A 12 Gauge Double Barrled Shotgun Trumps a Zionist Virus Infected Yankee

My grandfather Carleton, was born under a military dictatorship. Born in Texas under occupation military “government”.

When he was nine years old, still under Zionist Yankee “reconstruction” occupation, a lot of carpet baggers were coming South to see what they could steal from the Southern people.

My great-grandfather was Methodist Circuit riding Minister, and a medical doctor. He was gone a lot. Seems the reason Carletons had so many boys, was so the boys could work the farm, while the father, could travel around the country.

At nine, my grandfather was living on the family farm out side Llano, Texas. There was a wagon road came within distance to the house so that travel could be heard. Two wagon tracks ran out to the wagon road, which took a curve around the property. Wagons did not move that fast, so one took the wagon path heading in the direction on the road, one was going to travel.

One day, my grandfather heard travel on the road, so he and his bulldog walked down to see who was moving.

Around the bend comes several wagons. In the lead wagon was a self-rightious, smart ass, thieving zionist yankee. At that time they called themselves “Puritans”. He stopped his wagon and called my grandfathers dog over and tied him to his wagon. My grandfather said, Hey Mister, thats my dog”. Damn zionist yankee said, “he’s my dog now”.

People in the rearward wagons, told the ass, “Don’t take the boys dog”.

He Just laughed and said, “I told you I was going to get a good dog before we got there”. Climbed in his wagon and drove off.

My grandfather ran all the way back to his home, grabbed the 12 gauge double barrel, and ran all the way out the other track. When the wagons came around the curve, my grandfather was standing in the middle of the road pointing the business end of the shotgun at the yankee scum. He eared bothe hammers back. So mad he was crying, he told the thieving yankee, “mister, if you don’t turn my dog loose, i am going to kill you”!

The Zionist, very carefully got down and turned my grandfather’s dog loose. The wagons drove off.

Now, i do not know if he got a dog or not, but i do know he did not get my grandfathers.

The moral to this story is that a good twelve gauge shotgun trumps Zionism every time!

Time to educate yourselves Mr. and Mrs. America.

Time to Get a good 12 gauge double barrel.

Time to get er done.

John C Carleton

Author: John C Carleton

Native Texican, American by Birth, Southern by the Grace of God.

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