A Texas Fool Pissing Into A yankee Wind.

If one collaborates with Sodom and Gomorrah on the Colorado River-
Votes for political whores bent on destroying Texas culture and history forever-

Then one is an ignorant sheep committing treason-
Or a Texican’s enemy trying to destroy Texas for an evil reason-

If to the Austin yankee occupation “government” your vote you send-
Then you are an enemy of Texican’s, or a Texas  fool pissing into a yankee wind!

The Ole Dog!

Some Reading Material, and One Video, For yankee puritan Self-Righteous “witch” Burners, Holier Than Thou New York “Jews”, and Late Comer Mexicans, Confused About Slavery in America

Posted at the other site, but applies to recognizing your enemies in the occupied Republic of Texas.

Sick as hell of the Bad American, Bad Southerner routine of people, organizations who’s asses  are black as the ace of spades.

Thats called Hypocrites, liars by omission.

John C Carleton



As Texicans fight trying to save their Confederate monuments from foreign invaders brought in under the guns of the occupying USA military, other Southern States are fighting the same fight.

This is an interesting piece.

Anyone studied at least some of the history of of Kentucky during those war years, knows they were hard, dangerous years.

John C Carleton


Pope Joins Soros In Funding Immigrant Caravan Invasion Of US Southern Border-Zero Hedge

If the head of the  Church of Pedophile Priest, spent his time getting rid of priest who  rape little boys up the ass, he would not have time to be involving himself in doing war crimes against the 47  occupied American States, and two Republics.

There is an occupied Polynesian Kingdom also, but i don’t think the illegal criminals are going to walk there.

John C Carleton