Corporate U.S. Senators and U.S. Representatives that are Israel Dual Citizens

It was pointed out to me, the link i posted, had a percentage of 89% of congress critters being “dual citizens”, but the original story, from GOVERNMENT SERVICES CORPORATION WATCH, did not have a percentage, just a list.

i did not crunch the numbers myself, and frankly,  do not have the time. If it is not true, i don’t want it on the site, so i trashed the original post, and am replacing it with the original.

The percentage does not matter to me anyway, one would be too many. “For a man can not serve two masters, he must love the one and hate the other, or he must hate the one and hate the other”.

Dual citizenship is bullshit.

Either you are a real American, or you are not.

America is a place in the heart.

So here is the link without percentages.

John C Carleton


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