The Necked Truth Makes Facebutt Spam Their Fruit of the Looms

Posted an article on facebutt.
It is 100% truth and the evidence is available to prove it is true.

When faced with the truth Facebutt spammed their unmentionables and used the flimsiest of excuses to delete the truth so people could not see the truth

Basically I showed plenty of proof Trump is a pedo.

I showed how Zionist Christians think of the illegitimate “state” of Israel as “God”.

I used Nitwityahoos own words to show he and Israel HATE America/Americans AND HAVE SWORN TO MAKE AMERICA A 3ED WORLD S#ITHOLE.

I used Jesus’s own words right out of the Bible to tell christians what Jesus expects them to do with Pedophiles.

I showed proof of Trump committing treason against America for Israel.

I showed proof Lincoln killed the American Revolutionaries Volunteer Union & Constitution in 1861 and replaced it with a Mandatory marxist (communist) military dictatorship which is now a for profit corporation run by the Rothschilds.

I showed proof of US’s terroristic war crimes against Southern Civilians.

I inserted a George carlin video which explains what voting gets you.

I ended with a video of proof of Trump’s pedophilia which is years old and has never been proved wrong or challenged by Trump.

And Facebutt S#IT their unmentionables.

Facebutt’s real owners, the Rothschilds does not want Americans confused by the truth which contradicts the utter pig shit Rothschild’s MSM/Controlled opposition sites give heaping helpings each and every day to the American sheep who gobble it up and bleat for more.

Here is a link to the article, see for yourself.

The crowd at Facebutt might want to rent a pressure washer to clean up their office spaces after their group shit when faced with the necked truth.

Oh yes, I would just burn all those unmentionables.
Don’t think the stench could be washed out of them.

The Ole Dog!

A Texas Fool Pissing Into A yankee Wind

‘A Texas Fool Pissing Into A yankee Wind’

If one collaborates with Sodom and Gomorrah on the Colorado River-
Votes for political whores bent on destroying Texas culture and history forever-

Then one is an ignorant sheep committing treason-
Or a Texican’s enemy trying to destroy Texas for an evil reason-

If to the Austin yankee occupation “government” your vote you send-
Then you are an enemy of Texican’s, or a Texas fool pissing into a yankee wind!

The Ole Dog!

The Lie and Illusion of the “Texas Nationalist Movement (TEXIT)”

When I graduated from high school over two generations back when Americans were a hell of a lot smarter than they are now, I scored in the top 97 percent of what you think of as America and all the “territories” the US holds in slavery.

My top strengths were history, government, law, military matters and real economics.
That adulterated yankee control freak “English” spelling and yankee “English” comp along with me loosing interest in math when one starts mixing the alphabet with numbers did knock my scores down a point of two.

Among my ancestors is Julius Caesar, the 17 of the 25 Ensurers of the Magna Carta who have living prodigy, the England king who did the most to institute the Magna Carta reforms.

My 2nd cousin was president of the American Constitutional Convention.

I just might know a thing or two about the people’s Law.
That would be real law, the Common Law, not the legal fiction of Corporate Courts.

The law of “corporate courts” with statutory pleadings can be made to “justify” any evil thing the evil ones want to do.

The American Revolutionaries Volunteer Union was a voluntary group of independent sovereign countries where the central government was designed to be weaker than the individual “state” governments and was meant to serve the states and not the other way around.

There has never been a civil war in European American History.

Before the closet homosexual atheist rabidly raciest against African Americans

Marxist (communist in today’s English)

1938 red Russian Commie USA presidential Convention, where Lincoln was recognized as the Father of American zionism/Communism.

yankee puritan war criminal Lincoln

illegally invaded the Confederacy thereby killing both the American Revolutionaries Volunteer Union

and the Constitution.

love it or hate it, if the constitution had not been killed in 1861, UNITED STATES troops would not have been allowed to invade a foreign to the Union Nation, line their troops up to gang rape little children, pregnant women, minister’s daughters, black and white, often til death.

US terrorist troops would not have been allowed to purposely starve to death tens of thousands of little children, women, old folks and other non combatants.

US terroist troops would not have been allowed to dig the dead up to rob.

US terrorist troops would not have been allowed to Holocaust tens of thousands of civilian non combatants by burning and shelling whole cities to ash and rubble.

The US “government” would not have been allowed to purposely starve to death, expose to the elements to cause death by disease Confederate POW’s

in yankee death camps like Camp Douglas in Chicago Illinois.

To Die in Chicago: Confederate Prisoners at Camp Douglas, 1862-65

Camp Douglas: Chicago’s Civil War Prison (Images of America: Illinois

Register of Confederate Soldiers who Died in Camp Douglas, 1862-65 and lie Buried in Oakwoods Cemetery, Chicago, Ills.,


I should not have to cover this but the US has told the big lie try try to cover their evil and war crimes against civilians for so long most Americans are woefully ignorant of this truth.


Secession was never considered NOT a right of any country called a state which voluntarily joined the volunteer union.

During the War of 1812 the yankee MassAss state threatened to secede from the Union.

It was not until the American Revolutionaries volunteer Union was dead along with the constitution that secession was declared “unconstitutional.Texas v. White, 74 U.S. (7 Wall.) 700 (1869), was a case argued before the United States Supreme Courtin 1869.[1] The case involved a claim by the Reconstruction government of Texas that United States bondsowned by Texas since 1850 had been illegally sold by the Confederate state legislature during the American Civil War. The state filed suit in the United States Supreme Court, which, under the United States Constitution, has original jurisdiction on certain cases in which a state is a party.

Now on to the Republic of Texas.

The Republic of Texas was formed by treaty with Mexico in 1836.

In 1847 the Republic of Texas joined the American Revolutionaries Volunteer Union as a “state”.

In 1861 seeing Lincoln instituting Marxism (Communism) into the Washington DC based “central government”, Texas Voluntarily legally seceded from the American Revolutionaries Volunteer Union it had Voluntarily joined.

Texas then joined the Confederacy.

When the closet homosexual atheist rabidly racist against blacks yankee war criminal Lincoln

killed the American Revolutionaries Volunteer Union in 1861 replacing it with a Soviet styled Mandatory marxist military dictatorship thinly disguised as a constitutional republic, the American revolutionaries volunteer Union Texas had once been a member of was no more, dead, just a footnote in History.

When in 1865 the US using terrorism against civilians won their war crime war, Lincoln’s Communist dictatorship illegally occupied Texas for 10 years then forced a “constitution” on occupied Texicans which formed ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ occupation administration “government” on an occupied people.

The US Military has never removed their occupation troops.

The Republic of Texas, the land and Real Texicans, still exist.
The land and the people have been in a war crime illegally occupied for 159 years and counting.

In 1871 Lincoln’s dictatorship incorporated.
The Corporation has gone through several revisions but remains an international for profit corporation.



‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ is a  sub corporation of the US CORPORATION which is owned and run by the Rothschilds.

Those advocating the US CORPORATION’s SUB CORPORATION, ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ “secede” from it’s Parent Corporation “to free Texas”, are of two camps.

Those who took the 30 shekels to try to fool Real Texicans into a mind f##k where they would still be ruled by the same evil child raping scum they are now, and the camp of those perhaps well meaning Texicans who unfortunately too ignorant to successfully pour rancid horse piss out of a Texican’s cowboy boot with the instructions to do so printed in capital letters on the bottom of the heel.

Only by Real Texican kicking all the Mexico firsters, Israel firsters, 3ed world criminals the US & ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ has been over running Texas with, all yankee carpetbaggers

and their treasonous to Texicans Scalawag bitches

and reconstituting a real Republic of Texas government, court system and military will a damn thing have changed other than a meaningless mind f##k slight of hand illusion.

The move to have ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ “secede” from it’s parent corporation is a dastardly treasonous attempt to keep Texicans in slavery to the Khazarian Mafia

owned and operated by the Rothschilds.

As the prodigy of Republic of Texas folks, I say F##K ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ and the horse stolen from southerners the evil self righteous yankee war criminal occupiers rode in on!

The Ole Texican Dog!

WATCH: College Admins Tell Texas Students Jew Greg A-BUTT Will Have Them Arrested for Saying ‘From The River to the Sea’

Administrators with the University of Texas at San Antonio filmed themselves telling student protesters that under an executive order signed by Governor Greg Abbott they’ll be reported to law enforcement for criminal “antisemitic” speech if they chant “From the River to the Sea.”

Gov. Abbott, a Republican, signed an Executive Order in March to require “all higher education institutions in Texas” to “review their free speech policies” to “establish appropriate punishments for antisemitic rhetoric.”

Abbott said the EO was needed to make campuses a “safe space” for Jewish students.

Fortunately, this video can go straight into CAIR’s First Amendment lawsuit filed against Gov. Abbott’s blatantly illegal executive order.

AIPAC-owned Republican and Democrats declared war on the First Amendment in the wake of October 7 to shut down speech critical of Jews and Israel.

Last week, the Washington Post reported that a powerful group of influential Jewish billionaires and multimillionaires formed a private WhatsApp group chat after October 7 where they worked in concert with the Israeli government and conspired to push New York City Mayor Eric Adams to crackdown on pro-Palestine protests at Columbia University.



Bexar County Taxpayers Take It Up The A$$ For $400,000 For “sheriff” F#ck Texicans Salazar Playing Politics Instead of Stopping Crimes By Illegal Criminals In Bexar County

The closet homosexual Marxist atheist rabidly racist against blacks


Killed the American Revolutionaries Volunteer Union & Constitution in 1861.

The communist (Marxist in today’s English is Communist)

yankee war criminal Lincoln

replaced the American Revolutionaries Volunteer Union with a Marxist Mandatory Military Dictatorship thinly disguised as a constitutional republic.

In 1871 Lincoln’s Marxist (communist) Mandatory Military Dictatorship Incorporated.

The Incorporation has gone through several changes but it remains a For Profit Corporation

The United States of America no longer exist.
That was the American Revolutionaries Volunteer Union the closet homosexual atheist marxist yankee war criminal killed in 1861.

THE UNITED STATES CORPORATION has illegally, criminally, militarily occupied the Republic of Texas for 159 years and counting.


IS NOT a legal government of the illegally occupied Republic of Texas.

It is the occupation administration Sub Corporation of the illegally occupying UNITED STATES CORPORATION.

BEXAR COUNTY is an illegally occupying  sub corporation of the illegally occupying ‘STATE OF TEXAS’ CORPORATION.

Therefore “sheriff” F##k Texicans Salazar

is a CORPORATE employ of an illegal corporation, an enemy of all real Texicans & not a Texican Peace Officer.

When the Occupation Governor A-BUTT


started bussing illegals his kin was forcing on Texaicans deeper into America

BEXAR COUNTY CORPORATION employ F##k Texicans Salazar, instead of trying to stop illegal 3ed world criminals from raping and murdering little children, housewives and mothers in Bexar County,  threatened to do an investigation to see in ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ CORPORATION employ Greg A-BUTT has “violated” these invasive illegal 3ed world criminal’s “Civil Rights”

Now, those people who showed up in the big white Cat House in Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac on the 6th of January (other than the FBI, CIA, Capitol Police Agent provocateurs pretending to be common people, but were there to make sure the useful idiots who showed up went into the White House) were well meaning but very ignorant folks who do not understand both parties are owned by the Rothschilds and most all DC Politicians are blackmailed with Mossad Jeffery Child Rape videos.

Playing politics F##k Texicans Salazar fired a deputy who showed up at the circus side show, in whatever capacity, well meaning ignorant sheep or agent provocateur, for being there.

Now the Tax Slaves of Bexar County has had to pay out $400,000.00  rapidly depreciating Fiat dollars to the deputy for firing her.

The Ole Dog!

Bexar County Taxpayers Take It Up The A$$ For $400,000 For “sheriff” F#ck Texicans Salazar Playing Politics Instead of Stopping Crimes By Illegal Criminals In Bexar County

A sheriff’s deputy fired for protesting in Washington on Jan. 6, 2021, has secured a large settlement from Bexar County in Texas.

Roxanne Mathai, a lieutenant with the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) at the time she traveled to Washington, will receive $395,000 in a settlement reached after she sued her former employer, the parties in the case told The Epoch Times.

We’re very pleased with the resolution,” Mark Anthony Sanchez, an attorney representing Ms. Mathai, told The Epoch Times. He said the settlement was “nothing short of vindication for Roxanne.”

“I am grateful for the unwavering support of my attorney … and the countless individuals who stood by me throughout this challenging ordeal,” Ms. Mathai said in a statement. “This settlement not only provides closure for me personally but also sends a powerful message that wrongful termination will not be tolerated.”

Monica Ramos, a spokeswoman for Bexar County, told The Epoch Times in an email that the county’s insurer decided to settle.

Bexar County continues to deny that any acts of discrimination or retaliation occurred,” Ms. Ramos said. “Nothing about the insurer’s decision to settle both claims can be construed as an admission of any wrongdoing or liability by Bexar County, which is expressly denied.”

Ms. Mathai posted images and videos on Jan. 6, 2021, from a rally for then-President Donald Trump in Washington, held just before people began breaching the U.S. Capitol. Ms. Mathai went over to the building after the rally. She included captions in her posts, such as “Today has been amazing!”

Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar said a day later that he was aware of the materials and that he intended to make sure Ms. Mathai never entered a sheriff’s office building again.

He said that Ms. Mathai was allowed to exercise her First Amendment rights but should have left once crimes began being committed.

There is no indication Ms. Mathai entered the Capitol and she has not been charged. She has said she left around 3 p.m., that she could not see any doors or windows from her position, and that she saw people climbing the walls at the Capitol but didn’t think that was illegal.

The sheriff’s office discharged Ms. Mathai in June 2021 after officials determined she failed to report crimes and engaged in conduct unbecoming of an officer, according to documents reviewed by The Epoch Times.

An arbitrator upheld the termination, finding in part that while near the Capitol she “knew or should have known she was observing illegal activity (trespass, barricades down, people climbing walls and scaffolding); that tear gas in the area and later a curfew were signs of trouble; that her social media would disseminate her pictures, video and comments to the public; and, that as an officer with the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office the last place she should be or remain or come back to was the scene of this so-called ‘rally.’”

Ms. Mathai sued in 2022, alleging violations of her constitutional rights. She noted she had received permission from a superior to attend the pro-Trump rally and described herself as a “law-abiding citizen” who wanted to attend a peaceful event in support of the president.

Ms. Mathai said she recorded video footage and photographs because she believed she “was a witness to history” and wanted to “create a record for posterity,” according to the lawsuit.

Ms. Mathai proudly and unapologetically voiced and displayed her lawful and constitutionally protected support of President Trump in person and through social media,” it stated.

The suit said Ms. Mathai was “shocked and appalled” when she returned to her hotel room on Jan. 6 and watched what was unfolding at the Capitol.

Bexar County is in southern [Occupied Republic of Texas]  Texas and includes San Antonio [the City of San Antonio, Occupied Republic of Texas as apposed the the illegal Sub Corporation of the BEXAR COUNTY OCCUPATION CORPORATION, ‘THE CITY OF SAN ANTONIO’].

Travis Park, San Antonio, Before The Gay Caballero yankee Carpetbagge pendejoberg, and his band of Mexico firster, Texican Hero Haters, RICO Crime CABAL DOWN AT SAN ANTONIO city hall, Stole Travis Park and The Texicans Confederate Memorial, a Time Capsule, and Two Cannons!




Manipulation Politics: Israeli Gaslighting in the United States

Although the pro-Israel camp and their allies continue to dominate and influence Congress and the executive branch, they have slowly begun to lose control of the narrative.

Renegade Editor’s Note: This article comes from a left-wing perspective, so you will see talk of “apartheid” and “racist” depictions of Arabs, but it’s a good overview regardless.

By Dr. M. Reza Behnam
reposted from the Palestine Chronicle, April 25,2024

Although the pro-Israel camp and their allies continue to dominate and influence Congress and the executive branch, they have slowly begun to lose control of the narrative.

The Middle East will not be the same in the wake of October 7, 2023. More was breached on that day than the prison wall that Palestinian fighters burst through. The fantasy Israel has staged-managed, and the United States has parroted, for over seven decades has finally seen the light of day. The global community can no longer be gaslit.

Merriam-Webster defines gaslighting as “the act of grossly misleading someone especially for one’s own advantage.” The term has resonance for what Israel and the United States have successfully done over a number of generations—creating a benign identity for Israel that has never corresponded with its ruthless settler-colonial reality.

The awful truth is that it has taken the death of over 34,000 Palestinians for many in the United States and the world to say “Free Palestine.” The mainstreamed Israeli “good guy” narrative that has colonized the US body politic for so long is being whittled away by the horrific images of daily genocide and ecocide from Gaza.

A country does not become cruel overnight. It takes intent, years of practice and strategies to effectively hide the cruelty. Since it declared itself a state in 1948, the occupied territories known as Israel has relied on an elaborate state-run public relations industry to convince Western audiences, particularly Americans, of its bravery and noble intentions.

For over six months, Israel’s brutality has been brought into the living rooms of America. Until then, Israel had made certain that its foundational myths and beacon of democracy tale dominated American politics and government, religion, journalism, academia, cinema and television.

Those who have been successfully gaslit, whether consciously or unconsciously, and who wish to maintain existing power structures continue to deny the genocide being live-streamed before their eyes, and have galvanized to crush those opposed to Israel’s war on Palestinians.

American Politics and Government

For decades, Israel has manipulated US politicians emotionally and financially to advance its expansionist ambitions. Israeli lobby groups, like the powerful American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), have poured billions into the coffers of receptive politicians.

Pro-Israel spending has fueled Congress’s overwhelming support for the apartheid regime. Rarely, if ever, do they question why aid is being given to the fourteenth richest (per capita) country in the world. From 1990 to 2024, for example, the “I am a Zionist,” president, Joe Biden has received $5,736,701 from pro-Israel lobbies.

In 2024, AIPAC plans to spend $100 million in an effort to unseat progressive members of Congress (eight in number) who have been critical of Israeli policy and who have called for a ceasefire in Gaza.

In January 2024, The Guardian newspaper published its analysis of campaign data. It found that congressional members supportive of the war received the most money from Israel lobby groups.It also revealed that 82 percent of its members support Israel; 9 percent are supportive of Palestine; and 8 percent were equally supportive of both.


Israel’s leaders have also capitalized on the powerful force of religion to whitewash their settler-colonial project. They have exploited the ideology of biblical chosenness and divinely sanctioned land ownership to legitimize land theft, to dispossess the Palestinians and to sell its genocidal war on Gaza.

An Israeli Democracy Index, 2013 survey revealed that two-thirds (64.3 percent) of Israeli Jews consider Jews to be the “chosen people.” The prominence of this belief has resulted in attitudes and government policies of exclusion, entitlement and ethnic chauvinism.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s war rhetoric has been suffused with violent biblical references. He has cynically ascribed the term Amalek—the staunch enemy of biblical Israelites—to Palestinians. The far-right in Israel has, for a long while, used such references to justify killing Palestinians.

The Evangelical right has stood solidly with Israel; even more so during its war on Gaza. The Israel, Zionist lobby and Christian Zionist (religious right) alliance have had enormous influence over US Middle East policy. For every one Jewish Zionist, there are 30 Christian Zionists. Netanyahu has courted Evangelicals cognizant of the power they exert within Congress.

Christian Zionism demands of its followers absolute support for Israel, believing that the Rapture and Second Coming of Christ require the gathering of all Jews in Israel, and that supporting Israel will bring God’s blessing on them and on their nation.



Khazarian Jew Greg A-BUTT has ANTI-IsraHELL Mass Murder Protesters Brutalized & Arrested on Occupied Republic of Texas University Campus


A-BUTT’s Storm Troopers brutalized & kidnapped dozens of Texicans who refused to leave the premises.

The Ole Dog!

‘Khazarian Jew Greg A-BUTT has ANTI-IsraHELL Mass Murder Protesters Brutalized & Arrested on Occupied Republic of Texas University Campus’

State troopers used pepper spray and stun grenades as they arrested dozens of pro-Palestine protesters camping at the University of Texas in Austin. At least 40 people were arrested on Monday, according to the Texas Tribune.

Some students resisted arrest and were dragged by the officers, while others shouted “shame” and threw water at the police bus.

“UT Austin requested backup assistance from the Texas Department of Public Safety to protect the safety of the campus community and enforce our Institutional Rules, such as the rule that prohibits encampments on campus,” the university said in a statement.

Tense standoffs between police and activists have been taking place in colleges across the US, where students are demanding that Israel end its war against Hamas in Gaza. The protesters have urged universities and the government to cut ties with Israel.

More than 800 protesters have been arrested on US campuses since April 18, including more than 200 across four universities on Saturday, according to the New York Times.


Like A Red Shield Dragon Falling From The Sky In Flames


‘Like A Red Shield Dragon Falling From The Sky In Flames’

Like a Red Shield dragon falling from the shy in flames-
Israhell will light the night sky with her burning shame-

Exposed as FAKE Hebrews, Liars, Fakes Frauds, bunch of pedophile-
Slaughtering the Indigenous Semitic Palestinians in their own domiciles-

A demon god’s promise to another people in a long gone time-
Provided the cover needed to rape rob murder the Semitic Paleistinian line-

Now their evil stands shown to the whole world by the illumination of the Morning Star-
Which sends the reflection of the LIGHT from distances afar-

Naked they stand before the world and it is not a pretty sight-
This evil demon possessed bunch on humanity’s ass a cancerous blight-

The cancer must be surgically removed from the Middle East-
Thus saith all the good gods and their favorite war beast-

The name will become one when spoken men spit on the ground-
At the memory of the evil conjured up by the revolting putrid sound!

The Ole Dog!

Green Energy Idiots in Occupied Republic of Texas Prove Once Again They are Idiots

Neither Rain, Snow or Hail will be considered when idiots try to force the wet dream of “green energy” on Texicans who froze to death when it failed last time.

While Cancun Cruz snuck across the border into Mexico

to sip frosted alcoholic drinks of a sunny Cancun beach while Texican little children and old folks froze to death.

How many Texicans would have Cancun Cruz and A-Butt have froze to death this time if it had been winter like last time the wet dream of “green energy” failed?

The Ole Dog!