A Colt 45 Peacemaker Educates a Zionist Yankee Professor

In 1882, my grandfather was sixteen years old. His father, my great grandfather, was medical doctor, a Methodist circuit riding minister, and a Confederate veteran, living in occupied Texas.

A lot damn carpet bagger zionist, (Puritan back then), came to the Southern occupied States to see what they could steal, opportunities to run it over the conquered Southerners.

One such was a very large man, not fat, tall and muscular, who came to Texas, and set up a school. Things were tough in Texas during reconstruction, and schools were few and far between.

To show all the kids he was boss, the coward picked out a girl who’s father was dead, accused her of some small infraction of the rules, took her to the front and was beating her unmercifully. My grandfather was sixteen, the second oldest and largest boy in the school. He and the older boy both stood up and called the Professor as he called himself, down. Told him that was enough.

The professor, being a cowardly yankee, held a grudge. Professor had a teachers pet. The teaches pet and my grandfather were outside during noon one day, teachers pet started some trouble, so they started fighting. Here comes the professor yelling, “Will Carleton, I’m going to whip you. So my grandfather told him he did not believe so, and quit school.

About a week later, he was running an errand for his dad, driving a one horse hack. About a block from the school, kids saw him, the teachers pet came down, grandfather stopped the hack, got down started to finish the fight.

Professor sees this, come running down there yelling, “Will Carleton, i’m going to whip you”. Grandfather climbs back in the hack, the professor started climbing up after him. Grandfather reached under the seat, pulled out the Colt 45 Peacemaker that was kept there, put the end of the barrel up the teachers nose, eared the hammer back and said, “I don’t think so”.

The professor ran back to his school so fast his own heels was kicking him in his own ass.

Grandfather said nothing about it, but about a week later, someone told my great grandfather. He called my grandfather in, asked him what happened. Grandfather told him. He said, “Stay away from that school”.

Great grandfather went to have a talk with the Professor. Told him that his being unfair, had caused my grandfather to leave the school, that if he ever tried to mess with the boy again, he would be messing with the old man, he asked if the professor understood. The professor understood perfectly. There was never any more trouble with the professor getting out of line.

It seems to me, the only thing keeps a zionist in line, is a double barreled shotgun or a good 45 pointed at them, seems they CAN control that zionist virus when they want to. Seems a good weapon pointed at their ass makes them want to behave.


Time to educate yourselves Mr. and Mrs. America.

Time to get a Peacemaker.

time to get er done.

John C Carleton

Author: John C Carleton

Native Texican, American by Birth, Southern by the Grace of God.

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