting back.

Wake up and smell the zionist shit!

John C Carleton



Will Tunnels Under the Border Reframe the Border Wall Debate?

I am against the invasion of the North American States by third world ass holes and criminals, who hate Americans and have no plans to assimilate.

But the wall will not stop the invasion, will suck more money out of workers pockets, to put in Usury bankers and political whores pockets, as well as stealing land by implied force, for the Usury bankers project.

Stop the USA from stealing from the working Americans, and promising it to the third world barbarians, as incentive to invade the 47 occupied by the USA States, the two occupied by the USA,  Republics, and one occupied by the USA Polynesian Kingdom, and the invasion will stop.

The massive   number of hands out ass holes  invading America is the effect.

The cause is the Khazarian ass holes, along with the treasonous to America, “witch” burning and Souther child raping till death yankee “puritans” plying their trade in Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac.

Treating the symptoms will not end the disease.

Only eradicating the disease will bring relief from the symptoms.


John C Carleton


Will Tunnels Under the Border Reframe the Border Wall Debate?

Africans coming across southern border have ‘rolls of $100 bills’

The “poor huddled masses” coming across the southern border may not be so poor after all.

Swiss journalist Urs Gehriger recently visited African migrants who breached the border and hung out on the streets of San Antonio, Texas, waiting to go elsewhere in the country, and he met hostility from people who didn’t want to share details about their experiences, conflicted each other, and had rolls of $100 bills.

In a recording played on Fox News, Gehriger asks a migrant from Congo how she got to America.

She refused to say.

“We are here now in the United States. Why do you ask about Ecuador?” a woman said, referring to the reported country they passed through.

As Gehriger continued to ask simple questions, he said they backtracked and “were not answering at all.”

“They wouldn’t tell me anything about how they got here, and then they started to get aggressive and they were contradicting each other,” he told Laura Ingraham.

“One said they ran through the forest, and another said no, there was no forest, and they were actually arguing among themselves,” Gehriger said.

He said they started to get “aggressive” after questions about money and help.


The Foreign “Governor” of The Occupied Republic of Texas, Makes College Campus Safe For Wussies, While Helping Tear Down Texican Monuments, and Protecting His Kin in Occupied Palestine From Being Boycotted For Their Mass Murder and Theft

Tear Down Them Confederate Statues, But don’t  dare tell an off colored joke, AND DON’T DARE TRY TO BOYCOTT MY KIN IN OCCUPIED PALESTINE!

Greg Abbott issued broad protections for campus speech a week ago. A few days later, he rendered those new protections meaningless.

Ignoring warnings from a civil-liberties groupand yours truly, the Republican governor signed provisions into Texas law that use criminal law to enforce the Obama administration’s unconstitutional definition of campus sexual harassment.

Their practical effect will be scaring faculty and other university employees into reporting any “sex-based” conduct or speech that may be “unwelcome” to someone at their campus. That includes overheard sex jokes.

SB 212 threatens termination and up to six months in jail for any campus employee who “witnesses or receives information” – that means hearsay – that may count as sexual harassment under this exceedingly broad definition, and fails to report it to the Title IX apparatus.

Those staggering employment and criminal penalties practically ensure that Title IX offices will be flooded with sexual harassment reports, and that students will be subjected to wide-ranging administrative investigations for constitutionally protected speech.

Abbott signed both SB 212 and a related bill, HB 1735, that uses the same definition of sexual harassment and deprives accused students of basic due process. Texas law will conflict with U.S. Department of Education rules if proposed Title IX revisions remain substantially similar in the final published regulation.