An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life.” ― Robert A. Heinlein

The occupying yankee sons of slimy cunted cromwellian “puritan” “witch Burning, Peaceful Quaker murdering, and mothers of  Little Southern Child Gang Raping Till Death A$$ HOLE bitches have made a shit hole of Texas by forcing Texicans to disarm, be victims, and kiss the rude asses of foreigners invading their country.

The dead are dead because the occupying USA  military dictatorship made a rule they could not have their God Given Right of Self Defense!

The Ole Tired as Hell of this Micky Mouse $#it Texican Dog!

One person was killed after a gunman went on a shooting rampage at a store in Bryan, Texas. The gunman is said to be an employee of the business. Four people have been critically injured in the incident.

Police responded to a shooting at the Kent Moore Cabinets store around 2:30pm local time on Thursday. One person was found dead from gunshot wounds at the scene, while four others were taken to hospital in critical condition, and one was treated for a minor injury. Another person suffered an asthma attack but was not injured in the shooting

As the incident unraveled, a nearby school was temporarily placed on lockdown, which has since ended.

The gunman, later identified as store employee Larry Winston Bollin, 27, of Iola, Texas, managed to flee the scene and was chased down some 25 miles (40km) northeast of the city. The pursuit that ended in Bollin’s capture saw a showdown between him and pursuing officers. A DPS trooper suffered a gunshot wound as he faced off with the suspect, and was taken to hospital in a serious condition.

The motive behind the attack has not been revealed so far.

As the incident unraveled, a nearby school was temporarily placed on lockdown, which has since ended.

The gunman, later identified as store employee Larry Winston Bollin, 27, of Iola, Texas, managed to flee the scene and was chased down some 25 miles (40km) northeast of the city. The pursuit that ended in Bollin’s capture saw a showdown between him and pursuing officers. A DPS trooper suffered a gunshot wound as he faced off with the suspect, and was taken to hospital in a serious condition.

The motive behind the attack has not been revealed so far.



Watch: Diners Chant “Get Out” As Health Officials Try To Shut Down Restaurant

A video out of Vancouver shows diners chanting “get out!” as health officials try to shut down a restaurant that opened in violation of COVID-19 lockdown laws.

The clip shows a pair of health officials talking to Corduroy Restaurant owner Rebecca Matthews as she tells the bureaucrats they are trespassing before asking them to leave.

At first, the health officials refuse to leave but their behavior soon changes when the rest of the diners begin to chant “get out!”



Woman arrested after cyclist hit, killed by vehicle while riding with group near downtown San Antonio, records show


The red Russian Khazarian yankee red Russian Commie ‘mayor” Pendejoberg & his  Bexar Country “judge” Butt Buttie Bow Wow have made a Shit Hole of San Antonio.

You take your life in your hand getting on the streets.
there are too damn many of Pendejoberg’s and Bow Wow’s Texican hating Old Mexico Mexican gentuza racing up and down the streets driving like they are still in Mexico and the San Antonio police do not do a Damn thing about it.

A few months back, my daughter’s friend’s wife was injured, their baby murdered, run over in a shopping basket in the parking lot of a Dollar General Store by one of “mayor” Pendejoberg’s illegal’s,  drunk as a waltzing piss ant by noon, entering a store parking lot at a high rate of speed.

He killed woman putting groceries in her car at the same time.

Evil F##kers are MAKING WAR  on Texicans.

I am nostalgic for when Texicans had a set of balls, a brain  and knew what to do with them!

The  Ole Republic of Texas Dog!

SAN ANTONIOUpdate 6:30 a.m., Thursday, April 8): A woman has been arrested after a cyclist was fatally struck while riding with a group downtown on Wednesday evening.

Booking records show Samantha Leigh Castillo, 24, was charged with intoxication manslaughter following the crash, which happened in the 1400 block of North St. Mary’s St., not far from Central Catholic High School.

As of 6:30 a.m., Castillo has not seen the magistrate. No image of Castillo was available.

Original (10:30 p.m., Wednesday, April 7): San Antonio police say a cyclist was hit and killed by a vehicle while riding with a group near downtown.

The incident happened in the 1400 block of North St. Mary’s Street.

Police say at about 7 p.m., multiple cyclists were headed south on St. Mary’s Street. The woman leading the group was stopped to wait for the other cyclists around Central Catholic High School when a vehicle hopped a curb and hit her at a “high rate of speed.”



‘Health & safety nightmare’: Texas Occupation guvnor demands closure of migrant child facility after claims of SEXUAL ABUSE in San Antonio, Occupied Republic of Texas

First, the Republic of Texas is occupied.
When it is no longer occupied by the DC/USA for 155 years and counting in a continuing War Crime, real Texicans will have to go through Texas putting all these people who hate Texican ways on gray dogs and sending them to DC, where they are being given citizenship.

You do realize there is no current Republic of Texas Citizenship Documents as the Republic of Texas is militarily Occupied by DC.
What all these criminal gentuza types are being given is District of Colombia Citizenship.

As far as the children being raped in San Antonio, best keep the red Russian “mayor” Pendejoberg away from the children.

These people do not belong here.
They illegally crossed the Rio Grande to get here.
This may come as a shock to some folks, but one can cross the Rio Grande in both directions.
Put their asses on boats, drop em off on the Mexico side which is helping them invade Texas.
Do it as many damn times needed so they stop coming.

The  Ole Republic of Texas Dog!

Migrant children held at an improvised facility in San Antonio have been sexually assaulted and neglected, Texas Governor Greg Abbott said, calling on the Biden administration to shut it down and move the minors somewhere safer.

“Children at this facility are being sexually assaulted,” Abbott told reporters on Wednesday evening, outside the Freeman Coliseum in San Antonio. Moreover, complaints received by two state agencies earlier in the day also said some children weren’t being adequately fed, there wasn’t enough staff to oversee them, and that those with Covid-19 weren’t separated from the healthy ones, endangering everyone.

“In short, this facility is a health and safety nightmare,” Abbott said.

The state Health and Human Services Commission and Department of Family and Protective Services separately received tips about the facility earlier in the day, and Abbott has instructed the Department of Public Safety and the Texas Rangers to begin investigating right away.

“These problems are a byproduct of President Biden’s open-border policies and the lack of planning for the fallout” of those policies, the governor said. “The Biden administration is now presiding over the abuse of children.”

He called on the White House to “immediately” close down the facility and move the children to federally run facilities with enough “space, personnel and resources to ensure their safety.”



Dr. Fucki Can’t Explain Why Texas COVID Cases Keep Dropping Despite Reopening

Well, as no one, NO ONE has scientifically isolated and then reproduced a “COVID-19” virus so there is no “COVID-19” virus scientifically proved to exist, that would explain the lack of an explosion of cases of a virus not scientifically  proved to exist.

As far as “Dr.” Fucki, the Nobel Prize Winning Scientist who invented the test being misused  to prove a non existent virus is a world wide threat so the Ratschilds can implement the final stages of the red Russian Ratschild’s One World Unelected Ratschilds Commie “government”, the Nobel prize winning scientist said “Dr.” Fucki was “an administrator who would not recognize a virus if he saw one under an electronic microscope”.

I personally prefer “Dr.” Fucki is an administrator who would not recognize a virus if it reared up and bit him on his Ratschilds 30 shekel minion ass!

Now the lack of an explosion of a non existent virus has been explained, and “Dr.” Fucki’s dazed and confused ramblings have been explained.

The Ole Dog!

More than a month has passed since Texas Gov. Greg Abbott shocked the Faucis of the world by scrapping COVID-inspired restrictions on businesses and individuals, including removing the mask mandate. The decisions prompted Dr. Anthony Fauci and legions of public health “experts” to warn about the devastating consequences – thousands of unnecessary deaths would result, they said – however, as the data show, practically every metric has shown that the Lone Star State’s outbreak has continued to recede, even as blue states like Michigan are seeing a new surge in infections (believed to be driven by “mutant” strains).As epidemiologists everywhere have struggled to come up with an explanation, it’s worth noting that Texans are dining out more, according to Opentable seatings, which have become a closely watched proxy for post-quarantine economic activity.



No Surge In COVID Two Weeks After Mask Mandate Lifted In Texas

There is no scientific proof of a virus called “COVID-19”
As no new virus has been scientifically proved to exist per accepted scientific protocols,  there is no way of know how this mythical non existent “COVID-19” is transmitted.

As no one has a clue how this non existent, at the very least non proved to exist scientifically  “virus” is spread, no one knows if a real anti-virus mask would stop said mythical transmission of the non existent virus.

I taught CBRD, Chemical Biological Radiology Defense, I studied Microbiology  under a Military Virologist.

Therefore I can tell you that mythical virus can go into, through any orifice on your body!

Two things to remember here.

Don’t forget your COVID-19 BUTT PLUG.

And two:


The Ole Texican Dog!

‘No Surge In COVID Two Weeks After Mask Mandate Lifted In Texas’

After two weeks of lifting its mask mandate and allowing businesses to open at full capacity, Texas is not seeing a surge of new COVID-19 cases.

Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican, issued an executive order (pdf) that went into effect on March 10 to loosen COVID-19 restrictions. Although the government’s statewide mask mandate was lifted, individual businesses were still able to “limit capacity” or impose mask mandates at their own choosing.

But in Austin and Travis County, residents 10 years or older still have to wear a mask outside their home after a district judge refused to grant Attorney General Ken Paxton a restraining order that would have ended a mask mandate enforced by Travis County and Austin city officials. The trial is set to take place on March 26.

Texas had been witnessing a downward trend in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations prior to Abbott’s announcement ending the restrictions.



What Part of Self Protection Is a God Given Right Do The Ratschild’s 30 Shekel Political prostitutes in Austin Not Understand?

It is my personal opinion Texicans will not get their God Given Natural Law Rights back until the occupying war criminal USA corporation is run out of the Occupied Republic of Texas.

At which time I expect war crime trials to be held for yankee carpetbaggers and Texican  Scalawags who have played in  the great whores bed of evil against Texicans.

The Ole Texican Dog!


Texas – -(AmmoLand.com)- The Texas House’s hearing on Constitutional Carry this Thursday could signal the most important breakthrough for gun rights that this state has seen since 1995.

Currently, in the Lone Star State, you can go to jail for peacefully walking down the street, minding your own business, with your handgun in a holster – simply because you failed to jump through government hoops and ask for a permit.

This is the case even if you have had extensive training, you are behaving in a perfectly safe manner, and you have never committed any other crime.

That’s because in 1871, the Texas Legislature banned the carry of handguns outside of one’s property. Although subsequent legislatures have carved out exceptions to the ban – most notably in 1995, instituting the License to Carry program to allow certain people carry in public – that general prohibition is still on the books.

By contrast, 32 other states recognize the right of anyone who can legally possess firearms to carry a handgun, openly (visible), in public, without having to obtain a permit. And 18 of those states don’t care whether your shirt is on the inside or outside of your gun; they welcome either open or concealed carry of handguns without a permit for legal gun owners.

Even right here in Texas, legal gun owners can carry rifles and shotguns in public without a permit.

To say that Texas is behind the curve on handgun carry is a gross exaggeration.

Although some legislators have touted “significant” gun rights wins in the past few years, that claim is laughable. The most far-reaching bill that has passed recently was licensed open carry – a bill in which Texas joined 44 other states who had already declared that license holders wouldn’t go to jail if their shirt was on the wrong side of their gun. That’s hardly monumental policy.

The last session’s most significant “win” for gun rights was Constitutional Carry for Disasters. Unfortunately, the bill was so narrow and insignificant that it failed to even apply at all during the ongoing pandemic disaster.

That’s why this Thursday’s hearing is so significant. Multiple Constitutional Carry bills are on the agenda. These bills would recognize the right of honest Texans – those who can legally possess a firearm – to carry a handgun, open or concealed, with no permit required.

In other words, you wouldn’t risk going to jail simply because you failed to jump through government hoops and ask permission before carrying your handgun.

Legislators are already receiving floods of emails and phone calls on these bills – from Texans on both sides of the issue. Because the Homeland Security & Public Safety Committee has the authority to decide whether to move the bill forward, it is important for them to hear from Texans.

Fortunately, it is easier than ever this year for gun owners to voice an opinion.

As always, Texans can call or email the committee members. This is quick and easy; a staff member will take your call or read your email and record your position on the bills. It’s important to call and email because this helps legislators understand how many Texans actually want them to fight for gun rights.

This year, however, the Texas House has a new system allowing online comments. All Texans can submit written comments online in favor of Constitutional Carry bills (HB 1238, HB 1911, HB 1927, and HB 2900). The comment form is open from now until the end of the hearing. These comments become a part of public records after the hearing, so it is critical for gun owners to show a strong presence.

Also, anyone can sacrifice a day to come to Austin for the hearing can speak for 2 minutes to show support for Constitutional Carry bills. GOA Texas is coordinating carpools and keeping volunteers up-to-date via text messages when you let them know you want to attend the hearing. See their tips for writing your testimony.

This is your opportunity to look the committee members in the eyes, share your story, and tell them why it is critical for them to pass Constitutional for the safety and security of the great state of Texas. While it’s a big trip for some, it’s a trivial sacrifice in comparison to our Texian history of the Battle of Gonzales, the Alamo Defenders, and others who lived and died for the cause of liberty.

It’s no secret that Texas boasts millions of gun owners who most certainly claim to care about protecting their rights. Now is the time for them to show up and make their voice heard.




First I posted the piece from my JCC site.

Gab would not show the thieving USA pirate flag, but instead showed the confederate flag as that is a symbol on the site.

My great grandfather shot invading gang raping little southern children to death yankee “soldiers” under the pirate flag above, when he was not praying with confederate soldiers dying from being murdered by the invading USA War Criminals.

I am damn proud of the Confederate Battle flag, but we were discussing the war crimes of the USA Today, not 159 years ago.

So I switched it to my Texas site, they still will not show the USA pirate flag, they show the Texas Flag.

As you can see, trying to post anything else was locked down because gab shits their pants when the war crimes of Israhell and their blackmailed bitch the USA are shown to folks.

You might also note Gab would not show Voodoo Vaccine Bill Gates Standing Next to his best Buttie Mossad Jeffery the Child Rape Pimp in the lower post.

Truth seems to make Gab $#it their unmentionables.

So how is an enemy of the American people which censors the truth from Americans, an “alternative” or “opposition” platform.

The funding probably came from Mossad or CIA to start the site.

The Ole Dog!