This Veteran, Who Supplied Water to Firefighters, Went to Prison for Digging Ponds

Come on folks!

This is not the America all the American men froze their asses off, rags around their feet, cold, hungry, at Valley Forge!
Your and my ancestors, either by blood or because you came here looking for a better life.

This is a damned national shame, a clear miscarriage of justice, and shows clearly how little USA/WASHINGTON DC, cares about Americans, even the ones went to war for them.

This kind of evil oppression of the individual, especially on their own damned land, shows the evil in the hearts of those who hold forth in Sodom and Gomorra on the Potomac!

Normally about now, in past lives, I would have been calling for revolution, been in the forefront of the fighting.

But if one listens, their past lives will speak to them.
My past lives and myself, had a meeting, agreed unanimously, the revolutions really did not work, cause give em a couple of generations, they would have it all hosed up again, and their asses and souls sold into slavery for a song.

We agreed, getting good men killed, widows made, orphans made, sorrowing parents, devastation/ mayhem, in a revolution for freedom, when most Americans do not really truly, understand what real freedom is.
They know the word, and may have some kind of vision of mom, apple pie and Chevrolet or Ford, (as their preference may be).
Perhaps a flag waves behind the scene in their mind.
But they have no understanding, no true concept of what any of the symbols mean.

If one does not understand freedom, one can not retain freedom, as he will not know it is his freedom which is being stolen, when “Government” makes rules.

So read this travesty, and if you have had enough, for God’s sake, educate yourselves, your children, your spouses, your friends.
Yes you are going to lose some “friends”.
Some or most family will think you are nuts, but they love you and will put up with you.
Smile at you in that loving, understanding way.

America must be educated from the fundamentals on up, because everything they indoctrinated you with in childhood, in public “schools”, is Grade A+, USA pure de unadulterated Bull Shit!

Only when Americans understand true freedom, and value that freedom more than this life, will Americans be ready for that freedom, ready to fight for that freedom.
With Freedom, comes Responsibilities, Duty.

John C Carleton

Source of Story:
The Daily Signal

This Veteran, Who Supplied Water to Firefighters, Went to Prison for Digging Ponds

Texas House Passes Bill Legalizing Lemonade Stands Run by Children

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade—but don’t sell it in Texas. At least, not yet. Although state law currently prohibits the sale of homemade drinks, the Texas House of Representatives passed a bill last week legalizing lemonade stands run by children. It now heads to the state Senate.

The legislation would outlaw permit requirements for minors who wish to operate a temporary stand selling lemonade or any other nonalcoholic beverage. In doing so, it would overturn the Texas Food Establishment’s ban on the sale of unregulated drinks, which was enacted over health concerns.

“Yesterday was one small step for lemonade, today is one giant leap for young entrepreneurs,” Rep. Matt Krause (R–Fort Worth), who championed the bill, said after the House gave its final approval.

A similar law recently passed in Colorado after the police shut down a kid’s lemonade stand over licensing woes. The makeshift business was operating next to a festival where adults were selling the same beverage.

The Dallas Morning News highlights that several young lemonade vendors across Texas have met the same fate. Unaware that their business endeavors were in violation of state law, sisters Andria, 8, and Zoey Green, 7, had their stand shuttered in 2015 by police who noted that they were operating without a permit.


Chick-Fil-A Barred From San Antonio Airport Over ‘Anti-LBGTQ Behavior’

The San Antonio City Council held a vote on March 21 to ban fast-food chain Chick-fil-A from opening a concession at the city’s airport, according to Out in SA.

The City Council voted 6-4 on the ban, citing the company’s extensive history of anti-LGBTQ donations.

“With this decision, the City Council reaffirmed the work our city has done to become a champion of equality and inclusion,” Councilman Roberto C. Treviño told the news outlet in a statement.

“San Antonio is a city full of compassion, and we don’t have room in our public facilities for a business with a legacy of anti-LGBTQ behavior.”

Besides Chick-Fil-A, San Antonio International Airport will include concessions for The Luxury, Smoke Shack BBQ, Local Coffee, Boss Bagels & Coffee, Spurs, IStore, Sip Brew Bar and Market, and Adina’s Market.

“The press release issued by  the councilmembers was the first we heard of his motion and its approval by the San Antonio City Council,” Chick-fil-A told The Hill in a statement.

We wish we had the opportunity to clarify misperceptions about our company prior to the vote. We agree with the councilmembers that everyone should feel welcome at Chick-fil-A. In fact, we have welcomed everyone in San Antonio into our 32 local stores for more than 40 years.”

Chick-Fil-A has had an extended history of anti-LGBTQ donations.

In 2012, Dan T. Cathy, an American billionaire and the company’s CEO, said he opposed gay marriage. Later it was revealed that the company’s non-profit arm, Chick-Fil-A Foundation, donated large sums of money to political groups that were hostile to LGBTQ rights. It was reported later that year, Chick-Fil-A published a statement that said it would leave same-sex marriage to the government.

Interesting enough, a 2017 tax filing showed the foundation continued to donate millions of dollars to three groups with anti-LGBTQ policies.

Chick-fil-A has taken a political stand for what its Bible-quoting CEO believes in, but over the last several years, mainly since the left-wing media has waged an all-out war on the Trump administration, the fast-food, conservative-loving, chicken-chain has been under an intense microscope from leftist organizations.

US Politicians Who Hold Dual US/Israhell Citizenship-American Freedom Party

Matthew 6;24
“No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other”.

US politicians Who Hold “Dual” US/Israhell Citizenship.

John C Carleton

i Must Confess, i Almost Became A Lawyer, and Why Roman Law Is The Law Of The USA

With absolute power, USA/WASHINGTON DC, burns children to death in their church, in Waco, occupied Republic of Texas

Gave my first real public speech at eighth grade graduation.
A speech I constructed myself, had consigned to memory.
About half way through, I went blank, completely, didn’t  have a clue what to say next, looking out at that whole crowd.

Probably lasted, maybe five seconds, but to me standing there, it was hours.

“The mind is a wonderful thing. It starts working the minute you are born and never stops until you get up to speak in public.” – Roscoe Drummond

Been down many a hard, rocky road, Walked through the Valley of the Shadow of Death many times.
Been around the world, not every place, but while in the military, i got to see a hell of a lot more of it than most Texican Hillbillies.
Eaten the dog, camel, Skippy the kangaroo, monkey, and some other things i am just as satisfied to let stay a mystery.

Never stopped my public speaking, the venue and delivery changed from time to time, but i have a lifetime of public speaking behind me.

In my senior year in high school, i very seriously considered becoming a lawyer.
Had been involved through UIL, in Texas, in the school run debate and informative speaking teams.

Am telling you honestly, i was damn good.
There was no doubt in my mind at the time, if I did the school, got my Bar membership, I would be a kick ass lawyer.

There Was just one problem.
A moral issue.
There simply was no way i could live with myself, if I spent my time getting filthy rich, turning rapist and murderers loose on society.
Tried to get around that by telling myself, I would specialize in constitutional law, and fight the corruption in government which was plain to me at that time also.

In the end, conscience won out, my soul was saved.

In the early 1990s I want to say, but maybe a bit before that, I got tired of paying fines to government minions, for driving a safe speed.
Started hanging around with some characters Austin and Washington DC , would call political dissidents back then, and domestic terrorist now perhaps.
These where guys who did not pay fines.
They read the law, constitutions, court code books, and learned what the law really said, spent time learning the symbols, meanings, corruption of the USA and sub corporations, “State, County, and City Governments” Roman Courts System.
Because, thats what they are.
Roman Law.

You ask, how the hell did this happen?
Roman Law in North America?
You say you thought the Roman Empire fell a few hundred years after the death of Jesus the Christ?

Well, yes and no.

Rome the Empire, with Roman legions marching all over the know world, went belly up because of corruption, decadence, and the cost of maintaining an always expanding empire.

Remember, the Roman Catholic Church, was formed by the Powers of Rome, to herd the sheep where ever Rome wanted the sheep hearted.
And all those conquered people, did not want them rebelling.
So give em a religion which has Jesus the Christ telling everyone to be good little boys and girls, pay their taxes to Rome.
(Which Jesus the Christ never did say, he was crucified for sedation, or rebellion against Rome, not because of his moral teachings, said he without a sword, let him sell his outer coat, and buy one!)
And if someone wronged them, say perhaps by slaughtering millions of their people, when Rome conquered them, to turn the other cheek, again and again and again.

When Rome the visible Empire came crashing down, things fell apart, one people fought the other, one war lord and his army, fought other warlords and their armies, until Kingdoms started becoming the thing of the day.

The big guys in the Roman Church, realized, through the peoples beliefs, in the Church as the ordained of God, they could still rule.
Let the war lord kings think they were in charge.

Back to how Roman Law came to be in the Courts occupying and persecuting Americans.

When the Roman Empire went poof, and the Catholic Church took control of the Kings and the people of the different kingdoms, it was a sweet setup.
Unlike the physical Empire, Rome now did not have to pay for Legions.
The Kings provided the armies, payed for with monies loaned them by the Church, (Rome), and charged interest on the monies.

Want to go take Jerusalem?
Work the people up, have the priest tell em how it was an abomination “infidels”, was in control of the “Holy Land”.
Get the kings worked up, they provided the Church, (Rome), with armies, and went and took Jerusalem for Rome.

The Kings taxed the poor, spent it providing armies, ships, to take the Church to new lands, slaughter the natives, until they agreed to be occupied, and serve the Church of Rome.

William the Bastard, was of good Viking stock.
Rollo had cut a deal; with Charles the Simple, King of France, The Vikings would be “allowed to stay”, on the part of France they had already taken, and were living on, with hereditary titles, in exchange for defending France from other Vikings, and fighting in nFrances Wars on the side of the Crown.

Part of the deal, Rollo’s men were baptized into the Church of Rome.
Was symbolic, they did not believe any of the church’s crap.

A few more generations down the road, the Viking children, not having a memory of the old ways, indoctrinated from birth by the priest of Rome, believed it.
William the Conquerer believed it.

When William the Bastard, took the victory at Hastings in 1066, he brought with him, Roman Law.

A misconception is that the Magna Carta brought forth a new type of Law.
Paganism, was the name the evil Church of Rome gave the teachings of reincarnation, honoring ones ancestors, the Earth, Nature, and the power which is in charge of all these.
The Church of Rome, forced the conquered peoples to stop their “pagan” beliefs, and serve the Church of Rome.

Natural law, gave rights to these Pagan peoples.

When William came with Roman Law, and absolute power in one mans hands, the natural rights of the Islanders were stolen from them, at the point of the sword, or a hangman’s noose.

The Magna Carta, was when the people got pissed enough to revolt, said you WILL return to us these right we have listed.
The Kings were forced to, return some of the ancient Natural Rights to the people, but only because twenty five Noble men, who had their own armies, said the King would, or else!

Today the Magna Carta has been gutted until those rights were again stolen from the people.
It is just something to give lip service to.
Rome rules.

Because William brought Roman law to the isles, and because France was ruled by the Church of Rome, and most of the early immigrants to America, came from the Isles and France, Roman Law was brought to America, where it has suppressed Natural law, Natural right, God Given Rights if you will, with Roman Law, absolute power over the lives and deaths of the American people.

And America is an oppressive shit hole.

It is time for the return of the American souls natural, or God given Rights.

The Empire of Rome was always evil, and it still is.

Rome is run out of the Vatican, surrounded by the city of Rome.

Thats a long damn way from America.

i believe American’s know what is needed to be done, and not done, in America, much more than some little boy raping Official of Rome, in the Vatican.

It is time, for America to become what it was intended to be by the common folks who did the bulk of the fighting, building and dying in America, a good free land, to live in, and a good place to raise their children, and grandchildren.

But that can not ever be, under rule from Rome.

John C Carleton

San Antonio City Council Puta’s & mayor Pendejoberg, Mexico Firsters, Take a Dump On The Memory Of The Defenders Of The Alamo-ALAMO – The Finale

San Antonio mayor Pendejoberg and his merry band of Mexico Firster, Texican hating  puta’s on city council, not only shit on the memory of the Texicans who tried to stop the USA soldiers raping their children, wives, mothers, sometimes brothers, fathers and grandpas, murdering them all while stealing everything of value, now they have shit on the memory of the brave men who knowingly sacrificed their lives, so the Republic of Texas could be born, a free Land.

They want to tare down the memorial to these men, put in it a less visible place, and probably auction off the Land the Memorial is on, to build a Mexican cafe.

Fuck em!


John C Carleton, Native Texican.

American by birth, Texican by the Grace of God!

Fighting on the Homefront, and the Bustamante Shuffle

Now i been watching San Antonio Politics from before the Bustamante shuffle.

That was when in the early 1980s, a San Antonio City Council man was using a city park, to have sex with this girl, in the backseat of his car. Couple of criminal types come along, councilman ran away with his pants around his ankles while his date gets gang raped.

Hard to have much respect for San Antonio City Council after that.

Former mayor who held a cabinet position in Washington, could not stop cheating on his wife. In a fit of jealous rage, she shot him in the leg with a .22 cal pistol. SAPD covered it up of course.

I used to work with his cousin, and the stories i could tell.

Few years back, San Antonio City Councilman, was shacking up with a local TV bimbo, they got in a drunken brawl but no charges filed because he only kind of threw that apple at her that gave her that big bruise on her back, and she only kind of tossed the knife at him.

Ahhh! San Antonio City Hall people’s life’s  make better watching than an old time as the world turns soap opera.

Been busy here because mayor Pendejoberb, of Eastern European heritage and  a bunch of Mexico Firsters, political puta’s  on San Antonio city council, who are small potatoes, are tired of hind public teat, and want to try the public teat in Austin, on the way to front teat in Washington DC.

They decided the way to do this, was to take a shit on the memory of the men who defended San Antonio, Texas and Texas  from a child/woman/farm animal raping, murdering, thieving scum wearing a United States Uniform, and carrying the USA flag.

They removed at probably a half million dollars by the time you figure all cost, a Confederate Statue, which has stood in Travis park, in San Antonio, from 1899 till the other night.

They themselves pissed off taxpayer funds, commissioned a survey on the subject. The survey came back, 75% of San Antonio people wanted the statue to stay there, and the mayor and city council shut the hell up.

So against calls for let us vote on it, they pissed off a half million dollars pissing on the memory of honorable men, true American, Texas and San Antonio history.

Guarantee you the ball-less sons of bitches and bitches themselves, will be crying they need new bond packages floated next election, cause they can’t fix the damned pot holes or fix the side walks.

Went down and spoke to city council, telling they were doing this based on lies, gave them proof, guaranteed i could back it up, and i can, and they did not give a shit because the history of America and Texas, is not their history, and they could give a shit less about the people who bled and died, making safe for their cowardly ancestors to finally sneak across the Texas line.

Carpet baggers and Mexico lovers. Out of Texas, there are roads going North, and roads going South. Travel can be educational, and down right beneficial sometimes.

They have insulted my families honor. In the old days i would bitch slap the men, and the brothers, fathers or husband of the women who insulted my families honor with outright lies they knew to be lies, and let them pick swords or pistols on the field of honor.

The zionist puritans, todays evangelical christians,  and the Eastern European zionist, passed a law saying a Southern man could no longer bitch slap lying sacks of pig shit, and clear the lies and insults  from their families name on the field of honor.

Next best thing is to make fools, monkeys out of the asses publicly, so they can not get elected to dog catcher next time.

I try not to let my Carleton hang out, but in a case of being attacked, my honorable ancestors names slandered falsely by known lies and cowardly tactics, i take great joy in letting the beast out of the dungeon.

I have just begun to repay cowardly scum bags for the lies and dishonor they have done my people.

Now the Mexico Firsters at San Antonio City Hall are trying to Tare down, and move to a less visible spot, the memorial to the men died defending the Alamo.


John C Carleton