Fighting on the Homefront, and the Bustamante Shuffle

Now i been watching San Antonio Politics from before the Bustamante shuffle.

That was when in the early 1980s, a San Antonio City Council man was using a city park, to have sex with this girl, in the backseat of his car. Couple of criminal types come along, councilman ran away with his pants around his ankles while his date gets gang raped.

Hard to have much respect for San Antonio City Council after that.

Former mayor who held a cabinet position in Washington, could not stop cheating on his wife. In a fit of jealous rage, she shot him in the leg with a .22 cal pistol. SAPD covered it up of course.

I used to work with his cousin, and the stories i could tell.

Few years back, San Antonio City Councilman, was shacking up with a local TV bimbo, they got in a drunken brawl but no charges filed because he only kind of threw that apple at her that gave her that big bruise on her back, and she only kind of tossed the knife at him.

Ahhh! San Antonio City Hall people’s life’s  make better watching than an old time as the world turns soap opera.

Been busy here because mayor Pendejoberb, of Eastern European heritage and  a bunch of Mexico Firsters, political puta’s  on San Antonio city council, who are small potatoes, are tired of hind public teat, and want to try the public teat in Austin, on the way to front teat in Washington DC.

They decided the way to do this, was to take a shit on the memory of the men who defended San Antonio, Texas and Texas  from a child/woman/farm animal raping, murdering, thieving scum wearing a United States Uniform, and carrying the USA flag.

They removed at probably a half million dollars by the time you figure all cost, a Confederate Statue, which has stood in Travis park, in San Antonio, from 1899 till the other night.

They themselves pissed off taxpayer funds, commissioned a survey on the subject. The survey came back, 75% of San Antonio people wanted the statue to stay there, and the mayor and city council shut the hell up.

So against calls for let us vote on it, they pissed off a half million dollars pissing on the memory of honorable men, true American, Texas and San Antonio history.

Guarantee you the ball-less sons of bitches and bitches themselves, will be crying they need new bond packages floated next election, cause they can’t fix the damned pot holes or fix the side walks.

Went down and spoke to city council, telling they were doing this based on lies, gave them proof, guaranteed i could back it up, and i can, and they did not give a shit because the history of America and Texas, is not their history, and they could give a shit less about the people who bled and died, making safe for their cowardly ancestors to finally sneak across the Texas line.

Carpet baggers and Mexico lovers. Out of Texas, there are roads going North, and roads going South. Travel can be educational, and down right beneficial sometimes.

They have insulted my families honor. In the old days i would bitch slap the men, and the brothers, fathers or husband of the women who insulted my families honor with outright lies they knew to be lies, and let them pick swords or pistols on the field of honor.

The zionist puritans, todays evangelical christians,  and the Eastern European zionist, passed a law saying a Southern man could no longer bitch slap lying sacks of pig shit, and clear the lies and insults  from their families name on the field of honor.

Next best thing is to make fools, monkeys out of the asses publicly, so they can not get elected to dog catcher next time.

I try not to let my Carleton hang out, but in a case of being attacked, my honorable ancestors names slandered falsely by known lies and cowardly tactics, i take great joy in letting the beast out of the dungeon.

I have just begun to repay cowardly scum bags for the lies and dishonor they have done my people.

Now the Mexico Firsters at San Antonio City Hall are trying to Tare down, and move to a less visible spot, the memorial to the men died defending the Alamo.


John C Carleton

Author: John C Carleton

Native Texican, American by Birth, Southern by the Grace of God.

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